To channel or not to channel. It’s not really a question, though.

Automatic Writing (album)

I’ve decided I’m going to post more channeled type blogs as I seem to get my best information (and writing) while doing so.

As mentioned, they are conversation between me and my guide(s).

Since the age of 11, I was always having such chats in my thoughts, and at one point, back in 1997, we were discussing death: How people react towards it and why.

I thought: this is really good stuff. I should write it down.

However, found that when I tried, I could not remember any of it. It was frustrating and I figured that if it was going to happen, I would need to channel it as writing rather than try and recall it.

I suppose you might call it automatic writing however I believe t hat’s done without any intention in mind. You put pen to paper and see what comes out. This is more like having a conversation with someone.

At first, dong this wasn’t easy. I made my first attempt back in 1995. It was somewhat successful, but I also discovered that my attachment to outcomes tended to corrupt some of the answers I was getting.

Writing without subconsciously interfering turned out to be a challenge, because sometimes you think you know what the answer is going to be… or worse, what you wish the answer to be.

Corruption of the channel can occur easily, especially if you’re tired or having interruptions while doing so.

It took me around 15 years before I got to a point to where I was actually happy with the way things were channelled.

More often than not, what ends up being written is not what I’m expecting at all. I think that’s a good thing as it indicates that it’s coming from another source.

Writing channeled essays is probably the most interesting and enjoyable way of doing things for me. It’s like having a conversation with someone else and gaining new insight and information. From time to time, I’m told to go and look up something, and I find that the information given is validated.

Those are real ‘whoa!’ moments because they say to me that this is really happening, and not something I’m just making up.

Of course, this is certainly not a new technique for gaining information. Lots of people channel.

Personally, some of those articles rankle with me as I don’t sense any truth behind them. Then there are those who completely resonate.

One of the most profound channeled books I’ve read so far are the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch.  Those writings just resonate completely with me and serve as inspiration, not only on what can be achieved, but having the courage to put such work out there, in spite of what others might think or say.

As for myself, so far, I’ve written two books that are channeled. One, being The Empath Guidebook, which is my gift to the Empath Community.

The other is story of the spiritual events in my life. Those who have read draft version of that book have told me that it’s very intense and they experience strange events occurring to them.

The book is about my journey to save a soul by making a very dangerous deal. This will soon be available for USD3.99 for those who are interested.

In the meantime, I will be putting more channeled blogs up. Hope you enjoy them.

30 thoughts on “To channel or not to channel. It’s not really a question, though.

  1. Gary, Thank you very much for sharing. I am trying to connect with my guides but not having much luck. Any guidance is truly appreciated. Blessings…


  2. it’s so hard for me to channel here. It takes me 3 or 4 times to get in contact with the being that I want and it takes all my focus and energy. Do you have any tips on channeling? It’s almost impossible for me to have long conversations with my guides.


      1. I feel that. However how do I know what is the truth? I have been spooked ever since I have been messed with and I never know what the truth is anymore. I even don’t trust what I feel because I am afraid its tampered with.


  3. Oh yes! I resonate so much with what you’ve written here! I channel by typing questions and holding a pendulum over the keyboard. My guides or contacts spell out the answer – ouija board style! It removes some of the ‘am I making this up?’ concerns, but I’ve still found I can influence the flow of the pendulum, especially, as you say, when I’m wishing for a particular response! My guides tend to start writing nonsense words when I get off track 🙂


      1. Been doing it for around 10 years. Amazing how you speed up in that time 🙂
        I’ve done the ‘automatic’ sort too, but I like having full records of the conversations on my computer and often can’t read my writing when I go auto!!


  4. I’m looking forward to your posts.. I have the same problems when I channel. It must be good to have those years of experience under your belt. I agree about some of the material out there really resonating and a LOT of it being nonsense.. Stick to it and I hope you are able to do a good job..:)


  5. Haha. I had to laugh when you were talking about thinking you know the answer. This happens through a telepathic connection and it seems to be strongest with guides. I am always finishing their sentences and whilst most times I’m right they sometimes ask me to stop and just listen and not jump the gun… I see their point. lol.


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