I’m just big boned…

Empaths  and weight – part 1

I’ve notice that many empaths, myself included, tend to have weight issues.

Are we overweight or obese because we are empaths? Is it a by-product of being empathic? Can we blame being overweight because we are empaths?

I believe that being overweight may well be caused by being an Empath.

That’s not to say that being an Empath is the cause of being overweight. Clearly it’s not, however Empaths may well be even more susceptible to weight problems.

I know, that for myself, even though I don’t really do anything that puts on the amount of weight I carry, something within me stops, just short, of doing the things that will help me to lose weight.

I’ve got several things going against me.

  • My sleep apnea, which tends to lower my metabolism due to lack of sleep and oxygen.
  • My liver, which, in spite of never taking drugs, never drinking, is (according to the doctors) damaged in a way that suggests heavy drug use.

I have to ask myself why? When it comes down to it, my lifestyle isn’t all the unhealthy. My diet is pretty decent (though my weakness is coffee and chocolate) and I can’t really remember the last time I ate junk food.

I walk a lot more than I used to and my stress levels are a lot less nowadays, and yet I still am gaining weight.

So, it’s time to look at other factors in my life.

Here we will need to look into the esoteric and energy side of things.

Anger is said to affect your liver. As an empath, I’ve repressed a lot of anger over the years: Probably a toxic amount. Does the energy get stuck in our organs? If so, does it affect the health of those organs?

If the first is true, then most certainly the second will be true, as the vibrational energy of anger is negative, and negative energy will have a long term effect on our health.

Also, is my sleep apnea a result of being an Empath?  I think so, but plan to explore this more fully in a future blog.

But for now, I will make some observations.

When I eat chocolate, or food that taste good, it’s in an attempt to make myself feel good. If I feel down, tired, or worries, eating something that is delicious, but bad for me, will give me that high, though it should be noted that the high only lasts for the duration of the eating, and that I don’t feel better after eating: In fact, I feel worse, and ask myself, why did I do that?

But the weird thing is that before I eat, something gets short circuited in my mind. I know it will have negative and adverse effects on me, but I can’t remember that fact, or if I remember, I can’t connect to it. All I have is an overriding urge to eat.

Blocking myself.

I have noted that the moment I start to make some headway with weight loss and diet, my energy levels take a huge drive, and I fall into a depressed, apathetic state, where the very thought of doing anything makes me feel anxious.  If I dig deeper, I think, what’s the point and I feel extremely anxious that I won’t get results, or more to the point, I won’t have the staying powers to get any meaningful and long term weight loss.

In a sense, I feel it’s a silent cry for help, though it’s so silent that no one will ever hear it, let alone be aware that it’s even there. As such, it’s pointless, but it does raise the question as to why this is even happening?

Next: Does how we view ourselves cause weight issues?






2 responses to “I’m just big boned…”

  1. rawwildemotion Avatar

    hey there. This is very interesting!
    Thank you for reading my blog 🙂


  2. architect of the jungle Avatar

    Interesting thoughts, very worth exploring.


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