Guest blog: Soul calls by Heather from Intuitive Blessings.

DSCN1066-001I get a lot of questions about soul calls. Very many people seem to get them, however there is still so little information about them, including other people’s experiences.

So, in order to get more information out there, I’ve asked Heather from to share one of her stories.

Thank you Heather for taking the time to share this.

My experiences with Soul Calls are that I never purposefully go looking for them, they just find me. I feel a strong attraction to a person and begin to feel things about them to the point of it becoming an obsession!  I feel like I am being guided by a higher power to take action. My human ego self wants to run, but some unexplainable force compels me to stay. I have looked back over letters I have sent to complete strangers and think to myself, “I wrote that?!?!” “That doesn’t even sound like something I would say!” When I read your post on Soul Calls I could totally relate! I have always called them S.O.S calls 

One recent call had a tremendous impact on me due to the validation and appreciation I received in return. I order lunch meat at the local supermarket every week. One day I happened to really look at Mr. Deli Guy and without consciously doing so, I began to “feel…empath…read” (whatever you call it) him and instantly felt his energy. I don’t understand how or why this happens. I don’t understand how or why certain people seem to send out an S.O.S and without fail, I intuitively answer. Before I know it or can stop it, I am instantly attached to a stranger on an intimate level of “knowing” things I shouldn’t know about someone I only order turkey from! Suddenly, this man I have never paid any mind to has fully been brought into my awareness.

I could not get deli guy out of my head. His eyes hid a pain only I could see. I could feel his hurt, his disappointment, his loneliness. Thoughts came into my head like, “He is probably divorced, I think he might use alcohol to numb his pain, I feel like he is genuinely a good person but he can’t see it.”  All of these thoughts and feelings I was experiencing without any exchange of words.  Was I nuts? Was I imagining things? Why do I do this? What the hell is wrong with me?!?! Just like I have done in years past, I dismissed it and tried to get deli guy out of my head!

Weeks pass, and on my visit deli guy who I never have talked to, sees me and suddenly comes out from behind the counter and starts literally vomiting all this info. He explained to me that a few years ago, he had been laid off from a highly regarded aeronautics company. He had been an engineer there.  He then proceeded to explain how he went from being an engineer to a deli guy. I was so taken aback by his disclosure, I don’t even remember what my response was, but I remember how I felt. My heart ached, I knew exactly why he was telling all of this to me – he feared judgment, he had no self confidence, he felt like a failure.

I left without really responding to deli guy because I was so taken aback by the encounter. Losing his job must have taken away a huge part of himself along with it. There was so much I wanted to tell him but that is not something one tells to a complete stranger!!! Well, as hard as I fought NOT telling him those things, that unexplainable pull would not go away. I was completely out of my comfort zone. I don’t do this kind of thing. I don’t even know this man, yet I intimately know so much. It’s maddening.

More weeks passed and then I couldn’t stand it any longer so I ap

proached him… “Deli guy, remember that day when you told me about losing your job? Well, something has really been bothering me and I just felt like I should tell you. I want you to know that you are more than your job. I don’t judge you for where you work and neither should anyone else.” His face softened and he proceeded to tell me how he used to go golfing every week with a group of buddies that don’t talk to him anymore. I acknowledged how incredibly hurtful and hard that must have been. No one should treat him like that and they were not real friends. People should love and respect him for who he is no matter what the job title. He hugged me and thanked me and I was on my way.

The next week when I went to the store, he literally sprang across the counter to greet me. “You will NEVER guess what happened after you talked to me that day… Remember the friends that deserted me after I was laid off? Two days after our conversation, one of my old buddies called me and asked me to go golfing! I hadn’t spoken to him in over 3 years!”  His eyes were filled with tears, “I don’t know who you are or how the planets aligned to make that happened, but you are like some “Cosmic angel” It touched me so deeply I can’t ever thank you enough!” He hugged me three times and kept wiping tears from his eyes. Little did he know, he wasn’t the only one who got a gift that day!

23 thoughts on “Guest blog: Soul calls by Heather from Intuitive Blessings.

  1. My name is John i am 4 years clean and sober. I am also a Psychic, Reiki Practicioner. I always felt lost and alone. Loved reading your story and wish you all well. I went from nothing to owning my own business. It works, i do so as honestly as i can. I felt i was nothing now im grafteful to say i own and run JRP-PSYCHICS. offering readings and helping others empower themselves.


