Guest post: People Who Have Struggled With Addiction Talk About Turning Their Lives Around


Today’s post is from a lady called Christina Underwood who asked if I’d post something she wrote in regards to addiction.

Life is a beautiful thing. Addiction can quickly cloud that fact, but when a person is able to get the help that they need, it doesn’t take as long as they think to gain that perspective back. This is clear from the many stories I’ve listened to from recovering addicts. Hope may seem lost, but as the proverbial smoke clears, many realize that things aren’t so bad after all.

Jarakah, a 23-year-old woman from Battle Mountain, Nevada, who attended the Michigan treatment center A Forever Recovery, said her treatment “completely” changed her life and helped her “take a negative idea and turn it into a positive one immediately.”

“My thinking process is different,” she said, adding, “It’s absolutely amazing how different I feel, how prepared I am to go out into the world and how excited I am to start my life.”

Matt, who started drinking at 15, put it this way: “What’s 45 days of your life? You can come here, and if you don’t like it, you can go home. The drinks and the drugs will always still be there. I can say a lot of people would do anything to have a seat here. And I’m just grateful I took it. It just completely changed my life around.”

Ryan from Ohio was a drug user for 9 years (including a 4-to-5 year stint with heroin).

He said, “When you’re in [treatment], you’re kind of in a bubble getting to learn the tools you need to address your life. I’m happy that I get to go home to my family. I’m happy that I’m clean and sober.”

Wesley, a heroin user from Brooklyn, told a story that’s all too common: drug abuse led him to stay on the streets for almost a year. Eventually, a relapse led him to treatment.

“At that time in my life, I was in need of some love and some real care,” he recalled. “So I thank God for the people who are on the front lines of withdrawal who paved the way and gave me the opportunity to give myself a chance. My favorite part, although it was hard for me, was to take an opportunity to give my growth some consideration. I’ve gained some tools, some insight, some awareness to be able to not misplace hostility on people who have nothing to do with what is going on inside my head. I’m not scared because I’ve been prepared for the inevitable, and that is to take back my life.”

“Now I’m ready to move on with my life,” he said. “I’m ready to be a productive member of society and take back a life that I so irresponsibly threw away. I felt like I was leaving home [when I graduated]. I felt like I was leaving my family. Those people have literally become my family. They know more about me than my own family. I thought I could never be honest in my life and let someone know what is truly going on with me. They prepared me, and they gave me my self-esteem back. They loved me more than I hated myself, and helped me to see that there is value, meaning, and purpose in my life. And today, I have what it takes. I have a new life, and I have the tools to proceed with that new life.”

Everybody has a different story about how they got to the point where they needed to seek treatment, but the common thread is that everyone who shares these stories makes peace with who they are, is able to leave the past in the past, and looks forward to a better life.


Guest blog: Nattie from “Love Light Learn” on Balancing your chakras.


This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...

From time to time, I get asked the question on how to open or close your chakras. I know the basics behind it but I’ve never had the fuller understanding or energy to explain it in full.

So, I’m taking the lazy way out and I’ve asked Nattie from Love Light Learn  to help out.

Thank you Nattie for agreeing to do a guest post.

Hi to all,

My name is Nattie and Gary has asked me to do a guest blog on closing and controlling your chakras. I would like to thank Gary very much for this opportunity to guest post on such an amazing blog.


It doesn’t really matter whether you have become empathic (or developed other abilities) because you have consciously started an awakening or because somehow your brow chakra opened up with out your conscious help. At first we are all a bit the same. Lost. It can be great to discover an ability with-in yourself that is not commonly used. That is until it starts to intrude rudely on your life and leaves you feeling exposed to things you feel are out of your control.


Your brow, or third eye chakra may open as a defense mechanism because you need it to and this may become permanent, or it may last for as long as you need it and then close by itself. If activated as a child it will usually stay open but if activated for the first time an adult, it will very likely go back to it’s default state and re-close.

Now maybe you opened it on purpose with many of the helpful articles written on the subject of opening. But I must admit, that until recently I was just as guilty of the common problem of leaving the closing and controlling part out. It’s because we don’t know.

Being empathic especially can be a very intrusive ability if you are walking around ‘on’ all the time. Any ability will eventually wear you out if you can’t turn it off. The effects that follow can lead to depression and anxiety. The good news is you can turn them off.

Switching Off

Now when I say turn them off I do mean your chakras but I don’t mean off. Your Chakras are always on even if they work only in a limited capacity. But when you turn them off you are stopping them from receiving outside energies. It is in fact possible to keep them on and just limit what energy is allowed to come through.

We will work on control in a minute. First, closing. If you opened up consciously you will be familiar with the visualizations used to do so. Closing involves visualizing the opposite. Choose an appropriate representation of your chakras e.g. a light or flower are common.

Now opening the flower or turning on the light will turn them on, closing the flower or switching off the light turns them off. I bring my visualizations down to a pinpoint of light to remind me they are always on. Just like with switching on you want to start at the top or bottom and visualize them one at a time turning off.

All or Nothing

It is important that you deal with all your chakras, one at a time. Whilst our connection with others and the source of most of our abilities comes from that third eye chakra, each ability may use other chakras in the process. Channeling also uses the crown chakra (Crown = I understand), I will take an educated guess in saying that the corresponding chakra for empathy will be your Sacral chakra. (Sacral = I feel.) This is is the orange Chakra just below your navel and is also the source of your ‘gut’ feelings.

