Paranormal experiences or you expect me to sleep with that going on?

It's a ghost!
It’s a ghost!

My personal paranormal experiences.

For an empath, I’ve had surprisingly few supernatural experiences and most of them occurred during my younger years.

By supernatural, I’m talking seeing things and hearing things and things that are just unexplained.

I do wish, however, to make the distinction from my empathic experiences, as they are countless, and also any mind travels that I’ve experienced. (What might be termed as remote viewing.)

There are four main paranormal incidences that come to mind.

The first was waking up on two separate nights, and hearing footsteps walking up and down the hallway outside my bedroom. I would have been around 7 or 8 years of age. Everyone was asleep, and even if they were up, they would not have continued for what seemed like hours.

I didn’t have the courage to get up and look, and really, even today, I wonder if I would be happy doing so, but there were footsteps, of that I have no doubt.

The second one occurred also twice, and around the same age. I woke up in the middle of the night, and on the wall across my bed was a perfectly round light about 3 inches in diameter. It had no apparent source, and kept on moving around on the wall.  It stayed mostly in the one spot.

If it had been someone shining a torch into my room, I would have to question as to why they’d bother doing it for hours, how they could get the angle from a ten foot drop, and why there was no beam of light connecting to it.

I don’t remember what I did the first time, but I eventually fell back asleep. When it happened a second time, I hid under the bed covers.

As an interesting side note, a lady once slept in that room, and she woke up hearing her name called, and the word ‘ouch’. There was a light on her finger, and it left a burn. (At least according to her.)

From time to time, I would sense something negative in that room, even after I changed to another bedroom, however nothing major occurred.

The third incident was extremely minor. I had set up a film projector up in the lounge room and somehow it managed to turn itself on. That was an one off event.

I wasn’t the only one who experienced things in my mother’s house. My mother once saw a hooded figure staring at her upon waking up in the middle of the night and then walking backwards through the wall. I was a baby at the time. This same figure had been seen by my step daughter many years later. I never caught sight of it myself.

The last one happened when I lived in my grandmother’s house when I lived in Holland for half a year. I was nine, and one night, I woke up when everyone had gone to bed. Downstairs, I could hear a song playing which sounded vaguely like the Everly Brothers’ song Dream. Except it just repeating what sounded like a couple of lines, and it continued on for many hours until I fell asleep again.

While none of these experiences really scared me, I can’t say they made me comfortable either. As I few older, and into who I was, such things stopped happening, and I had the odd impression that it was avoiding me. At least for the most part.

Does anyone have similar experiences they’d like to share?

21 thoughts on “Paranormal experiences or you expect me to sleep with that going on?

  1. Last Tuesday, I was very heartsore about my brother who passed away Friday 31st of May 2013.So that Tuesday evening I was having trouble falling asleep and asking my brother if he is happy on the other side.The next moment I felt a weight on my bed as if someone is sitting there and I heard lovely music playing. I tried to make out what song was playing and eventually fell asleep and only woke up the next morning at 5 feeling very good. My brother used to play music all the time in his home and I was always teasing him about it.


  2. I was walking up a main road with a group of friends at midnight and looked down the street perpendicular to the street we were on. I noticed a short Asian lady coming toward us in the dark. I thought nothing of it and kept walking. Then I had a look to the street again and saw her rummaging through a green wheelie bin not too far from us. She was a head taller then the bin itself, I thought it was odd. Then she slowly looked up at me with a skeletal like face and eyes like deep dark holes in her skull. I froze in horror, then jumped back. I looked at my friends who were wondering what was up and then back to the lady but she vanished. I don’t know if it’s a phantom of the mind or an actual paranormal experience.


  3. The footsteps reminded me of an incident when I was 18, I lived with my bf at the time in a small bedsit in quite a rough house, but the guys all looked out for me, so I felt quite safe. But one night I was woken by the sound of heavy footsteps walking across the room towards the bed, it was pitch black, couldn’t see a thing. As I woke my bf up, the footsteps stopped, he said I’d been dreaming but I begged him to listen, as we fell silent, the footsteps started again, getting closer. He freaked out, the light switch was on the other side of the room, beyond where the sound of the footsteps were coming from, but despite that, he leapt out of bed, ran across the room and switched the light on. There was no one there, obviously or he’d have ran into them on the way. Having lived in several haunted houses, I’ve come to the conclusion I’m a ghost magnet!!


    1. It’s amazing just how many people experience such things. I feel such a fascination towards it. Thanks for sharing. And yes, it’s possible to be a ghost magnet.


  4. Oh what a fun idea for a post! I’ve had lots of paranormal experiences. The scariest/most detailed one happened on my 15th birthday, my sister looked up local legends and we spent the night investigating them. One was about a bridge where a school bus has crashed into a creek and several kids had been killed…a bridge RIGHT next to a cemetary…legend being that if you drove your car over covered in baby powder there would be hand prints. So we did it, and there were small hand prints all over the car. My sister being the prankster she is, screamed and ran into the car, along with her friend, but when I went to get in my door wouldn’t open. This had never happened before. The lock was clearly up, and try as I might I couldn’t open it, and they couldn’t open it from the inside either. All the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I knew someone was watching me, and I turned and pointed my flashlight down the road to the bridge, and a little boy with brown hair, black eyes, a white shirt, and dark brown trousers and overalls was standing in the middle of it staring at me. I’ll never forget what he looked like. My sister had to get out and open that door for me, and to this day, I can’t open that car door. No one else has any problems with it, and I can open every other door on that car…but not that one.


