What creates an empath?

A lot of people are empaths, but what makes them one?

Here are some thoughts about that.


Some people are born very sensitive to those feelings around them. Others become empaths out of necessity. 

For instance, a child that has a very traumatic childhood will develop the ability to sense others emotions so they can try and avoid dangerous situations.

This could be from the horrors of sexual abuse, or maybe physical abuse. Perhaps you might have a had a victim type parent who would constantly turn to you to unload their problems on.

Perhaps the empath grew up in a dangerous neighbourhood and had to develop a sixth sense in order to avoid trouble.

If the empath has been borne from such situations, then healing tends to be required as such people will find their life an unending living hell.

There are certainly ways to heal these things. I’ve found that the most gentle and effective way is by using Bach Flower Remedies.

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