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The Guide’s guide – Dos and don’ts. (2)

Guides – what not to do

This is a two part look at spirit guides. Part one looked at how they may communicate with you. This entry looks at dos and don’ts and how you might end up with your guides.


You might well ask: How do we even get guides?

Generally, there are a few ways.

You might contract their help before you come here. (Or sometimes you might do it while you are incarnated in your body.)

You might have a discussion with them about what you need, and why you want them, and offer payment for their services. (Not money, though. That has no use in the astral levels. Energy is generally the currency of the astral realms.)

This is not uncommon, as everyone has their own missions and things to do. If you need guides with special abilities or skills, expect to offer something in return.

These types of guides could also include gods, angelics, demonics and other such beings. Generally, no one does anything without an exchange on these levels. It’s just how it works.

Also, DO NOT try and get a demonic as a guide. They find it demeaning and will most likely screw you over for their own pleasure. They would have to be paid extraordinarily well to even seriously consider helping you.

Soul Family

You also have soul family, who will often help because of the love they hold for you.

This might be those you have spent previous lifetimes with.

It could also be from your soul group or soul children.

It might even (in very rare instances) be what you would term your twin soul. That is, the other half of your being.

Higher Self

Then there is your higher self. That greater part of your soul that has all the answers and knowledge. That is free information and aid. It certainly is well worth taking note off.

As strange as this sounds, it’s not uncommon for us, once we have lived our life, to go back and become our own guides.

This works because everything is happening ‘now’, and time is really just an illusion in the greater reality.

So, yes, that voice telling you not to do something might just be you.

Guides may not be all knowing

Another thing worth bearing in mind is that your guides may not be all knowing. There’s a perception that spirits and guides must know everything. It doesn’t work like that.

They have to do their research, too, and find out what is going on. They also might have to enter into dangerous situations, as there are certainly groups who do not like others prying.

I know that it sometimes takes a while for mine to get back to me with what I need.


As with anything to do with the astral levels and psychic work, there is always a real risk of a negative being or entity hi-jacking your connection.

Do not assume that if someone or something is talking to you, that they are friendly or have your best interest at heart.

I’ve seen many people get possessed that way.

Hi-jackers, unfortunately, are far too common.

Often, they will start off by giving good advice, or take on the form of someone who you would automatically trust. Children and loved ones are a typical example.

Eventually, they will gain your trust and before you know what is happening, they will get their hooks into your energies.

Always check your feelings

Never give them permission to use your body. Never trust something that uses a Ouija Board.

Always check your feelings and see if things resonate. If something feels off, it is off.

Good guides will always tell you to not trust them, but to trust what you feel.

There are certainly many beings out there that love to mess with humans. They may also feed off their trauma or even create it.


Always set the intention that only that, which is for your highest good, may come through for you.

Create a shield of love, light and joy around you and set the intention that only that which is in your best interest may come through.

With a bit of practice, you can also start to sense which guide is which. They will feel different. Their vibrations, tone of thought and energy will become distinct.

Practice this. It will allow you to also detect fake guides much easier.


Also, I highly recommend against using any drugs to connect. I have observed so many being taken advantage of, by demonics, when doing this.

I’ve heard so many recommend such things as Peyote, Marijuana and the like, to enhance their psychic abilities, but I can promise you that this is just only a crutch. It may work, but it will open your soul up to horrible energies.

I know that many do not like to hear this.

I’m not saying do or do not take them. (If medical cannabis helps your pain, then who am I to judge.)

I am saying: Do not use drugs to access psychic abilities or the astral realms.

This goes double for trying to access your spirit guides. It just makes it easier for something to hi-jack the connection.

It is better to develop those abilities over time with your own efforts. Eventually, you will be able to access them, at will, and as needed.

Don’t forget to close it

If you are channeling guides or connecting to them, you might open a psychic channel to do so.

If you do this, for whatever reason, even with or without drugs, don’t forget to close it. Don’t leave the energy lines, portal, or whatever you have used, open.

Always close the session and never go to sleep without doing so.

Human guides

Spirit Guides can also take on human form. I’ve had several, in my life, who have done that.

However, I’ve found that they don’t handle the 3D levels all that well. This is a hard place for their energies.

When they are able to handle it, though, you will find what they have to say well worth listening to.

Just ask for a sign

Spirit Guides can be very useful. If you get good ones, they can ensure that your life goes very smoothly.

Even though you might not hear them, odds are that you will most certainly have one.

They will make themselves known in other ways.

Just ask for a sign. You will usually get it pretty quickly.

Make the most of your spirit guides and so called guardian angels. They can really help you through this quagmire we call life.


Got your own experiences or comments? I’d love to see them.

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