  2. Heather I admire you for your compassionate spirit. This goes for Gary and Patrick as well. This is a rare and exceptional quality that few people possess.
    It’s risky to enter the world of a stranger who is experiencing emotional distress. The Empath’s own emotional well-being is always at risk by responding to a soul call. It’s necessary to take precaution to avoid getting dragged into their dysfunction. If you are an Empath, It’s essential to be aware of the troubled soul’s fragile emotional state to ensure that you do not get hurt in the process of rendering emotional aid.
    Many times the person in pain will emotionally attach himself or herself to anyone showing an ounce of compassion. We all want acceptance, validation, and approval. People will go to considerable lengths to get their need for love fulfilled this way. Love is the most powerful emotion. Everyone needs love. We will literally die without it.
    The love an Empath provides is of a different quality than all other kinds of love. It is genuine, nonjudgmental, and unconditional. This is the purest form of love. The Empath expresses a divine healing to those who are emotionally suffering.
    People who are desperate for love will attract the unsuspecting Empath to them. The innocent Empath often pays the price for their kindness. It’s a natural tendency for the person in pain to fall in love with their rescuer. Lines tend to get blurred. The Empath often gets hurt in the process. I have experienced this myself. It’s painful for the Empath to see another person experiencing emotional pain. I have personally been drawn into other people’s suffering this way. I find myself coming out these situations disoriented and wondering what happened.
    Empaths have unconscious reasons for responding to soul calls. It may be something the Empath is missing something in his or her personal life. The Empath should be aware of this tendency before giving emotional aid to the person in distress. I suggest giving emotional assistance to those in need by keeping a safe distance until you are confident you can handle the situation. I can only imagine what would happen if an Empath responded to another Empath’s soul call.
    Thank you for revealing this amazing part of your life to the world Heather. I’m sure you have made positive changes in the lives others with your selfless compassion. The Empaths on this site should be an inspiration to the rest of us. I hope I did not steal your thunder by posting this extremely long comment. 


  3. Great post. But I wonder… do you feel this in a claircognizant or a clairsentient way? If you do feel another person’s emotions or pain, how do you know it’s their pain and not yours (at the time you get the feelings, before they confirm that you are correct that is). I’m just starting to think that when I feel it in my stomach it is someone else’s pain – do you think if you are carrying your own emotional pain you also feel it in one part of you body, but then feel it somewhere else if you are carrying someone else’s pain?


      1. If you are being pulled to reach out to someone, they very well may be sending out an SOS and you are feeling compelled to answer. For me, the nagging doesn’t go away until I act on it. Depending on how well you know this person maybe just reach out by simply saying, “I sense that maybe something is troubling you.” You don’t have to disclose all you know, but it opens a door. You may be picking up energy they are not even aware they are sending. Depending on their reaction you can judge how to proceed from there.


        1. You know what… it’s a bit unusual… but since I’ve named the feeling sick and tension in my stomach as his, it’s gone. So maybe that’s the answer…. if I even suspect the pain I’m feeling is someone else’s and the feeling passes once I’ve acknowledged it’s theirs, maybe it is theirs.

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          1. That is wonderful! Just your awareness of your Empathic abilities is a huge first step. The label and description of an Empath is fairly new to my vocabulary and now that I am aware of it, I am much better about identifying what belongs to me and what does not! Thanks to wonderful bloggers like Gary, Empaths everywhere can find comfort and support in knowing they are not alone and gain helpful insight on managing their abilities.


      2. I’m sure I somehow identify with the things I sense in the other person that are inside of me. I may not be aware of what those things are. There is certainly some kind of psychic or spiritual connection between people who are mysteriously drawn together in this way. I do know where these feelings occur in my body. I have never noticed. You raise some good points though.


    1. In this instance, I predominately felt this in a claircognizant way. It is hard to explain, but the best way I can describe it is I “just know”, but I don’t know how I know, or how it gets there to begin with. In a clairsentient way I feel tremendous compassion and love for this hurting person and empathize with the feelings and emotions they are having. Honestly, my initial reaction is to ignore the thoughts I am receiving and question why it is I am thinking what I’m thinking. On soul calls such as these however, no matter how hard I try to ignore them, the stronger they become along with the urge to reach out to them. It drives me crazy at times because I cannot rationalize or explain how I can perceive another person’s energy like that.


