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Spirit Guides – Part 6 – Many guides: Handle them – (A reference only World of Warcraft players will get!)

The following blog  is a 8 part series on Spirit Guides, my experiences, and what you might do in order to contact your own. 


Having written all that, it’s worth noting that the Dakini don’t appear to be my only guides. I do appear to have one main one, and he feels very different to them.

The energy of the Dakini is quite different to that of my main guide. It’s hard to explain the subtleties of how energies feel and even arguing with them is a different experience.

I’ve not won an argument with a Dakini.  They mostly seem to be one step ahead of me, and are amazing planners, able to plan many years in advance for major goals, and avoiding all the pitfalls along the way.

I have met an incarnated Dakini, (that is, one that is in human form and is aware of who she is).  I found she has the same traits. Extreme intelligence, amazing planning, and very hard to argue against and win. (Even when I know I’m right.) She also has knowledge about my agreement with them which I did not share, so that’s certainly validation there.

My other guide is chattier. When the Dakini talk, they do so in very short phrases or sentences. ,They don’t say a lot, but tend to repeat the same messages over and over again until I understand the meaning… and that can take a long time!

My other guide tends to be easier to talk with. In fact, it’s hard to shut him up at times. Once again, guides like this are hard to verify, except from time to time, I get information which I can check up on, and find that it’s correct. Sometimes it’s information I’m looking for. Otherwise, it’s a warning about something that is happening that I’m able to validate later.

This particular guide appears to also channel though other people, and some I’ve met claim they have also spoken to him.

One of the ways I like to communicate with him is by writing down the words I get. I guess you could call it a channel.

It does have its limits, though. I find that I can only write so long, before this fatigue sets in and I become mentally, and psychically exhausted.  Forcing the issue just produces information that isn’t as accurate.

Some subjects are easier to write about than others, and some just are completely blocked. Timing appears to be very important here.

Writing a channelling is also very useful when I’m trying to do an article, but can’t find the words. The result is always superior. I’ve not yet included any such works in this blog to date, but I am considering it.

The majority of my written work is information I’ve gained from my main guide.

There also is another type of guide, which is somewhat controversial.   That you are your own guide. The you, from a future point of time, has come back, and is now guiding the you of now.

I certainly feel that’s true for me. I know that sounds bizarre, but it feels as though there’s a part of me which is way more aware of what I’m doing, and is able to transcend time and space to give me advice and guidance.

Luckily, I’ve read of other such cases where people are able to return be their own guides, so it might sound improbable, but it’s still being experienced by others.

If you consider that time is an illusion, and not sequential, then it’s possible to return to a point in a timeline where you can help yourself. Does this create a paradox? Not if you consider that it’s all happening ‘now’, so all that is, what, and ever will be is happening all at the same time.

Yeah, it’s complex.

I’ve love to hear about people’s own experiences with their guides.


Spirit Guides – Part 5 – Some guides just have no sense of humour…

Discovering the Dakini – Part 3

Guides are certainly not easy to proof that they exist, though I think I’ve had more than my fair share of proof over the years.

For instance, in regards to the Dakini, I remember when I was 12 or 13, I would see these beings flash into existence around me and dance.  It was always to the song Fantasy by Earth Wind and Fire.

From what I have found on the net, the beings do dance and when I’ve mentioned them  to other psychic friends, they say they seem them dancing around them, too.

I also noticed that the message ‘You still have no idea who we really are’ had finally stopped after all those years, which is what happens when I finally understand a message.

It’s clear to me that throughout my life, the Dakini have guided, protected and worked extremely hard to ensure I was on this path. The scope of their work is just mind boggling when I look at it with 20/20 sight.

They don’t seem to have much of a sense of humour about me being attacked and I’ve seen people come to grief who have attacked me without provocation. Many are the times when they’ve told me that if someone does not stop attacking me behind my back, they will take care of it and every time they have been right about who has been attacking me.

For instance, there was one time at my job where this work colleague was relentlessly attacking me behind my back (even though he had nothing to do with my job and I had no reason to suspect him.)  Let’s call him John. The Dakini said to me on several occasions that  John was attacking me, and that if he didn’t stop doing it, they would do something about it.

As time wore on, I started to hear from others that this was in fact happening, though John’s demeanour would suggest that butter wouldn’t melt in this mouth.

Then one day, while I was working back, he suddenly fell over, face first, for no apparent reason.  I had a nasty niggle that there was more to this than met the eye, but as he suffered from a muscular disorder, I thought it was something that was more likely to happen than not.

Then a while later, the Dakini suddenly asked me one night, as I was getting ready to sleep, if I wanted to send healing to John. I said, of course, and focused on sending light and healing, knowing that it would only help him when he was ready.