If just one of your main chakras is blocked or inhibited, the energy flow will be obstructed and the imbalance will result in too much of something and/or not enough of another. You can help to repair them by drawing white light into them from the earth upwards and/or the universe downwards. See what feels right for you.


Another way to tell what chakras need help and another way to help them is through colors. For years when my brow chakra was shut I was drawn to my favorite color at the time which was indigo. Usually a bright form of dark blue for me. Surrounding yourself with the color of the chakra you would like to heal or open will help.  Wear the color and put it around your office and home until you feel your chakra is healed then remove it. Too much will have the opposite effect, opening the chakra and making it hard to shut down, overloading it.


Usually when you are protecting yourself you will surround your self in a bubble of white light. This will help on a larger scale but you can do this to each of your chakras too. Either surround it in a bubble of white light or imagine it is aglow with white light. Then just like you would specify that only positive energy may come through your bubble, you do the same for the chakra. One at a time protect them and specify that only positive energy may enter this chakra as it is protected by light.

Once you have done this you can also direct where you would like to receive your energy from. This is done with thought. You concentrate on the source of the energy you want to receive as in the person or entity. When you are done close them again. The more you do this the better you will become and the more effective it will be. Don’t give up if it is hard or only minimally effective at first.


When you first start to use visualizations, they will be weak and hard to project. The more you do it the easier it will become, the more vivid they will be and the more effective and powerful they will be in the non-physical realm. Any visualizations you use will help to develop this ability and you will find it invaluable in work with energy and the non-physical. Good luck and have fun.

Thanks again

Guest blog: Soul calls by Heather from Intuitive Blessings.

DSCN1066-001I get a lot of questions about soul calls. Very many people seem to get them, however there is still so little information about them, including other people’s experiences.

So, in order to get more information out there, I’ve asked Heather from to share one of her stories.

Thank you Heather for taking the time to share this.

My experiences with Soul Calls are that I never purposefully go looking for them, they just find me. I feel a strong attraction to a person and begin to feel things about them to the point of it becoming an obsession!  I feel like I am being guided by a higher power to take action. My human ego self wants to run, but some unexplainable force compels me to stay. I have looked back over letters I have sent to complete strangers and think to myself, “I wrote that?!?!” “That doesn’t even sound like something I would say!” When I read your post on Soul Calls I could totally relate! I have always called them S.O.S calls 

One recent call had a tremendous impact on me due to the validation and appreciation I received in return. I order lunch meat at the local supermarket every week. One day I happened to really look at Mr. Deli Guy and without consciously doing so, I began to “feel…empath…read” (whatever you call it) him and instantly felt his energy. I don’t understand how or why this happens. I don’t understand how or why certain people seem to send out an S.O.S and without fail, I intuitively answer. Before I know it or can stop it, I am instantly attached to a stranger on an intimate level of “knowing” things I shouldn’t know about someone I only order turkey from! Suddenly, this man I have never paid any mind to has fully been brought into my awareness.

I could not get deli guy out of my head. His eyes hid a pain only I could see. I could feel his hurt, his disappointment, his loneliness. Thoughts came into my head like, “He is probably divorced, I think he might use alcohol to numb his pain, I feel like he is genuinely a good person but he can’t see it.”  All of these thoughts and feelings I was experiencing without any exchange of words.  Was I nuts? Was I imagining things? Why do I do this? What the hell is wrong with me?!?! Just like I have done in years past, I dismissed it and tried to get deli guy out of my head!

Weeks pass, and on my visit deli guy who I never have talked to, sees me and suddenly comes out from behind the counter and starts literally vomiting all this info. He explained to me that a few years ago, he had been laid off from a highly regarded aeronautics company. He had been an engineer there.  He then proceeded to explain how he went from being an engineer to a deli guy. I was so taken aback by his disclosure, I don’t even remember what my response was, but I remember how I felt. My heart ached, I knew exactly why he was telling all of this to me – he feared judgment, he had no self confidence, he felt like a failure.

I left without really responding to deli guy because I was so taken aback by the encounter. Losing his job must have taken away a huge part of himself along with it. There was so much I wanted to tell him but that is not something one tells to a complete stranger!!! Well, as hard as I fought NOT telling him those things, that unexplainable pull would not go away. I was completely out of my comfort zone. I don’t do this kind of thing. I don’t even know this man, yet I intimately know so much. It’s maddening.

More weeks passed and then I couldn’t stand it any longer so I ap

proached him… “Deli guy, remember that day when you told me about losing your job? Well, something has really been bothering me and I just felt like I should tell you. I want you to know that you are more than your job. I don’t judge you for where you work and neither should anyone else.” His face softened and he proceeded to tell me how he used to go golfing every week with a group of buddies that don’t talk to him anymore. I acknowledged how incredibly hurtful and hard that must have been. No one should treat him like that and they were not real friends. People should love and respect him for who he is no matter what the job title. He hugged me and thanked me and I was on my way.

The next week when I went to the store, he literally sprang across the counter to greet me. “You will NEVER guess what happened after you talked to me that day… Remember the friends that deserted me after I was laid off? Two days after our conversation, one of my old buddies called me and asked me to go golfing! I hadn’t spoken to him in over 3 years!”  His eyes were filled with tears, “I don’t know who you are or how the planets aligned to make that happened, but you are like some “Cosmic angel” It touched me so deeply I can’t ever thank you enough!” He hugged me three times and kept wiping tears from his eyes. Little did he know, he wasn’t the only one who got a gift that day!