    1. You are so right Heather. These soul calls are very strange. We never what is behind them. It’s very likely a psychological and spiritual matter. It difficult to separate the two. The world is changing. That is only adding to people’s confusion. I’ll bet Gary has a lot of knowledge as to why some people in pain feel the way they do in these situations. Unfortunately he’s probably gone to bed. All people need their sleep in order to think clearly. This is especially important to the Empath. Thanks heather. Like I said you are truly inspiring.


      1. I’m sure a lot sure people have an unknown connection to the Empath. It may be that a person has a need to be have their feelings acknowledged. Its not often possible for the Empath do this. If there really is more going on between the Empath and the person responding, a relationship be between the two cannot exist if that balance is not there. Maybe the person in pain is only looking for assurance that everything is going to be okay with them and nothing more. Even if there is a spiritual connection. It’s difficult to understand the dynamics present in any human relationship.


        1. For some reason, I thought Heather had replied on here. I’m still awaking up. There are are some great comments on here. Thanks!


  4. I like this instance of soul call, moving and yet ‘crisp’. But how does one prevent responding to a soul call from becoming an unhealthy drain on one’s energy? In my experience, every time I answered what were vibrations of need of help (and they were incessant), I found that the callers not only took away my energy unceasingly but also dragged me down to their hell of emptiness. I would feel wary of answering any soul calls now, even genuine, for the fear of who/what awaits my response. So how do you know what soul calls to answer and what to keep away from? After all, even the ‘predator-like’ soul calls sent out are genuine. They genuinely need all your energy!


    1. Key is not to become engaged in it.

      As an example, if you need a plumber, he’ll come and fix the pipes, but he won’t get involved in your personal life to do so.

      Answering a call does not mean you should get involved. Just do what is needed and continue on with your own life.


    2. I find it easier when answering calls from complete strangers because there is no personal connection. Family and friends however, tends to suck the life out of me. Boundaries get crossed and lines blur to the point I am taking every bit of pain and emotion onto myself because I do care for them. At the point I realize what a mess I have become, I remove myself from the situation and know that I have done all I can do. In the end, everyone must do their own work and I simply am there to offer comfort or awaken them to something they cannot see. Not all calls end like the one above. Some don’t like what they hear and don’t want to acknowledge. Those are okay to, at least you have put it out there and the choice of free will will dictate how they proceed – I always have to remind myself “It is their life lesson, not yours!”


      1. Great post, Heather + you’re quite brave. :O I prefer the family/friends ‘calling plan’ – it’s easier to share honestly and without any fear; the familiarity helps to know what/how to go about it. In my experience, most (strangers) send out calls but aren’t really aware of what they’re doing. I used to be like that (as a young adult) when my energy could be ‘all over the place’.

        My current motto: No caller I.D.? Sorry, can’t take your call! ;D This works for me to not feel drained (as J says).
        Thanks Gary for continuing to keep adding to all of these topics. Btw, when are you going pro? Waiting….tick-tock….:)


        1. lol.. i’ve really not worked it out yet.

          I mean, what kind of services would people want to see from me? Probably have to see if there’s even a market out there for what I can do.


          1. Email readings w/ charge per question type of thing. To help, post sample questions/answers from previous readings. Easiest way (for a client) to receive guidance without being overwhelmed.
            It’s like driving on a highway – many exits, pit stops, restaurants to choose from…..which one to take depends on how far/how badly/how hungry I am and what I like and not losing track.

            The market ‘out there’ for what you can do is usually what you already do. 😀


  5. I’ve been doing quite a lot of work trying to discern my purpose in life. I’ve been working on opening and balancing my Chakras and have been surprise how much energy is surging through me now. Its gotten to the point where I can’t stand in my kitchen without things moving all around me in the dishwasher, sink, drainer, cabinets…etc., I am having regular visions in meditation and I dream very clearly and symbolically. For the first time in my life, I am beginning to enjoy being Empathic, mediumistic, and psychic. Just drink a lot of water, meditate often, and go with the flow!


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