      1. Haha I made my sister speed away from there as fast as she could, meanwhile, I was having a panic attack in the back seat, hyperventilating, and would say a word except drive until we got to a gas station. Apparently I gave them quite a scare because my whole face went ghostly white and I couldn’t breath for a bit haha. It was the worst/coolest birthday I’ve ever had lol.


        1. I can imagine. lol.

          Reminds me of some of my experiences up at Hanging Rock. I think that might be a topic for another blog.

          If someone wants to share a good story, I’d be happy to post it as a guest blog here.


          1. Oo! I’ll look forward to reading it. I might just make my own paranormal blog post for tomorrow. I always have lots of experiences to share. 😀


  5. Paranormal experiences? Too many to list them out here…the good, the bad and the atrocious. The Paranormal has now become my calling!



      1. Like many of us know here, these kinds of contacts are experienced through different senses. I’ve experienced audio contacts, visual, touch and smell though not taste. And because there would be too much to write, I’ll take very tiny samples of the good, the bad and the atrocious. This message is LONG.

        Good: My spiritual guide letting me hear his voice, letting me touch him, and connecting astrally. He was human while here, (though I had never met him) and did not appear or feel any different.

        Bad: 1. Being watched all the time. I’m neutral to spirits of humans who have crossed over (kin, friends, neighbours) and who visit in different forms, I don’t suffer from fear or alarm, they’re just ‘people’ and it’s normal for people to visit each other from time to time, irrespective of the realms. However, once, out of misplaced compassion, had made the mistake of calling a dead friend ‘into’ me so she could connect with her family through me, and found her taking over (I have zero experience in mediumship. I thought I was making an emotion-based, friendly gesture towards someone who had suffered much before her death due to alcoholism). The spirit, that had a very different personality than mine, was hostile and frustrated and started demanding things that I would not care for. I had to rid myself of it. Because it was weak, it had to let go or things would have gone very downhill for me as a person. Never again! Either one acquires training in mediumship from credible sources or then keeps completely away from extending such masochistic invitations, no matter whom they are extended to.

        2. A nuisance created by some spirits who constantly murmured, screamed, cried all through the night, pushed, shifted and broke things in my house. They also gave electric-like shocks to a family member, breathed in their face at night, gave flitting glimpses in the mirror and generally made them uncomfortable.

        Atrocious: 1. Myself being touched by a two-dimensional black coloured entity, about 8 plus ft tall (that’s VERY tall from where I look at them), with a triangular head, and pointed ‘extensions’ for limbs, after watching it emerge out of a closed door, glide away, being forced to see a family member ‘through its eyes’ (there were no visible eyes to that creature, it was a solid mass and yet I was made to see through its ‘being’) and yet it deliberately let me see this family member sitting at the other end of the house, with several walls in between, a task otherwise impossible for human eye. It then disappeared into the floor of that room, which I could see as well. Had experienced very severe stench all around the house, when no one had else felt it, many days before that. One such being, never human, also had the habit of standing behind my shoulder, watching what I did, especially when I studied or wrote about them. Strangely, despite no obvious physical features, I know when they are male. Also am made to understand their hierarchy.

        2. Some lower beings, again, that were never human, similar black shadows, two-dimensional, mocking me from time to time, at times absorbing the solid food or, more often, the liquids that I have, letting me know how it tasted and laughing at my surprise. Sometimes they drained my energy to the point that I became almost lifeless with exhaustion.

        I’m a non-drinker, non-smoker, a vegetarian, with over all annoyingly healthy food, exercise and sleep habits.


        1. There’s a lot of cautionary information here for those who wish to mess with such things. I am going to touch on some of this soon, but this is worth sharing. Ever considered sharing your experiences in your own blog?


          1. Thanks, no, I’m sure a blog is a lot of work, but i do a huge amount of reading and studying of this, from different angles. Never did ouija board or ghost-hunting sessions. So no deliberate ‘messing’ with them, in that sense. And, frankly, those activities would be unnecessary in my case. These beings come to you. You don’t have to go to them on your own. It’s up to them to choose or ignore you depending on how ‘open/porous’ you are. Psychic empaths like us are seriously ‘porous’, easy to enter and are ‘absorbent’.


  6. I had several experiences of seeing things when I was younger also. One that I remember vividly was lying outside my house on the grass looking at the tall pine trees, it was like a daydream when the branches turned into flames, I was mesmerized by this for a while I have no idea how long, then I closed my eyes and when I opened them again there were just the branches. Later that night there was a large fire in our downtown district, in Victoria, B.C. I never knew if it was just coincidence or not, but it has haunted me. Lately, I have had multiple times in my life where I have seen Angels. Not winged Angels just regular people but our eyes would lock and I would just know. I feel a little crazy as this is the first time I have spoke of these things…


  7. Yup. I see dead people, as they say. Not for a while actually, but have had a variety of experiences from exchanging knocks on the wall, a strange pulsing light at the end of the bed, and quite an intimidating person at the end of my bed. Mostly in my 20’s.

    Things get moved around in my flat all the time too. Doesn’t really bother me apart from the inconvenience…..

    Also have the odd premonition too, knew not to leave one member of the family after a hospital visit and he died within 20 minutes.


    1. I know what you mean by it not bothering you. For me, they were experiences which I only recall when I have a mind to do so. I think this is the first time I’ve actually mentioned them to others, apart from my mother.


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