Q&A – Developing my abilities or I might have been out of my mind.

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Should you develop your empath abilities?

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This week’s question come from nattietee at (http://lovelightlearn.wordpress.com/)

She asked.

Have you ever thought or tried to hone your abilities as an empath? I would love to hear more.

Thanks Nattietee and that is a really good question because the answer is not what you might expect.

To answer this, I’ll relate a story that happened to me back in the mid 1980s.

At the time, I had just read about being telepathic, and I thought that this would be a very cool ability to develop.

So I made the decision to do what I could to increase that ability.

That was before I really understood that I was an Empath, and that I was suffering from depression., I also was very ungrounded, but had no clue that it was grounded even meant.

But the idea seemed like it would be a lot of fun, and I knew I was already a little telepathic, as I’d often pick up on thoughts of others before they said them.

Back in those days, I was going through a CBing (Citizen Band Radio) phase, and I’d often drive around at night just chatting to random people.

One night, about a day after I decided to become telepathic, I was talking to this lady I had never spoken to before (or since for that matter) and the discussion was nothing exceptional. Then, out of the blue, she stated that she had a friend who became telepathic, and that he had gone mad because of it.

That was a clear a hint to me, as it could be, not to continue my plan. So I dropped it.

It was only many years later when I thought about it, and realized what an insane plan it would have been, as I was barely coping with my current psychic levels back then, and even my basic understandings was sorely lacking.

I would have left myself completely open and vulnerable. I don’t believe I would have coped, let alone stayed sane if I gone ahead and developed those powers.

To answer your question, I don’t try to push my abilities as an Empath, but I work to be aware of them, and listen to my feelings as to how far I should go with them.

To rise too fast, to push too hard is sure to lead to burn out, and as anyone who has experienced such things will tell you, that is a horrible state to be in and it can take years to recover.

I just trust that my abilities are exactly where they need to be, and they steadily seem to grow stronger over the natural course of time.

No doubt I could be further along than I am right now, but going with the flow and the natural growth always feels like the best options to me.

It’s worth reminding anyone that it is dangerous to raise your energies and powers before you are ready to cope with them.

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16 thoughts on “Q&A – Developing my abilities or I might have been out of my mind.

  1. Thanks for the reply Gary. I really get what you are saying. I also think that when you are under psychic attack we can be drawn to false calling such as mine to the Ouija board. Learning to tell the distinct difference is important. And then there are the road signs that scream out to you. The first thing I was ever told on a board was the word ‘Stop’. Lol, I should have listened but no. Great post and thanks again. 🙂


    1. Wow, the word ‘Stop’ is definitely telling you something. I’ve heard bad things about those boards, such as that no higher frequency, truthful or useful entities will talk to you through them, you’ll only attract the wrong type of attention.
      …I’ve had some warnings too along my own path, pretty much telling me ‘you’ll ruin your life if you follow this path’, so I’ve eventually listened to this, and somehow settled into doing something which is more in tune with perhaps my fate plans or life plans.


      1. I would believe that . My spirit guide is very against them. She used to block my board. She saved me. You have no idea what could have happened to me if she wasn’t there. I won’t go into too much detail as I plan to blog about it and I am only half way through the story. xx


          1. Starlight is very right about the kinds of entities that can come through these boards and also through other channelling means. In fact, those of us here, interested, could check out a book called ‘The siren call of hungry ghosts’ by Canadian journalist and writer Joe Fisher. It’s disturbing and a huge warning to the seekers of the paranormal about what can go wrong and how. There were times when I put Fisher’s picture on my screen just to remind me of the possible consequences of my work and to stay within certain boundaries.

            Gary, have you read this book?



          2. I can’t say I have. I’m generally leery of such boards and channellings, and there are very few that I feel good about.

            It might be a good subject for a blog, what to watch for with these type of things.


  2. hi gary,

    need to ask you a question that may be partially related to this honing of skills. what does one do, how does one hone one’s skills to ‘normalcy’, by that i mean a controlled use of them? At the danger of digressing slightly (would have sent you a personal query instead of the wall, but didn’t know where to send) what does one do when one’s ‘essence’ (spirit) continuously attempts to slip away from the physical, like an errant child. Or like a piece of paper that would flutter away if there’s no paperweight on it – paperweight in this case is a struggle to remember the existence of the heavy physical body. I have tried to stop the wandering of the outer/astral body into all kinds of places but now struggle to retain its connection with the physical. There’s a constant pull upwards and away from the physical and, at the slightest, it leaves the physical if at least to hover around a few feet above (which i know is normal, but not to the degree happening here to me). This is a bit unsettling. In my case I know that an unending stressful existence prompts the spirit to leave the place of stress, i.e., the earth, but till it’s time to go, officially, i can’t simply let it wander away from the physical body. I’m not looking for a ‘cure’ even in the form of a possible back flower remedy (got much work to do in this direction so a total stoppage of this is not a good idea), but need a controlled use of this facility. so, how does one hone those skills?



    1. I know this question is not directed at me and I don’t really have an answer. I study OBE’s as I wish to experience a conscious and intentional OBE. I, like most people experience them and have thought they were dreams. I usually don’t leave the house, but the further they get from my body the more dream like they become. I am just someone with a particular interest in this subject and I figured some of my research may help. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert. You say ‘it’ but ‘it’ is the real you. Your body is the shell the real you that exists on many levels just lives there. From what I can tell your consciousness wants to leave for a reason. It needs something, wants something, is called to someone or something. When you are doing this process in reverse (That is trying to leave not stay)there is a physical, mental and spiritual conditioning so to speak. They need to line up, so your body must be relaxed and/or asleep, your brainwaves must slow down to the theta range, and your consciousness must be developed enough to put you in control of the situation. There are an excessive amount of ways to do this and every article I read differs, but when you boil out the techniques they use to achieve this, the actuality of what happens is this. The reason I tell you this information is that knowing this, you could try interrupting the physical or mental process so that the conditions for it to happen are not so available. I would be less inclined to recommend this. You may work on developing your consciousness, usually through meditation, until you can control your consciousness. A very good option but very time consuming, takes years or even decades of practice. Or, the only other option I see is protect yourself, (light/love projection and raising your vibrations can do this.) Then let your consciousness go. If you are being called to a purpose you will find it. Set a time everyday to let your consciousness do it’s thing. Try to make it as close to when the pull is greatest as you can. If it is just lack of control then this will be like jumping in the deep end and the more you do it the better you will swim. Now like I said this is all based theoretically. You have the experience and know a lot more about your own abilities and routine. I hope something here will lead you to the answer you need. Sorry about the long winded reply. xx


      1. Thank, nattietee.

        I was mulling over that question, but wasn’t sure how to answer it as my experience on OBE is somewhat limited.

        I’m still mulling it over, but hopefully you have helped there. 🙂

        Thanks, again.


  3. This was great for me to read as I have always just known things and wondered why, thought about pursuing why but recent bouts of depression and happening onto your blog has shown me I am raw material right now…I now have hope but understand this is a process that should not be rushed,


    1. Yes definitely not. Healing needs to be done so the issues don’t rise up and cause issues later. I will get to all the stuff about healing in time.


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