Spirit Guides – Part 5 – Some guides just have no sense of humour…

Discovering the Dakini – Part 3

Guides are certainly not easy to proof that they exist, though I think I’ve had more than my fair share of proof over the years.

For instance, in regards to the Dakini, I remember when I was 12 or 13, I would see these beings flash into existence around me and dance.  It was always to the song Fantasy by Earth Wind and Fire.

From what I have found on the net, the beings do dance and when I’ve mentioned them  to other psychic friends, they say they seem them dancing around them, too.

I also noticed that the message ‘You still have no idea who we really are’ had finally stopped after all those years, which is what happens when I finally understand a message.

It’s clear to me that throughout my life, the Dakini have guided, protected and worked extremely hard to ensure I was on this path. The scope of their work is just mind boggling when I look at it with 20/20 sight.

They don’t seem to have much of a sense of humour about me being attacked and I’ve seen people come to grief who have attacked me without provocation. Many are the times when they’ve told me that if someone does not stop attacking me behind my back, they will take care of it and every time they have been right about who has been attacking me.

For instance, there was one time at my job where this work colleague was relentlessly attacking me behind my back (even though he had nothing to do with my job and I had no reason to suspect him.)  Let’s call him John. The Dakini said to me on several occasions that  John was attacking me, and that if he didn’t stop doing it, they would do something about it.

As time wore on, I started to hear from others that this was in fact happening, though John’s demeanour would suggest that butter wouldn’t melt in this mouth.

Then one day, while I was working back, he suddenly fell over, face first, for no apparent reason.  I had a nasty niggle that there was more to this than met the eye, but as he suffered from a muscular disorder, I thought it was something that was more likely to happen than not.

Then a while later, the Dakini suddenly asked me one night, as I was getting ready to sleep, if I wanted to send healing to John. I said, of course, and focused on sending light and healing, knowing that it would only help him when he was ready.

The next day he failed to turn up to work, and the day after that. Eventually, I was told that he had fallen forwards, and in an effort to brace his fall, fell on his hand, breaking it.

I asked the Dakini if they had anything to with this incident, and while they remained somewhat cagey, they did point out that I could absolved myself of any negative attacks on him as I had been sending healing the night before.

It is certainly worth noting that when he did return to work, he told me that he no longer was getting involved in office politics and keeping out of everything, and the attacks from him stoped. He also departed the office about six months later, and my work life was much more pleasant because of it as he was no longer turn my own staff against me.

This certainly was not the only incident of its kind, but it is one that stood out to me at the time.

Also, many messages that they have relentlessly give sent to me over the years started to make sense

Many of the messages I had over the years finally started to make sense. The trouble was, they were short and cryptic, and only made sense once I knew the context. But they were extremely accurate.

I have been told by others that they were to help awaken and guide me. (Which they have done a mind boggling job of doing.)

The Dakini have also, quite a few times, told me that they are loyal to me. They explained to me that before I reincarnated, I made an agreement with them that I would give them part of my energy in exchange for their help, guidance and protection. They thought this was a good agreement as this allowed them to more power to do things.

They also said I do not carry their energies as it would not have served my purpose here.

I’ve also, occasionally, sent them to help others, during times when I was tired and not up for doing the work needed to help others or clear attacks on them. I was constantly amazed that these people told me how they were contacted by the Dakini and verified my own experiences. I guess I shouldn’t be so amazed, really, not after all I’ve gone through and experienced, but there is always a small part of you that wonders just how much of it is really true.

There was also one time in 1996, when I asked them to prove to me that they were real. At the time, I just knew they claimed they were guides, but I wanted something to show me that it wasn’t in my mind. They told me I would have something in the next few minutes.

At the time, I was checking my car which was parked in a four hour zone for chalk marks, to see if it had been marked or not. As I approached it, this man, who I had never before said, if you’re looking for the chalk mark, it’s on that tyre. And so it was. I thanked him and he went on his way.

