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The many signs of being an Empath – You are not alone.

PsiZone log revamp from Ted

You may think you’re crazy or just oversensitive, but you might be really an Empath.

Often referred to as HSP or Highly Sensitive People, the Empath will pick up on the feelings and emotions of others around them as though it were their own feelings.

They are not the stuff of science fiction and they are way more common than you think.

You may be one… and not even know it.

Knowing you are an Empath can change your life.

There are many signs that you are empath and here are just a few. As I remember them or note new ones,

This is an ever expanding post. I will continue to add them to this list.

  1. You care too much about other people, even to your own detriment.
  2. Strangers will tell you their life story and say: I don’t know why I am telling you, but I feel I can. They also tend to offload their problems onto you and you may be too polite to tell them to stop.
  3. You will feel lonely, even when around others. The sense of loneliness of being an Empath doesn’t come from being alone, it comes from not being able to talk to others about what you are feeling and feeling there are no answers to your questions.
  4. You may suffer from attention deficit disorder. (ADD) You may easily get drawn into feelings and emotions that come up seemingly randomly. Next thing you know, you are somewhere else and you’ve lost track of what was going on.
  5. If you are naturally psychic, being an Empath will give you additional information about places, people and events.
  6. When someone else has a bad day, you have a bad day in sympathy.
  7. You take on guilt very easily, even for things that you did not do.
  8. You will do anything to keep the peace. Any tension will make you feel very stressed and you can’t relax until everyone else is happy.
  9. Even if you enjoy a particular activity, you won’t enjoy it if the people around you are not into it. You would rather do it on your own or something else.
  10. You can’t bear to see other people or animals in suffering or in pain.
  11. You can always tell when someone is lying. You are a human lie detector.
  12. You find it very difficult to say ‘no’ when someone asks you for help. Many Empaths get treated like a doormat. They don’t want to upset others or make them feel bad by refusing help
  13. You like giving surprise gifts and making others happy just for the sake of it. If they feel good, you feel good, even if it’s just for that moment.
  14. You suffer from anxiety for no apparent reason. Sometimes the feelings will be overwhelming, especially when something major is going on in the world. Stock market crashes are often a bad time for Empaths.
  15. You suffer from clinical depression and mood swings and have no idea why.
  16. You often feel overwhelmed by events and emotions, sometimes to the point where you short out and stop feeling anything at all.
  17. Holidays, such as Christmas, are a very bad time for you. You often feel sad and lonely.
  18. You will always give the benefit of the doubt to someone, just in case they really didn’t mean to say or do something you consider hurtful or negative.
  19. You may suffer from seasonal depression. Autumn might make you feel especially depressed.
  20. You might find you are very psychic, picking up on people and events before they even happen.
  21. You suffer from social anxiety and find it hard to be around people, especially if you feel you shouldn’t be there. Parties are hard and tedious and nightclubs are like a living hell for you.
  22. You want to save the world, but feel too depressed and despondent to do it.
  23. If you hear of someone who is having a hard time, or is unlucky in life or love, you want to just save them and make them happy.
  24. You cry when watching romantic movies, even if they are really bad ones, and you feel embarrassed about doing so.
  25. Old songs make you sad. You long for those past times, even if they were horrible at the time.
  26. You just know things. Even things that no one has never told you. You don’t know how you know them, but you just do.
  27. You don’t know where your feelings end and others begins. You may not even be aware that they are not your feelings.
  28. If someone tells you about their pain or sickness, you will sympathy pains.
  29. You feel constantly exhausted. Chronic fatigue is a reoccurring problem for you.
  30. You are drawn to new age things, especially alternative medicines.
  31. You are extremely creative, though you may feel embarrassed about sharing that part of you in case others reject it or make fun of it.
  32. You may well feel at one with nature. Cities are very hard to live in due to all the psychic pollution that is about.
  33. You are always seeking knowledge. You may not even know what you are looking for, but you look for it anyway.
  34. You daydream a lot. Go on adventures in your mind. This can happen anywhere and anytime.
  35. You can sense the energy of food. You can tell if it feels healthy or not. You are also drawn to bad foods that make you feel good, such as chocolate or sugary treats.
  36. People may consider you strange, aloof or indifferent.
  37. You may have difficulty urinating in public, especially if you feel under pressure. If someone is waiting, you will give up and try to find a place that isn’t being used.
  38. You attract sociopaths and narcissists into your life that will use and abuse you. They will convince you that you are the one who is wrong.

When people find out they are an empath, they ask: How do I know I am one? Generally, only an Empath will ask that type of question. Non Empaths do not care.

If you find yourself nodding along to the above traits, then yes, you are certainly and Empath. The good news is there is so much you can do about it. You can turn what so many call a curse into a blessing.

Help and resources are at hand and they need not cost you a cent.

