When I have a bad day…

When I have a bad day.jpg


3 responses to “When I have a bad day…”

  1. ANativeBeing Avatar

    I found, If I let myself feel and acknowledge my emotions. I give myself time to feel it, and it moves on. I don’t fight it or tell myself I should be ignoring it. I accept them. I always say, ” emotions are like the weather, there might be a hurricane, but the sun always comes out”.


  2. xaranahara Avatar

    True, but at times taking focus away from yourself is exactly what you need to put things into perspective.


  3. JoAnne Struckman Avatar
    JoAnne Struckman

    My mother is constantly asking me if I am upset, sick, etc..It really makes me want to stay away from her! I feel I should not have to explain my every mood! I am 55, I don’t think she will ever stop. Now my husband being the narcissist he is..NEVER asks me…lol. But I do know the feeling! Blessings.


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