Was it coincidence, or someone just who was helpful? Something like that had not happened before, nor had it happened since, and I was told I would have proof.

My feeling was it was clearly that: Proof.

If anyone has had any similar experiences, I would love to hear about it.

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22 responses to “Spirit Guides – Part 5 – Some guides just have no sense of humour…”

  1. soul . to . earth Avatar
    soul . to . earth

    You said……”I do not carry their energies as it would not have served my purpose here” but “made an agreement with them that I would give them part of my energy in exchange for their help, guidance and protection.” – could you please clarify? What does it mean to carry their energy in daily life? The Dakini tickled my memory, as if I’ve either read about them before or know them from somewhere or my vivid imagination kicked in thanks to your writing style. Your articles give so many a-ha moments & create an inner dialogue. Lovely and so original. 😀


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      It’s possible you have read this before as I have written about it before, though I rewrote this entire entry for this blog.

      It’s a good question and for those who know me, they know I resonate with a particular energy.

      Such energies can be passed onto others (but they can never be just taken.. it doesn’t work that way.)

      As my mission here was of great importance, I needed to ensure nothing would go wrong, and part of that safeguard was passing on that energy which I resonate with.

      I am not sure that helps clarify anything, though.

      Thanks for your comments 🙂


      1.  Avatar

        Gary, it does clarify, thanks. The Dakini feel like part of the Dark Mother archetype. The term ‘Dark’ is misleading and also, misunderstood. Yin & Yang are equal, different but don’t need to opposing forces..


        1. Anahata Avatar

          I was feeling the same thing about the Dakini..


  2. spiceflair.com Avatar

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    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Well, thank you. I hate using other people’s works so I make sure it’s all my own. Thanks again. 🙂


  3. Psychic Pharmacy Tech Avatar

    Maybe it’s who you used to be. I have always had this sense of entitlement, since childhood, like I was some wealthy princess or something. This has always caused me great confusion because I was definitely put on the humble train this life time around. Even as I was surrounded by people who also spent nights by candlelight because we lived paycheck to paycheck, I still didn’t categorize myself with them. But I tell you, I looked down on some folks and really imagined that I was better and destined for greater things. As I got into my teens, this feeling had diminished quite a bit but it still comes around from time to time. It almost feels like I do it without meaning to or wanting to. I have had a few thoughts today about the possibility of my picking up these psychically or maybe from previous or linear lifetime of mine. Maybe I pick these thoughts up from someone near me at that moment. It is a great mystery still, but you have been all of those things before. You have surely been a grandmother, business tycoon, bank robber. You may have been murdered in cold blood or you may have murdered someone. I suppose the possibilities are endless and all necessary for this type of physical Earth experience. I did not completely understand this possibility until I would feel compassion for a man who would commit a horrible crime, if I only put myself in his shoes for a moment. And I, of course, can feel compassion for someone who is being wronged in some way.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Great thoughts there. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Psychic Pharmacy Tech Avatar

    I have always felt like there were beings watching after me when I was young. I remember just knowing that I would be ok. I remember being like 9 and thinking, “We have always been ok, and we know that no danger will come to us.” It was weird. I do not have any cool Dakini to smite my enemies that I know of. I wonder if I have made any deals with any beings before this present incarnation? I do not want to wish harm upon anyone, unless such harm is needed for their own growth as they asked for it. I have noticed that people seem to suffer from karma biting them in the ass sometimes after I have been slighted. I do not wish for these things, only for them to be happy in life and not messing with me.

    I have known of the idea of spirit guides for some years, and about a year ago I spoke out to my guides and I asked them to put the resources I needed in front of me. I said that I did not know how to find such spiritual/psychic assistance. I had been having this onslaught of psychic and medium and clairvoyant and precognitive experiences that would not be put on the back burner any longer. I needed help and asked for it. I said, “You’re gonna have to put it in my face; I am too scatterbrained right now to decipher any codes or anything.” The only difference between that moment, when I was in my car, talking to myself, was that I wasn’t only having this banter in my mind. I have always had this other being or beings that I have conversed with, in my mind. I hadn’t ventured to speak out to them nor had I actually ASKED for something with this much feeling and desperation. In hindsight, they had probably been waiting in the sidelines for me to seek this – my true path to spiritual enlightenment. The next day I had my psychic mentor, brought to me by one of my spirit guides, out of thin air. Amazing.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Gosh yes, it is amazing, and it is said our guides and angels are just waiting for us to ask for help.