The free Empath Guidebook was written especially for the Empath and can be downloaded from empathsupport.com

You can also join the Facebook group which focuses on resources and community.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/empathsupport/

If you want to connect to other Empaths and spiritual people in real time, you can try the chat room. http://www.psi-zone.net/oldchat.html

You are not alone.


Empath Series – Bach Flower Remedies – Why I like them, or is this the Mary Sue of Remedies?

English: Woman looking at Bach Flower remedies...

I talk about the Bach Flower Remedies a lot. You might call it an obsession, and perhaps you’d be right.

But there is a good reason for that. They do work, and, choosing the right ones can perform what seems like miracles.

Going into details about the remedies, and the knowledge I’ve gained, is something I will be doing over the course of time.

There are thirty eight of them (not including the more famous Rescue Remedy ® and Rescue Cream. ®

I will look at all of them over time, but let’s just quickly discuss they I love them so much.

They are non-toxic.

They are non-addictive.

You cannot overdose or take the wrong ones. You simply will feel no effects if you do not need them.

They heal the cause of the problems, not the symptoms.

They are cruelty free.

Because they are vibrational in nature, they do not interfere with other medications or other forms of treatment. And by vibrational, I mean they heal on a level that is emotional / spiritual… and yes, I know that sounds newagey, airy fairy, castle in the sky stuff, but take me from me, it’s a fact.

They are easy to take.

They are cheap. One bottle can cost around 8 dollars if bought online, and can last for literally years. The use-by date generally is 10 years, though they can last indefinitely if the alcohol preserving them is good quality.

They work either ingested orally or rubbed on pressure points, such as your wrists. (wonderful if you can’t tolerate alcohol.)

The healing they provide is of a permanent nature. Once you are healed, you stay healed, until life and its events distresses you again.

While they are designed to be easy to self-diagnose, the skill lies on knowing what the cause of the problem is. That is not always obvious. Experience and knowing oneself is the key here.

They work on plants, animals and children.

They are a complete healing system.

They can work within moments. The more you take them, the more attuned you become, and the quicker the results.

The only downside is that you cannot mix too many of them together at once. Conventional wisdom says that you should not mix more than seven at a time.

I say that four is optimum, and they should be remedies that complement each other.

The good news is that I discovered that you can break the seven remedy limit if you take them one at a time instead of mixing them. There is no limit to how many you can use them.

Not only can you cure depression, but you can cure other conditions. For instance, I have used them to stop asthma.

The theory is that by treating the cause, you heal the problem.

Dr. Bach said: Treat the patient, not the dis-ease.

Personally, I don’t think I would be able to function without them in my life. They have pulled me from the brink way too often, and I’m sure it would have taken years of intense therapy to otherwise recover.

As I said, I will cover them all, but in the meantime, if anyone has questions, please ask and I will answer them.

Best description of depression… or is it the best description of an depressed Empath?

I’ve seen the below link a number of times touted as the best description of depression.

What immediately struck me was it was a very good description of an Empath (a depressed one.)

Well worth a look.


Q&A – Developing my abilities or I might have been out of my mind.

Vector drawing of the five kinds of Zener cards. Ordered by number of lines and curves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should you develop your empath abilities?

If you have any topics you want to know more about, please ask.

This week’s question come from nattietee at (http://lovelightlearn.wordpress.com/)

She asked.

Have you ever thought or tried to hone your abilities as an empath? I would love to hear more.

Thanks Nattietee and that is a really good question because the answer is not what you might expect.

To answer this, I’ll relate a story that happened to me back in the mid 1980s.

At the time, I had just read about being telepathic, and I thought that this would be a very cool ability to develop.

So I made the decision to do what I could to increase that ability.

That was before I really understood that I was an Empath, and that I was suffering from depression., I also was very ungrounded, but had no clue that it was grounded even meant.

But the idea seemed like it would be a lot of fun, and I knew I was already a little telepathic, as I’d often pick up on thoughts of others before they said them.

Back in those days, I was going through a CBing (Citizen Band Radio) phase, and I’d often drive around at night just chatting to random people.

One night, about a day after I decided to become telepathic, I was talking to this lady I had never spoken to before (or since for that matter) and the discussion was nothing exceptional. Then, out of the blue, she stated that she had a friend who became telepathic, and that he had gone mad because of it.

That was a clear a hint to me, as it could be, not to continue my plan. So I dropped it.

It was only many years later when I thought about it, and realized what an insane plan it would have been, as I was barely coping with my current psychic levels back then, and even my basic understandings was sorely lacking.

I would have left myself completely open and vulnerable. I don’t believe I would have coped, let alone stayed sane if I gone ahead and developed those powers.

To answer your question, I don’t try to push my abilities as an Empath, but I work to be aware of them, and listen to my feelings as to how far I should go with them.

To rise too fast, to push too hard is sure to lead to burn out, and as anyone who has experienced such things will tell you, that is a horrible state to be in and it can take years to recover.

I just trust that my abilities are exactly where they need to be, and they steadily seem to grow stronger over the natural course of time.

