I think you out to know I’m feeling very depressed – Marvin, the paranoid android.

Empaths and depression

While Marvin, from The Hitch Hiker’s guide to the galaxy was by no stretch of the imagination an empath, he certainly was depressed, though in my opinion, not paranoid.

Depression is a really big problem of empaths. It is massive. Unless you have suffered from depression, you can’t imagine just how soul destroying and debilitating it is.

I remember, many years ago, when I went to a doctor to try and cure my own depression, he explained to me that the type of people who were depressed were those who were caring, were concerned about others and tended to be, well, empathic. I don’t recall his exact words, but he was describing empaths.

He put me on anti-depressants, and I took myself off them 6 weeks later, as they were worse than the problem.

Empaths are very, very susceptible to depression. Their life can seem an unending hell, and each day they wake up and wish they weren’t still here.

Depression has many causes, and while it is very possible to heal them, it’s certainly not always easy.

Sometimes you have to go deep. Very, very deep.

Depression does not come out of nowhere. It has a basis, which normally goes back to either childhood, or a very traumatic event in your life that you never dealt with or came to terms with.

There’s a lot to say about depression, and what you can do to heal from it, and over the coming period, I plan to repost my experiences, views and what you can do to deal with it.

It must be pointed out, though, that curing depression may take some deep work. I mean, sometimes you will need to look at things that your mind has been slipping around, or you have blocked out because you can’t bear to think about it.

The single most useful tool I’ve found for curing depression are the Bach Flower Remedies, and anyone who knows me will know I talk about them a lot, and have dedicated a huge amount of space to them over the year. I know them inside out, and so any posts about depression will generally include what can help heal in those cases.

One thing to note about depressed empaths is that they are no fun to be around. I mean this for other people, who may not be empathic, but will sense, nonetheless, that a person is hurting, feeling miserable, and really wishes they were dead.

So they tend to be avoided. Possibly the worst thing you can do, though. Isolating the depressed Empath is actually counterproductive for them, and makes them feel even worse.

Validation and support go a very long way to healing.


3 responses to “I think you out to know I’m feeling very depressed – Marvin, the paranoid android.”

  1. meow point1 Avatar
    meow point1

    Are you talking about sympathetic people like me (who my mother says is not susceptable to depression by the way, despite being sympathetic) or people who can, like, read others’ emotions because they have psychic abilities?


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