      On the matter of my guides taking care of those who attack me, I have to say I don’t like it. I have never felt comfortable with attacking myself, and I will always try to find the most non-violent / peaceful solution I can.

      I’m told this attitude makes the attacks bounce off me, and allows my guides to deal with them as a form of natural consequences.

      I’m still ambivalent about it, though.


      1. Psychic Pharmacy Tech Avatar

        I know how you feel, and I feel the same way. So you are sending out the positive instead of the negative. But some people, me included on a regular basis, need to get that push in the right direction. If I had a star appear for every time I put my foot in my mouth, I’d have a universe. Sometimes before we even know it, we are that a-hole that used to work in your office. Maybe you wouldn’t do exactly like he did, but
        I have been but a pawn for many people’s lessons to be learned. I never get excited when an enemy is smited; I think just get a thumbs up from that peron’s guides for the possibility that they may see the possibilities out there. Yes, as you said, natural consequences.


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          I know this sounds new-agey and idealistic and all, but I’d rather see those who attack healed rather than get theirs.


          1. Psychic Pharmacy Tech Avatar

            I know, but sometimes that is what it takes. I don’t mean horrible things, but I have never had a good life lesson learned that was a walk in the park. There is usually hurt and pain and crying and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. I don’t like those things, but I like the end destination. I don’t want to sound like I condone attacks or negativity; I felt wrong saying half of this stuff, but I know what it has taken for me to make big changes in the past. If I hadn’t been on the receiving end of these things, I may not have truly known what it felt like for those I had wronged. Hope that makes sense!


          2. Gary Leigh Avatar

            Yes, it does. And it’s not right or wrong. If it takes you to your end goal, then it is what it is.

            As for me, I found out that attacking was not only counter-productive, but would have eventually destroyed me and my sanity. I didn’t have a lot of options as it went 🙂


          3. Psychic Pharmacy Tech Avatar

            I agree. Funny how sensitive I have become to these things now. If it isn’t love and good, I feel it. There is almost a moment where time freezes and gives me a chance to think things through before I run headlong into something that will hurt me or others. I almost get “instant karma” now when I go against what I know is right. This happens a lot in the pharmacy when I judge someone based on their situation or their laundry list of controlled drugs. I have to be careful not to look down on someone with a disability or scabies. or some gross rash because I swear I will bring it on myself. I have done this several times with several ailments. It certainly helps me to look at people differently and to be more tolerant and more understanding.


          4. Gary Leigh Avatar

            It’s funny how we do that. I have caught myself doing exactly the same thing, and having the same experiences and thoughts about it. And the odd thing is, it’s not who I am. So where do these thoughts come from?


        2. Anahata Avatar

          What a beautiful response. I agree with your thought here.


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  6. Koreling Avatar

    I’ve never heard voices speak to me except through other people’s mouthes.


  7. Koreling Avatar

    I think I use to believe in guardian angels as a child but in my adult life didn’t ever think about guides. When I was really anxious I use to try keep it together and stay present. Then the people I was talking to (real people) seemed to have overlays of other huge beings from some really dark realm. The peoples voices would deepen and they would answer an internal question I had at the same time as answering the mundane question. It was a parallel experience. They were scary but seemed to be on my side. I didn’t understand what world I was supposed to operate in and kept on becoming anxious and deeply confused. The experiences I’ve had even though they’re different seem more real because they’re almost internal and so immediate.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      That’s certainly one way of communicating. I know that I could find that little freaky to have that happen to me, but it also means that you’re being looked out for, and you are not alone.


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