No doubt I could be further along than I am right now, but going with the flow and the natural growth always feels like the best options to me.

It’s worth reminding anyone that it is dangerous to raise your energies and powers before you are ready to cope with them.

Got a question? Want to know more about a subject? Please leave it in the comment section, or send it to xeraphax@gmail.com. Questions will be answered on Sundays. 

Q&A session: Your questions answered

A few people who have responded to the survey on the side bar have asked for a question and answer session.

If anyone has a question I have not looked yet, or gotten to yet, please feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Topics can range from Empath, depression, my personal experiences, Bach Flower Remedies or anything else that’s related.

You can either e-mail me at xeraphax@gmail.com or post in the comments section.

I’ll look at posting the answers on Sundays.


Healing Depression Series: Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) – Are they a placebo? part 3 or I should have got a modern fuse box installed.

English: A 220 volt service panel with three (3) 100 Amp porcelain fuses. (Location: China) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are they a placebo? Part 3

The thing about the Bach Flower Remedies is that if you choose the wrong ones, you won’t notice changes and then claim they don’t work.

The reason behind this is that If you don’t need that remedy, you will not notice anything because everything is already connecting as it should.

To put it another way, say the fuse to your bathroom has blown, and you replace the fuse to your kitchen. The bathroom lights will still not work, and the kitchen will still work because you haven’t actually replaced the correct fuse. (Nowadays, it’s all switches, but I’m sure you get the idea.)

So do you say, hey, these fuses are bunk. I replaced one, and it doesn’t work. This electricity is all just smoke and mirrors, or do you say, maybe I need to replace the correct fuse, and then do so?

I liken the Bach Flower Remedies to fuses because that’s what they are, in a sense. They are the fuses that link us to our higher self, and ensure that the messages we should receive get through. (And yes, I know it all sounds a bit esoteric, but bear with me here.)

Everything is vibrational in nature. I believe that’s accepted as scientific fact nowadays. Under that assumption, that would include things such as our emotions and feelings.

Now suppose each emotion is linked to what is termed as your higher-self? That is, the greater soul aspect of whom you are. You would have 38 main links.

Now imagine a fuse box with 38 slots (39 if you want to add one which is a general back up). Each slot contains one of your emotions and when working correctly, your messages from your higher-self come through clearly, reassuring you that all is as it should be, and prompting you what to do, and which way to go.

Over the years, one by one, those fuses weakens or breaks. Then the messages become vague, like a radio dial turning and moving off frequency, until they become either distorted, or there is just static.

Eventually, many links become broken, and then you may feel alone, because you are cut off from your main source and the messages no longer are coming through as they should You are basically flying blind or worse, some dark presence has hi-jacked the links and is using them to drain you of your energies. (Once again, I know for some this will sound inane, but I will deal with this subject in a future blog.)

Life can break those links. Shock, trauma, belief systems, negative actions, thoughts, deeds, and attacks can break them.

Break enough of them, and you might just end up a basket case, just trying to survive day to day.

Sometimes you will undergo a purge, or a good therapist will put you back on the right track, but generally, you tend to just fall into depression, and feel there is no hope in sight.

Now, imagine that each of the remedies is a living fuse and as each fuse breaks, you can use it to restore the link.

But the trick is knowing which link is broken and then knowing which remedy to use. Match them up, and you will heal the condition. Get it wrong, and nothing happens.

The remedies are simple. They are simple to take, simple to use and simple to self-administer. They are safe and effective. However, the skill is in knowing which ones to take at the right time, and that is easier said than done.

My depression series blogs address many types of depressions, and what remedies will aid them. However, humans tend to be complicated, and our feelings and emotions can have many layers, and for each one that is healed, a new one might pop up in its place, which is the next stage of healing.

Next: Using them on animals.

Is Empathy a major cause of depression?

I’ve had a question in my mind recently:

Do sociopaths get depressed?

A Sociopath is someone who is someone lacking in empathy . They give the illusion of being emphatic  but their actions are self serving and rarely benefit others.

I know they get upset, anxious, worried and lose sleep over problems that will affect them, but do they actually get depressed? Do they even  feel down in the dumps?

So far, in my observations, I’d have to say I’ve not seen it. I could be wrong, of course, as I’ve not had the resources to do any meaningful study on the subject, but let’s assume I’m right for a moment.

The reason I pondered this question is because I’m wondering if one of the major cause of depression, (and cause of those who do self-harm), is empathy.

Are Empaths not only more prone to depression, but does depression mean that you may be an Empath?

Of course, I know enough to understand that this is a very simplistic premise, as depression can be caused by post-traumatic stress disorders, or uncleared shock and trauma, leading to clinical depression and everyone can have that happen in their life.

Still, there seems to be a common link between depression without obvious cause and being an Empath.

If someone is depressed, the first thing I wonder about them is are they one? In many cases, the answer is yes.

Still thinking it over.


If you know someone with depression, I’d love your feedback on the below poll.