Empath series: My empathy goes to the dogs.

In January 2013, I had, what was to me, a rather intense experience.

My partner asked me if I wanted to go out to the movies with her. It was a midday session, and within walking distance.

I thought about it, and felt this overwhelming sense of anxiety. I couldn’t identify the cause, though.

It was odd. The anxiety felt strong regardless of if I went with her or if she went alone (which she was going to do), however I felt no sense of danger to her, and nor did she.

The evening felt better, but still not 100%.

I decided to take some Bach Flower Remedies. Aspen (for anxiety) and Cerato (for clarifying intuition) and a minute later, I realized I was picked up the anxiety from her dog.

He’s a Doberman Pincher, and was nearly 14 years old (I use Swedish Bitters to increase his longevity and prevent Hips Dysplasia) but he is generally highly strung as it is.

What I was sensing was the anxiety he was going to feel when my partner was away. I explained this to her, and we both gave him some quality time for around an hour. The anxiety dissipated after that.

If you are having an anxiety attack, and you can’t find the source, remember to check any pets to see if they are the ones that are sending.


8 responses to “Empath series: My empathy goes to the dogs.”

  1. Melina Koufalis Avatar
    Melina Koufalis

    I get anxiety my my brother’s kids dog leaves after a visit. she and I have recently bonded. I get sad because the food and walks are better with me. I walk her and take her to the park a lot since my brother’s family is self centred. I totally adore the pet. She likes me more. I feel very sad when she is with them because it is upsetting for her…is that the energy i pick up?
    I am an empath I think so it must be affecting me.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I think that sounds likely. We are way more sensitive than we know.


  2. Caroline Avatar

    I am terrified of flying so much so that I overdosed on valium j last year and collapsed on the plane. I have noticed that I am not helped at all by our two cats who, when we go away, get anxious and actually lie in the suitcases as we pack. They pace across the room and are very unsettled. This definitely adds to my anxiety and it Is always tempting to stay behind and not cause them this upset. They are always fine as we don’t put them in kennels and its just me looking for an excuse not to fly!


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Understand that! 🙂

      For your fear of flying, you would find that the Bach Flower Remedies Mimulus (fear of known things) and Rock Rose (terror and panic) would really help.


      1. Caroline Avatar

        Thanks for your advice and I will definitely try it 🙂


  3. infinitemoon Avatar

    I think this is a good thing i always felt our family dog named charlie he’s an English masstive and they are quite large he follows me round the house when i go visit. Sometimes even dogs get attachment issues to their owners but i guess that’s part of their anxiety too as you said. Iv always loved animals since i was young and i know somewhere i can feel them its like we communicate through feelings and talk with each other especially with dogs and sometimes cats too. It happens generally if i have a good connection with that animal and if i have known them a long while.


  4. RovingAgoraphobic Avatar

    That’s very interesting. My companion animal (dog) passed on a year and a half ago. She had terrible anxiety when we had to leave her alone. I always tried to bring her everywhere but sometimes it just wasn’t possible. I’m starting to think back now and I wonder if I might have been picking up on that as well.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      That’s quite possible. It wasn’t a source I considered likely until recently, myself.


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