Bach Flower Remedies – The tingle


There is a tingling sensation when you take a Bach Flower Remedy directly from the bottle into your tongue. What is this tingle? We explore this in this entry.

My obsession with Bach Flower Remedies has taught me much over the years. Though I find I tend to do well with whatever I put my mind to (as long as it’s not sports related!), few things can hold my focus and interest like the remedies have done.

Since 1994, I have taken to them, like a duck to water, and have spent a lot of time making observations and discoveries.

One of them, which turned out to be very useful, is how strong the remedies taste or tingle when taken.

The stronger they are, the more you need them.

Let’s explore this.


The traditional way the remedies are administered is from a stock bottle that is preserved with brandy.

The alcohol is used to preserve the water the that carries the vibrations of the remedies. (If you are allergic to spirits, you can put the drops on your wrists and still get the healing effect by doing that.)

Some has said to me that they can taste the drops, even when put into a glass of water.

Sometimes there is no taste at all, and there are times when they taste awful.

This is interesting, because 2 drops of what is essentially brandy and water should not be enough to alter the taste of anything.

When taken directly from the stock bottle onto the tongue, there is a vibrational tingle that tends to vary from remedy to remedy.

When there is no taste or little to no tingle, I believe it means you don’t need that remedy at that particular time.


The interesting thing is, you can take a remedy at two different times and it will have different tastes and sensations. This lends credence to the strength of the remedy relating to the feedback to how much it’s needed.

It is my observation that it’s the brandy that creates the tingle. I notice it way more from the Healingherb brand rather than the brand name labels.

This has also been noted by many others, too.


In theory, there should be no difference in the potency of the different brands that are out there, but I have to say, I seem to get more dramatic results with Healingherbs.

The feedback is extremely strong at times, and the more I need the remedy, the stronger it is. In some instances, it’s like putting a nearly depleted 9-volt battery on my tongue.

Luckily, I happen to like that sensation, (not the battery, but the tingling) though it also has something to do with the reassurance that it’s working for me.

Right Track

This information can really help a practitioner, or one who self-administers, know if they are on the right track or not.

One of the key points, with taking Bach Flower Remedies, is that taking the one you don’t need then will give no results or taking the right one at the wrong time will not bring the expected relief.

This taste / tingle feedback can certainly help know if you’re on the right track or not.

There certainly is an art to using Bach Flower Remedies.

They are easy to learn and use, but can take a lifetime to master.






Got your own experiences or comments? I’d love to see them.

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