Personal supernatural experiences. – The demon on the staircase.

One of my personal experiences with the supernatural when I was around 14. Enjoy.

Empath stories about their strange experiences – Part 3

When I was a baby, my mother woke up in the middle of the night and saw this tall hooded figure looking down at her. He nodded and then walked backwards into the wall and vanished. Years later, my step daughter claimed she would see a hooded figure in the same house. What was even more disturbing was that when we moved to a new house, she kept on seeing it.

Paranormal experiences or you expect me to sleep with that going on?

My personal paranormal experiences. For an empath, I've had surprisingly few supernatural experiences and most of them occurred during my younger years. By supernatural, I’m talking seeing things and hearing things and things that are just unexplained. I do wish, however, to make the distinction from my empathic experiences, as they are countless, and also any mind…

Empath series – Spirits, ghosts, negative entities and all those fun things that can’t possibly exist.

Psychics and the spirit world. Here’s the problem with empaths and other sensitive people: They see and sense and even hear things that others generally do not. Scientifically, such things are hard to prove, if not impossible, as what we experience cannot always be recreated and tested under lab conditions. I was listening to an…