The next day he failed to turn up to work, and the day after that. Eventually, I was told that he had fallen forwards, and in an effort to brace his fall, fell on his hand, breaking it.

I asked the Dakini if they had anything to with this incident, and while they remained somewhat cagey, they did point out that I could absolved myself of any negative attacks on him as I had been sending healing the night before.

It is certainly worth noting that when he did return to work, he told me that he no longer was getting involved in office politics and keeping out of everything, and the attacks from him stoped. He also departed the office about six months later, and my work life was much more pleasant because of it as he was no longer turn my own staff against me.

This certainly was not the only incident of its kind, but it is one that stood out to me at the time.

Also, many messages that they have relentlessly give sent to me over the years started to make sense

Many of the messages I had over the years finally started to make sense. The trouble was, they were short and cryptic, and only made sense once I knew the context. But they were extremely accurate.

I have been told by others that they were to help awaken and guide me. (Which they have done a mind boggling job of doing.)

The Dakini have also, quite a few times, told me that they are loyal to me. They explained to me that before I reincarnated, I made an agreement with them that I would give them part of my energy in exchange for their help, guidance and protection. They thought this was a good agreement as this allowed them to more power to do things.

They also said I do not carry their energies as it would not have served my purpose here.

I’ve also, occasionally, sent them to help others, during times when I was tired and not up for doing the work needed to help others or clear attacks on them. I was constantly amazed that these people told me how they were contacted by the Dakini and verified my own experiences. I guess I shouldn’t be so amazed, really, not after all I’ve gone through and experienced, but there is always a small part of you that wonders just how much of it is really true.

There was also one time in 1996, when I asked them to prove to me that they were real. At the time, I just knew they claimed they were guides, but I wanted something to show me that it wasn’t in my mind. They told me I would have something in the next few minutes.

At the time, I was checking my car which was parked in a four hour zone for chalk marks, to see if it had been marked or not. As I approached it, this man, who I had never before said, if you’re looking for the chalk mark, it’s on that tyre. And so it was. I thanked him and he went on his way.

Was it coincidence, or someone just who was helpful? Something like that had not happened before, nor had it happened since, and I was told I would have proof.

My feeling was it was clearly that: Proof.

If anyone has had any similar experiences, I would love to hear about it.

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Spirit Guides – Part 4 – I hope Marvel doesn’t sue me. :)

The following blog  is a 8 part series on Spirit Guides, my experiences, and what you might do in order to contact your own. 


Discovering the Dakini – Part 2

Mind travelling is a kind of astral travel. You can’t class it as an out of body experience, though. It’s where you are fully conscious but your mind is viewing things elsewhere. Many people do it, and dismiss it as day dreams, though experience has taught me that it may be anything but.

As mentioned in the last entry, I felt a very strong compulsion to be somewhere, so I followed it.

I found myself in what you might term an astral level. For some reason, I wasn’t happy, and I began to shake these astral corridors and filled them with light. Those corridors are like sub areas in the planes where entities can hide from view but are still able to observe. Somehow, I was able to shake them out and into view and I recall many entities running for cover.

I then felt myself darting about the place at an extremely fast pace, as though I was avoiding something. Suddenly I came across the giant lizard again. However, something about it looked odd. It was just standing there. It did not react to my presence in any way. It was as though it was waiting for something.

Next to it was this machine which was producing small dark bubbles. I had come across these machines before in my mind journeys, and I felt that the purpose was to produce certain types of energy, maybe for attacks or to corrupt auras.

I then heard a voice instructing me to destroy the machine. As I felt that whatever it was, it wasn’t a good thing to have around I decided to do just that.

Then the same voice urged me to destroy the lizard. However, I didn’t make a move. Destroying anything sentient was against who I was. Even though people had, in the past,  urged me to destroy evil or dark beings, I found I just couldn’t do it.

It was then that I noticed the lizard didn’t seem real. I took a closer look and found it wasn’t. It was clearly a decoy.  Then the real one appeared behind me.

In retrospect, I figured there were two scenarios here. If I had attacked the decoy I would  have been ambushed. I also would have left myself wide open to the lizard’s energies as engaging in battle would have attuned me to those energies, leaving me vulnerable. (This is certainly the subject of another topic.)

The other was that it saw I wasn’t going to attack, so it felt it was safe to attack me as I probably wouldn’t defend myself or maybe I might not even be able to do so.

Either way, before it had a chance to do anything, I suddenly was surrounded by these tall beings. I looked at their faces and found they were hard to describe: Intense, severe, warrior like.  The right words don’t really come to me to explain it.

The word ‘Dakini’ flashed in my mind, and I watched as they surrounded the lizard, quickly neutralized it and then carried it away.

