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A few years ago, I decided to set up a website that would be a portal to the other Empath projects I had done over the years. The idea was that it would all be connected in one central location, and everyone would have their own space.

So the Empath Support and Community site was created.

To do this, I spent a lot of time looking around for a platform that would host this and found this was much harder than I thought. The only one that stood out was Ning.com and that was because it was designed to be used as one. If there were any others, they certainly didn’t show up on my extensive search for them.

From the beginning, I was somewhat frustrated with Ning. It was rather limited in what I could do, expensive and had a limited cap of 1000 members for the cheapest plan. Next level up cost twice as much and gave me a cap of 10,000.

I also found that setting up the website tended to need some know-how if you didn’t want to use the rather basic standard templates.

In the end, support was lacking, theURL was not secure and I never felt it was all that it could have been.

I hit the cap of 1000 members a number of times, and found that it was a tedious process to look for inactive users and remove them so I could allow new members to join.

So, the decision was made to start from scratch. This time, I looked for a way to create my own website from the ground up and this began what was a very steep learning curve.

I’m still tweaking it but it’s now ready and functional for all who are interested.

This site features:

  • The ability to login using social media.
  • A comprehensive community system.
  • Your own blog space.
  • Groups.
  • Forum.
  • Articles.
  • Our YouTube channel.
  • Chat room that supports voice and video.

And more.

Please feel free to join up at https://empathsupport.net/empathsocial/






One response to “Empath Social website – Connecting Empaths”

  1. Natalie Thomas Fuller Avatar
    Natalie Thomas Fuller

    I have seen an angel 3 times, had 2 near death experiences, when I was younger I hated to go to crowded places because of all the emotions that I picked up before I learned to block most of them. I wrote a book about by experiences called “There is Freedom and Power in Transparency” by Natalie Thomas, MBA available on Amazon.


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