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To channel or not to channel. It’s not really a question, though.

Automatic Writing (album)

I’ve decided I’m going to post more channeled type blogs as I seem to get my best information (and writing) while doing so.

As mentioned, they are conversation between me and my guide(s).

Since the age of 11, I was always having such chats in my thoughts, and at one point, back in 1997, we were discussing death: How people react towards it and why.

I thought: this is really good stuff. I should write it down.

However, found that when I tried, I could not remember any of it. It was frustrating and I figured that if it was going to happen, I would need to channel it as writing rather than try and recall it.

I suppose you might call it automatic writing however I believe t hat’s done without any intention in mind. You put pen to paper and see what comes out. This is more like having a conversation with someone.

At first, dong this wasn’t easy. I made my first attempt back in 1995. It was somewhat successful, but I also discovered that my attachment to outcomes tended to corrupt some of the answers I was getting.

Writing without subconsciously interfering turned out to be a challenge, because sometimes you think you know what the answer is going to be… or worse, what you wish the answer to be.

Corruption of the channel can occur easily, especially if you’re tired or having interruptions while doing so.

It took me around 15 years before I got to a point to where I was actually happy with the way things were channelled.

More often than not, what ends up being written is not what I’m expecting at all. I think that’s a good thing as it indicates that it’s coming from another source.

Writing channeled essays is probably the most interesting and enjoyable way of doing things for me. It’s like having a conversation with someone else and gaining new insight and information. From time to time, I’m told to go and look up something, and I find that the information given is validated.

Those are real ‘whoa!’ moments because they say to me that this is really happening, and not something I’m just making up.

Of course, this is certainly not a new technique for gaining information. Lots of people channel.

Personally, some of those articles rankle with me as I don’t sense any truth behind them. Then there are those who completely resonate.

One of the most profound channeled books I’ve read so far are the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch.  Those writings just resonate completely with me and serve as inspiration, not only on what can be achieved, but having the courage to put such work out there, in spite of what others might think or say.

As for myself, so far, I’ve written two books that are channeled. One, being The Empath Guidebook, which is my gift to the Empath Community.

The other is story of the spiritual events in my life. Those who have read draft version of that book have told me that it’s very intense and they experience strange events occurring to them.

The book is about my journey to save a soul by making a very dangerous deal. This will soon be available for USD3.99 for those who are interested.

In the meantime, I will be putting more channeled blogs up. Hope you enjoy them.


Spirit Guides – Part 6 – Many guides: Handle them – (A reference only World of Warcraft players will get!)

The following blog  is a 8 part series on Spirit Guides, my experiences, and what you might do in order to contact your own. 


Having written all that, it’s worth noting that the Dakini don’t appear to be my only guides. I do appear to have one main one, and he feels very different to them.

The energy of the Dakini is quite different to that of my main guide. It’s hard to explain the subtleties of how energies feel and even arguing with them is a different experience.

I’ve not won an argument with a Dakini.  They mostly seem to be one step ahead of me, and are amazing planners, able to plan many years in advance for major goals, and avoiding all the pitfalls along the way.

I have met an incarnated Dakini, (that is, one that is in human form and is aware of who she is).  I found she has the same traits. Extreme intelligence, amazing planning, and very hard to argue against and win. (Even when I know I’m right.) She also has knowledge about my agreement with them which I did not share, so that’s certainly validation there.

My other guide is chattier. When the Dakini talk, they do so in very short phrases or sentences. ,They don’t say a lot, but tend to repeat the same messages over and over again until I understand the meaning… and that can take a long time!

My other guide tends to be easier to talk with. In fact, it’s hard to shut him up at times. Once again, guides like this are hard to verify, except from time to time, I get information which I can check up on, and find that it’s correct. Sometimes it’s information I’m looking for. Otherwise, it’s a warning about something that is happening that I’m able to validate later.

This particular guide appears to also channel though other people, and some I’ve met claim they have also spoken to him.

One of the ways I like to communicate with him is by writing down the words I get. I guess you could call it a channel.

It does have its limits, though. I find that I can only write so long, before this fatigue sets in and I become mentally, and psychically exhausted.  Forcing the issue just produces information that isn’t as accurate.

Some subjects are easier to write about than others, and some just are completely blocked. Timing appears to be very important here.

Writing a channelling is also very useful when I’m trying to do an article, but can’t find the words. The result is always superior. I’ve not yet included any such works in this blog to date, but I am considering it.

The majority of my written work is information I’ve gained from my main guide.

There also is another type of guide, which is somewhat controversial.   That you are your own guide. The you, from a future point of time, has come back, and is now guiding the you of now.

I certainly feel that’s true for me. I know that sounds bizarre, but it feels as though there’s a part of me which is way more aware of what I’m doing, and is able to transcend time and space to give me advice and guidance.

Luckily, I’ve read of other such cases where people are able to return be their own guides, so it might sound improbable, but it’s still being experienced by others.

If you consider that time is an illusion, and not sequential, then it’s possible to return to a point in a timeline where you can help yourself. Does this create a paradox? Not if you consider that it’s all happening ‘now’, so all that is, what, and ever will be is happening all at the same time.

Yeah, it’s complex.

I’ve love to hear about people’s own experiences with their guides.