If I expected them to introduce themselves or make themselves known to me, I would have been disappointed. They acted as though meeting me was an everyday occurrence that was nothing special. I felt like I was just someone who they were very used to and hardly worth the acknowledgement. I found that very odd and interesting. The most I got was a glance and nod, like walking past a work colleague you see a dozen times a day and that was it.

The guiding voice in my mind told me later that they had been waiting for me to draw the lizard out so it could be taken away.

As a side note, curiously enough, I never heard again from the lady I had been chatting to after this event I don’t know if there was any connection between the two things, but it always felt like there was.

Over the next two or so days, I mulled over this incident, I felt there was to be more to this than met the eye.  I felt I was missing something here.

I also discussed it with my online friend, who said that she had had the Dakini turn up for her the week before.

Since I discovered that I could trace energies, I also had discovered that, I was able to trace them retrospectively, and thus identify many beings and the essence of people I had come across in my life, even if it was many years ago.

It took me a day or so, but it dawned on me that the guides who had been talking to me all my life, guiding me, protecting me, telling me who I was, and giving me so many other messages, had the same energy of the Dakini.

This was quite a mind blowing revelation to me. While this seemed to be one of those things where I wasn’t sure if it was suggestion on the part of people and the book or if it was real, it certainly felt right.

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Spirit Guides – Part 3 – Dakini: Even I had trouble with accepting this one.

The following blog  is a 8 part series on Spirit Guides, my experiences, and what you might do in order to contact your own. 


Still with me? Many of my experiences are bizarre, and this one is no exception.


Discovering the Dakini – Part 1

As I mentioned, it took me a very long time before I accepted I even had guides, but it took even longer before I worked out who some of them were.

My guides give me the same messages over and over, sometimes for years and years and they don’t stop until I finally understand the meaning behind them. Trust me when I say, it’s a very tedious process.

For the longest time, I would get the messages:  Do you know who we are? and You still don’t know who we are. over and over in my thoughts for many years until I finally discovered the answer.

It started off, curiously enough, in 1999 with the third book in the Celestine Prophecy – The Secret of Shambhala by James Redfield.

The book landed on my desk the day it came out. My mother had gotten a call from the bookshop that I had ordered it and bought it for me.

This novel, arguably James Redfield’s best book so far, was about the search for the 11th insight and the tale of the search of the mythical Shambhala and the Dakini angels that inhabited the area.  While it was an interesting book, there wasn’t all that much that commanded my attention, though I found all the concepts to be intriguing.

After that, I found a chat room on the web site, got involved with the community there, and made countless connections until the room shut down.

About 2006, I was chatting and discussing the books with a friend I had met in the chat room, when she mentioned that James was mad to be messing with the Dakini as they were known, to her knowledge, to be beings you just didn’t mess around with.

As my knowledge about them was zero,  I couldn’t make any comments, though I had to admit that her observations felt right.

I instinctively felt that they weren’t being I would want to tangle with personally.

Thanks for some major events a couple of years before, I had awakened some, and became aware that I was able to trace energies with relative ease.

I can’t really explain how it’s done. The best that I can explain is that once I know what a certain type of energy feels like, I can locate a match for it with my mind. This helps me to identify who certain people are in my life and my past life connections.

I decided to reach out and feel if there were any Dakini present. I wasn’t expecting to feel any, but I got the distinct impression that there were. How I knew what to look for, I also can’t explain. Somehow I just knew.

The impression I got was they hidden and watching me. I also got a strong feeling that I shouldn’t probe any further, so I let it go.

Over the next few months, I would check every so often, and they were always there, though I still felt that I shouldn’t probe.

At the time, I was talking to another lady who I was trying to help recover from psychic attacks, though she seemed fatalistically resigned to leaving this world. She was quite an intelligent and nice person, but claimed that people would always stop talking to her for no reason.

From my own experience, it was more the other way around. She would stop talking to them or leave the online group she was in.

In an attempt to find out if she was under attack, I  used my mind to travel in the astral levels to see if she was being attack and what the source might be. What I found was this large armoured lizard that was standing upright. I didn’t hang around, though once I had seen it. I just left.

As I tend to hate clichés seeing a lizard was not something I wanted to see. I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, and certainly those that abound about shape changing lizards just annoy me greatly. So seeing this vision was something I decided to ignore.

Then one night, around three months after my discussion with my friend on the Dakini, I found myself travelling in my mind through the astral. I tend to do this a lot. It was something that came naturally to me for as long as I can remember. It’s fair to say it’s much less frequent nowadays, though sometimes I will get a strong pull to do so.

That night, I was about to go to sleep when I felt the strong compulsion to do it.

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