The evolution of Empath culture

The First Empath Article

Back in the early noughties, I used to casually mention the word Empath to others. The invariable question they asked was: What is an Empath?

So, I would explain.

Eventually, I got asked this question so many times, I decided to try and find a source online for quick reference. However, I could not find a single mention of what it was, so I put a page up on it myself.

It wasn’t much. In fact, it was extremely basic. Through the wonders of the Wayback Machine website, you can see one of the first versions of it there.

Then I forgot about it.

I believe it was one of the first, if not the first Empath Article on what an Empath was on the net.

Over time, as I kept track of who was visiting my website, I noticed that it was the page that was getting the most views. Once it got to over 100,000, the penny finally dropped and I realized that people were after more information on what an Empath was.

Over the years, I created communities, groups, wrote a free book, and found thousands of others who said: Thank God I’m not crazy!

Other sites

It was around 2006 when I noticed that other sites were starting to pop up. (I saw that many were using my words, though I was mostly uncredited.)

Then around 2009, it seemed to really explode and from that point onward, it seemed that everybody was trying to get in on the act.

Being an Empath was becoming a big thing and hundreds of thousands of people were seeking out information, joining groups and seemingly rejoicing that they had a word for what they were experiencing.

It even got mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. (Though I can’t be certain if this caused people to dismiss it as fantasy or brought awareness to the fact it is real.)

It’s also become the focus for creating a business, with some writing books, or creating websites where you can pay money to become a ‘certified’ Empath.

However it is presented, it’s clear that it’s becoming more mainstream and beginning to gain acceptance.

More and more people are finding out they are one.

Anger with Empaths

There are even sites that are appearing, whose focus it is to turn Empaths into a business. One such example, that came to my attention through some emails, is The American Empath Association (AEA), which has caused a lot of anger with Empaths and is somewhat controversial.

Their model is to charge a yearly premium to issue a certificate proclaiming that you’re an Empath and be put into a directory where others can find you. They are also using this to help Empaths find each other for dating.

This seems to be the natural evolution of such things. Once an idea starts to enter into the public consciousness, there will always be those who seek to exploit it for their own ends.

I take a look at the AEA in my video below.


Being an Empath is becoming quite a buzzword and we must be careful not to devalue it. Being one is not something you generally choose. One is either an Empath naturally or becomes one due to great trauma or danger.

I believe that it’s only a matter of time before we hit the critical mass where Empaths are not only known, but accepted as a reality. Many will finally understand why they are so sensitive to things and know that they are not crazy.

We are not there yet, but we are no longer that far away either.

If you know someone who might be an Empath, sharing that information with them could help change their life… and maybe even save it.


Got your own experiences or comments? I’d love to see them.

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