COVID19 – Is this a warning from The Gaia?


Disclaimer: I am not religious. I do not follow any religion. I am my own religion, so to speak. All I speak of is based on personal experience and hard-won knowledge.

I am also very careful about what I say and how I say it. I put this out there, not as a fear mongering, or conspiracy exercise, but to help inform so others can make choices that are more in line with Universal Law and harmony.

The following views are what I’m feeling right now. Don’t take my word for it. Check your own feelings to see if any of it resonates.


In my blog, The Phoenix Archives, I’ve discussed such topics as The Gaia, The Fae, The End of Days cycle, plus an abundance more.

The last one, that being The End of Days Cycle, I wrote about all the signs that had happened, that I was in a unique position to observe.

If you’ve not read those entries yet, I encourage you to do so, as they are interesting, regardless of your beliefs.

The timing for this cycle is said to be 2020 to 2032. All I have spoken to are in agreement with this.

The Cycle

From what I can tell, End of Days will not be the end of the world, (as I know this world will go on), but a period of time where choices are made as to what we will attune ourselves to and what version of reality we will end up in.

As also discussed, all timelines exist right now and where we are depends on who we are being and what our focus is. (This is the basis of The Mandela Effect.)

This cycle is considered to be a time of harvesting by demonic organizations, such as The Triquerta.

What they are looking to harvest are souls and the souls are generally used as food or resources.

I know this sounds terrifying and most will not wish to believe such a thing is possible, but on this, I am 100% certain about.

The good news is, it’s not random. There are generally soul agreements in place that people have made with demonics that will come due.

For such agreements, there are strict laws in place, so if they are invalid, they can be voided. If unsure, you can always send out a prayer to whatever being / deity you believe in and have that checked. (This is something I can also do, but, human bodies being what they are, I am limited to how many I can do a day. If it requires a session, then we would need to discuss that beforehand.)


Fear Mongering

In regards to Coronavirus or COVID19, my sense is that this is a warning shot.

From what I can sense, it is not part of any conspiracy. It’s not caused by something like 5G. It’s not your government using it as an excuse to control people. (And honestly, why would they need something like COVID19 to do that anyway?)

Sometimes a virus is just a virus.

There is a lot of fear mongering going on, with no real basis for fact. You can cherry pick facts for anything to make it seem plausible, but that does not make it true.

It is not helpful. It is causing more harm than good. If you are buying into this, please be mindful that you may be missing the point of what is really going on.

A Warning

A few months ago, I wrote a blog which spoke of Toxic Energy, and how it is poisoning and hurting this world.

The entry was about how our thoughts and intentions are hurting the planet and The Gaia (And yes, she is 100% real.) Also, when there is a critical mass, that is, enough energy to trigger something, then cataclysmic events will take place.

What I’m feeling is that COVID19 is the result of a critical mass of toxic energy.

The Gaia is responding. It’s a warning to the denizens of this planet to change their behavior.

To stop exploiting this world and others.

In short, to start living in harmony with each other and with this world.

I also believe that the Spanish Flu back in 1918 to 1920 was also a result of a critical mass of toxicity.

The Great War (or World War 1 as it became known as) had just ended. Nothing was really resolved
and so much damage had been caused that this virus was inevitable.

At least, that’s my feelings on that subject.

The Beginning

I hope I’m wrong, but if the warnings are not heeded, this may just be the beginning.

Demonics are taking advantage of the chaos, and they are finding the situation hilarious. They have directly told me (unsolicited) that humans are so easy to manipulate.

My series on Psychic Attacks discusses many of the ways this can be done.

The point is: Humans are not alone. They are not at the top of the food chain (No matter what they might think or say) and other races, that are not human, consider them to be parasitic.

We need to change our behavior. What good is all this money, power and control if it all ends up destroying society?

I’m not saying give up our lifestyles. I’m suggesting that we just treat each other in a way that looks after each one and other.

And while there are certainly many who are doing the right things (and I thank you for that, and your attunement will pay off in the end), there are still way too many who seem to think it’s fine to treat others badly and exploit them for their own gain.

If this doesn’t stop, there will be worse to come.

Remember, we are all in this together.

Who am I?

Those who know me, know who I am. I do not make any claims (apart from being Geb), as I believe the results of my works will speak for themselves. History has shown that I tend to know what I’m talking about, though.

But as I said, don’t trust me. Trust your feelings. You will feel the truth.

You can hate my words. Be cynical about them. You can assume I’m just some nutter out for his 15 minutes of fame.

I really don’t care.

My intention is to make you aware. If I have evoked any type of thought or reaction, then I have done my job.

Feel free to disagree but take the time to think about it, at least for a few moments.


COVID19 is the result of our toxic behavior. Let’s change focus and work towards bringing harmony back to this world.






Got your own experiences or comments? I’d love to see them.

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