Empath Series: What is a Soul Call (part 3) or I know I come across as a mad person, but….

One of the things with Soul Calls is that you may feel very awkward or embarrassed passing the message on. The Fear of looking foolish or deluded tends to stop us from doing so.

For instance, I deal with people who are sometimes under, what you could term, Psychic Attacks. This is a topic for another blog, but in short, it’s an attack from another person, or something in the astral that is dong on a mental level.

I know they are real. I’ve spent my entire life learning about, and dealing with them, but try telling someone, who you don’t know, that they are under psychic attack.

Not only does it sound crazy, but you would feel that the chances are that they will question your sanity and credibility.

And yet, that’s exactly what I’ve had to do from time to time. As I know better nowadays to ignore such calls, I just pass on the message, and explain what I’m getting. I’ve yet to have someone tell me that I’m crazy. In fact, I get the opposite. They say: that makes sense and explains a lot.

Fortunately, not everything sounds as crazy, but even telling someone they are possibly an Empath can be a challenge.

I have noted that as it’s the message they need to hear, the chances of them actually dismissing you as a nutter are very small. At least in my experience and I’ve had 100s of such calls.

Generally, I find that people shift in and out of your life as needed. I cannot recall the amount of people I’ve been called on to help, and who have moved on just as quickly. From time to time, I might hear from them, and be told that I’ve made a difference. That’s always heartening to know.

I’ve also sent out Soul Calls, too. The thing that amazes me is how quickly they can be answered. I’ve seen it as fast as the next day when I’ve asked for answers to a question I needed to know.

Every so often, I’ll put out a call for my soul family to come and find me, and sure enough, they will do so. I’ve even had people tell me that they felt a compulsion to contact me, even though they weren’t sure if I would even read their e-mails.

Anyone reading this particular entry is not doing it by chance. It is because it contains information that you will need at some point.

Nothing is random.

Right now, my main pull it is to put out as much information as I can, on this blog, about Empaths, Depression, Healing, and many other subjects. I don’t know how many will read it. I guess that doesn’t matter. I know that those who need to find it will.

Next: What do you get out of a soul call?

21 thoughts on “Empath Series: What is a Soul Call (part 3) or I know I come across as a mad person, but….

  1. I was on a tram, looked out the window and saw the ticket inspectors get ready to board. I felt a really strong urge to tell a boy sitting behind me across the aisle that the inspectors were coming. I couldn’t understand why and didn’t. After all, I had no idea who he was. The doors closed, the tram started rolling and a few minutes later the boy got fined for not having a ticket. For years I wondered how I knew? And beat myself up over not having said anything to him.


    1. Well, I hope you didn’t beat yourself up too bad. After all, people make choices to take the risk for not paying for something they agreed to do by boarding. The important thing here is that you know what a soul call feels like and what to do if you do get it again. 🙂


  2. Hi thanx for all the info on empaths.needed to hear it.im very much interested in your tips on clearing house.my mind is often overloaded and I’m always being sent to people with horrendous pasts and of course lots of dead relatives.hoping to keep reading to gain more insight into some peace and quiet without having to shutdown so frequently


  3. ‘Anyone reading this particular entry is not doing it by chance. It is because it contains information that you will need at some point.

    Nothing is random.’ – Yeah I totally agree, I can’t even begin to remember, or try to explain using words how many coincidences and synchronicity’s I’ve been through.

    On the issue of psychic attack, I’ve been through a lot (haha). Not really attack from any humans, all from lower astral entities and other nasty stuff. They seem to hate it when I read up about information about them or try to talk openly about it on one of my blogs – which led me to deleting my last blog because the attacks were too dark, too relentless and too creepy for me to cope with.

    To make a list of stuff which has happened to me the past years. I’ve had all types of astral entities approach me, watch me, some speaking to me, Some ‘nagging me’ to let them into my aura. Some which felt dark like demons, the worst ones gave off such a level of hate it was about 5 times more hateful than any human emotion I had ever felt…then because I tried to ignore it they possessed my friend (who is also a psychic) and got him to attack me, saying hurtful things with unbelievable hate which made me feel as if I had been slapped hard in the face.
    Then I have definitely felt presence of some higher frequency beings. Some came to watch over me, then they disappeared. Another one which felt the ‘most human’ came to talk to me to hang out a bit, but he said he knew me from a past life, but it was Okay because he was very positive and fun.
    I got sucked into what I would call a ‘spiritual cult’, one time, and when I tried to break free of this I got possessed by a nasty entity which was very powerful – well, enough that praying and trying all kinds of things did not remove it.
    So then I got help from a healer, and she got rid of it for me! So I avoided this type of thing after that.
    It’s one of my taboo subjects now, talking about dark things like this…But here I am mentioning it – I am only saying a brief overview though so it’s okay.
    And yes, most people who I told, thought I was mad. My other friend told me I was the most ‘sane’, insane person he ever met, and that he couldn’t work me out. We agreed I should be careful who I talked to about this in case I got put in a mental hospital.
    Anyway that’s that.


      1. ‘… just that no one ever uses them for some reason’ –

        haha – now it sounds like you’re mocking me! Well send me a few methods and I’ll test them out! I bet most people haven’t heard of the best methods.


        1. No, certainly not mocking, just observation.

          For instance, when someone is trying to repel a dark entity, they will try all kind of things, except send it light, love and compassion. Which, is the key, by the way. 🙂

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          1. Thanks, I’ll take this bit of info seriously. When I first sensed these types of things I wasn’t trying to send it to light…I was blasting it out – which would probably only get it to cling onto someone else! Thanks for the tip.


  4. It’s funny you should say that. You definitely have a very strong psychic pull. I felt it the first time I saw your blog picture. (I don’t often get them toward people, and not usually so strong as to be able to tell that, that was what it was straight away.) But how to you even explain that to someone you’ve never met. I agree it is definitely awkward. I think maybe your high success rate has to do with timing. People often put out the call even if it’s subconscious, at a time when they are ready and capable of processing the answer. Nice post.


    1. I always say that timing is everything and I know my timing.

      Interesting about the pull. Thanks for sharing that.

      Also totally agree about the call being put out when ready.


  5. I just want you to know that I read everything you’ve posted. Being new to everything I just feel it’s better to learn than to speak!


    1. It certainly is true in my experience. Too much contrived events have occurred in my life that would put Hollywood scrips too shame. It’s not possible that it all happened randomly.

      Randomness can only occur if you believe that everything is random. That then becomes your stated reality, and you experience that outcome. However, it’s still a choice. 🙂


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