Past Life

Where do Past Life Memories come from?

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4 responses to “Where do Past Life Memories come from?”

  1. Amber Reenock Avatar
    Amber Reenock

    I’m very confused ryt now bc there’s alot of signs leading 2posibility of being an Empath since just now doin a litl research bout it aftr 2 did people just told me they think I am one. Plus without even trying, I apparently sent the senders neg energy back to them without even tryn, hell without even knowing any of this stuff yet. Sum really strange new things been goin down 4me n idk who or where to ask to talk to n possibly fig this out


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I’d recommend downloading the free Empath Guidebook, which should answer many questions you would have.


  2.  Avatar

    I was called by my daughter and told her father was unconcious and pray for him so I went to meet them at his house to pick her up , I waited in the neighbors yard she said she wanted to stay with her sisters so I left there were already two ambulances at his house on my way back home one was on its way to his home so I pulled over on the side of the road and watched it pass it was on the opposite lane as I watched it pass I had an out of body exp everything went black I could not here or see for a few seconds wjen I came back out if it I drove like crazy about 7 minutes to my house I arrived at the foot of the driveway and his oldest daughter called me to tell me her dad had past I feel he died when I blacked out in my car when I pulled over

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    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks for sharing.


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