Is how I see myself how I eventually will look?

Empaths and weight – Part 4

So, what does this have to do with being overweight?

There are certainly several factors here.

My image of myself is that I’m unattractive, and so my body starts to reflect this.

This liver has a lot to do with controlling weight, so a poorly functioning liver will make it harder to lose weight.

My desire to be accepted as I am also is likely to a contributing factor. If I am overweight, but still loved and accepted regardless, then I know they want the real me.

And actually, that last one is a fallacy, because the real me isn’t my body, it’s not my weight, or lack of it; it’s who I am being.

Also, it doesn’t seem to matter what I look like nowadays. There are those who are obsessed with me regardless of what I say or do. To me, it’s really a mystery as to why, as I can’t imagine what they get from my friendship that they couldn’t get elsewhere.

If I ever work that part out, I’ll certainly blog about it.

For the Empath, being themselves around others may be one of the toughest challenges they may face in their life.

The question of whether energy is being held on a cellular level is a very real one. Also, the question of how do you release it so you may begin to heal is another.

From my own experiences, I believe it’s a very real thing. The quality of our cells are what make up our body, and ultimately our health, and how we feel.

Freeing our cells from those destructive emotions is what should be done in order to achieve healing on physical levels.

It is easier said than done, though.

I’ve been on this process for a long time now. More years than I care to remember and not all of them heading in the right direction, though they did show me which direction not to go.

One thing I have noticed is that there are milestones. Places were you have achieved a major healing, and you suddenly feel amazing and have found a new lease on life.

Normally, that comes after a major revelation. You have understood something at an emotional level. You have discovered a block and have been able to move through it. You feel great, and life is good.

But it doesn’t seem to last…

There are several reasons for that.

You may have only uncovered one of many traumas, and as you find yourself adjusting, new stuff starts to come up. It could even be the same things you just resolved, but at a different period of time. Don’t ignore it, though. Don’t feel that you shouldn’t have to go through it all again because you’ve already dealt with it. It might take many times to deal with the same issues, but as long as you can make progress with each case, you will eventually reach a point where it no longer has any power or affects over you.

You may need to change your lifestyle. Often, we are a product of the lifestyle we choose. Stress is a great killer. We slowly kill ourselves over time by allowing major stresses and worries to drain us of our chi, our energy, and ultimately correct our bodies.  Changing your lifestyle to reduce stress is not always easy, but it is still a choice. We may have to give up what we feel we want so we can be healthier. We might feel that others are depending on us, and we have no choice but to continue on, normally until we suffer some kind of catastrophe.

In my own experience, it is an illusion. Things that you swore you had to do and be a part of seem to go on just fine once you move on. People have to adjust, and they do.

There is more than one way to live your life. It’s unlikely that you’ve found the only formulae that works for you, or so you feel, when there are countless other ways out there.

If you can identify those things in your life which are harmful to you, then it’s worth doing everything you can to prevent them from occurring, or re-occurring.  Easier said than done, of course, and yet your healing will depend on that.

When you reach a milestone, you will feel great for a while, then that feeling fades.  What has happened is that you have integrated it into your life, and moved onto a new level. With new levels come new challenges and problems to resolve.  Sometimes it seems like it’s a never ending process, but giving up isn’t really an option either.

If our weight is caused by trapped energy, then shifting that energy will help us with weight loss.

If you get the root causes of why you fall apart when losing weight, and are able to work through those feelings, you will feel yourself shifting and have renewed energy to do what you feel you need to do to bring yourself into balance.

At this point in my life, I’m still looking at these things. Sometimes it may take a while to fully understand what is going on, but for now, I am sharing what I have.

Energy pathways and releasing past traumas goes a long way to a higher quality of life.

No doubt there is more to this, and I’ve only scratched the surface… it’s a start though.

3 thoughts on “Is how I see myself how I eventually will look?

  1. Gary, what you say here is so true. I have exactly the same problem but from a different angle. I have been very active my whole life, I have a very fine bonestructure. People told me I’m good looking although I don’t see it in the mirror. It seems like I can see the beauty in every other person no matter how fat or thin or tall or short they are, but not in myself. I look at people and I see their beautifull eyes or hair and will tell them that, I just can’t see any ugly in people. I have a problem with people that don’t want to befriend me. When they in my company they will always make remarks like they not thin because of this or that or they don’t wear make up because of this or that. It feels like they compare themselves to me the whole time. I don’t think they realise how heartsore and heart breaking that is. They end up with this live happily ever after lives and I’m alone. A few men told me that they don’t want to ask me out because they feel I won’t be interested in them because they not good looking enough. I don’t want to go out bacause whenI do I always get woman that are ugly to me and their partners is to afraid to talk to me because if they do they in trouble. All i want in life is people to love me for my soul, why must they judge me on my vehicle (that is what I call my body) They are so blinded by the outer that they don’t give themselves the chance to learn to know the inner. All I know is this world is very confusing and it breaks my heart that people are so judgemental. I don’t attend work functions after I was ignored a few times at work functions and ended up alone on the table. My bosses wife stopped me oneday and she said to me that the reason the woman at work will never accept me in their friendship circle is because they envy me and they scared their partners wants to get into my pants. It was at a work chrsitmas function she told me this. I walked out and went home and cried for the whole weekend. Now the bosses think I don’t want to be part of the “Team” because I don’t want to go to these functions that became a nightmare to me. I think what they never realised is that everytime I walk into the office I can feel the hatred and jealiousy towards me. I gave up to try and be accepted. I reached a point where I go to work and go home. I try an block myself just to get through the day. I stopped going to the gym for 5 years I picked up 19kilograms and still I am not acceptable to them. This is a cruel world, I don’t go to parties or I don’t go to anything I’m invited to because it became just to much to walk into a room and you can feel everybodys emotions. Woman ignore you and immediately start gossiping behind your back and men are too scared to look at you, the worst of all is that I pick up each ones thoughts and I know what each one think. I think it might have been easier for me if I wasn’t an empath. I don’t think any of those woman realise when they go home with their partners that they so much luckier and happier than me, they don’t think about the fact that I go home to an empty house and nobody to talk to about the painfull experience it was……I accepted the fact being alone is the path I have to walk..


    1. Lenie, I am sorry for what you have experienced. I hope my words help you. Being who you are, in all aspects, is a special gift bestowed upon you by the Most High. The “gift” of you is meant to be shared with the World and not hidden from view.
      It took me a long time to understand the delicate inner balance that I constantly need to maintain being an Empath. On one hand, I understand my ability to emotionally heal people but on the other, I also understand that it can drain me if I fail to implement proper limits and self care.
      What you’re experiencing is the “balance” associated with your gift. Accept and embrace this fully. Your tremendous capacity for empathy and compassion leaves you open to being more emotionally and physically sensitive to negative emotions. That is the “other side” of your Empathic gift. Embrace the fact that the World can be a cruel place but that is why we as Empaths are so needed. Imagine how much better we make the World with proper utilization of our gifts.
      Ask yourself this question. What life lesson is the universe attempting to teach me that I am missing out on through isolation and avoidance?
      I wish you the best.


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