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What is a Soul Call?

What is a soul call? Find out in this video.


Guest blog: Soul calls by Heather from Intuitive Blessings.

DSCN1066-001I get a lot of questions about soul calls. Very many people seem to get them, however there is still so little information about them, including other people’s experiences.

So, in order to get more information out there, I’ve asked Heather from http://intuitiveblessings.com/ to share one of her stories.

Thank you Heather for taking the time to share this.

My experiences with Soul Calls are that I never purposefully go looking for them, they just find me. I feel a strong attraction to a person and begin to feel things about them to the point of it becoming an obsession!  I feel like I am being guided by a higher power to take action. My human ego self wants to run, but some unexplainable force compels me to stay. I have looked back over letters I have sent to complete strangers and think to myself, “I wrote that?!?!” “That doesn’t even sound like something I would say!” When I read your post on Soul Calls I could totally relate! I have always called them S.O.S calls 

One recent call had a tremendous impact on me due to the validation and appreciation I received in return. I order lunch meat at the local supermarket every week. One day I happened to really look at Mr. Deli Guy and without consciously doing so, I began to “feel…empath…read” (whatever you call it) him and instantly felt his energy. I don’t understand how or why this happens. I don’t understand how or why certain people seem to send out an S.O.S and without fail, I intuitively answer. Before I know it or can stop it, I am instantly attached to a stranger on an intimate level of “knowing” things I shouldn’t know about someone I only order turkey from! Suddenly, this man I have never paid any mind to has fully been brought into my awareness.

I could not get deli guy out of my head. His eyes hid a pain only I could see. I could feel his hurt, his disappointment, his loneliness. Thoughts came into my head like, “He is probably divorced, I think he might use alcohol to numb his pain, I feel like he is genuinely a good person but he can’t see it.”  All of these thoughts and feelings I was experiencing without any exchange of words.  Was I nuts? Was I imagining things? Why do I do this? What the hell is wrong with me?!?! Just like I have done in years past, I dismissed it and tried to get deli guy out of my head!

Weeks pass, and on my visit deli guy who I never have talked to, sees me and suddenly comes out from behind the counter and starts literally vomiting all this info. He explained to me that a few years ago, he had been laid off from a highly regarded aeronautics company. He had been an engineer there.  He then proceeded to explain how he went from being an engineer to a deli guy. I was so taken aback by his disclosure, I don’t even remember what my response was, but I remember how I felt. My heart ached, I knew exactly why he was telling all of this to me – he feared judgment, he had no self confidence, he felt like a failure.

I left without really responding to deli guy because I was so taken aback by the encounter. Losing his job must have taken away a huge part of himself along with it. There was so much I wanted to tell him but that is not something one tells to a complete stranger!!! Well, as hard as I fought NOT telling him those things, that unexplainable pull would not go away. I was completely out of my comfort zone. I don’t do this kind of thing. I don’t even know this man, yet I intimately know so much. It’s maddening.

More weeks passed and then I couldn’t stand it any longer so I ap

proached him… “Deli guy, remember that day when you told me about losing your job? Well, something has really been bothering me and I just felt like I should tell you. I want you to know that you are more than your job. I don’t judge you for where you work and neither should anyone else.” His face softened and he proceeded to tell me how he used to go golfing every week with a group of buddies that don’t talk to him anymore. I acknowledged how incredibly hurtful and hard that must have been. No one should treat him like that and they were not real friends. People should love and respect him for who he is no matter what the job title. He hugged me and thanked me and I was on my way.

The next week when I went to the store, he literally sprang across the counter to greet me. “You will NEVER guess what happened after you talked to me that day… Remember the friends that deserted me after I was laid off? Two days after our conversation, one of my old buddies called me and asked me to go golfing! I hadn’t spoken to him in over 3 years!”  His eyes were filled with tears, “I don’t know who you are or how the planets aligned to make that happened, but you are like some “Cosmic angel” It touched me so deeply I can’t ever thank you enough!” He hugged me three times and kept wiping tears from his eyes. Little did he know, he wasn’t the only one who got a gift that day!

Empath Series: What is a Soul Call (part 5) or does this count as a love spell?

Melbourne's CBD from Docklands at twilight

We’ve discussed how Soul Calls are a call for help to the universe, and how they may be answered, and I thought it would be worth discussing what they are not, and what they can’t be used for.

Someone once asked me if they could be used to draw a person to you, or to make someone fall in love you.

The short answer is, no.

The long answer is, when a Soul Call goes out, you are asking for help to your problem. The one who responds is generally the most qualified person to help.

More often than not, this might be someone you don’t expect, or someone you have not even met yet.

When they come into your life, you may even be resistant to them because you are looking for something else.

However, you wouldn’t contract a plumber to fix your electrical fixtures.  The same holds true for soul calls.

To use them as a tool to try and manipulate others simply does not work, and why would you want to do so in any case? Would you really want to make someone fall in love with you and act in a way that is not in keeping with their own soul?

Having said all that, you can actually call for someone who is right for you if you are after a relationship. It may not be the person you desire (and more often than not, the one you want right now may not be best for you on a long term basis) but they will come.

Also, it’s important to be aware that sometimes you will need to go through, and experience things that will make you ready for this person. This may take more time than you might like or expect, but what you will learn, and gain, will be very important for the longevity of your relationship. Timing is everything.

And even if you are ready, the partner may not appear right away, either.

To illustrate this point, I’ll share one of my own experiences.

My first marriage was a soul call, and while I already foresaw that it would end before it even began, I also knew that in order for me to get to where I am now, I had to follow my feelings and trust that it would work out as it was meant to.

I learned a lot from it, gained a lot, and when the time came, we went our separate ways because we had diverged so much from the paths we started on.

I gave myself a long time to be alone, enjoy my own company, and just do the things I wanted without feeling the pull of others around me.

Six or so years later, I felt I was ready for another relationship and I sent out a call saying that I was ready, come and find me. At the time, I had quite a few potential women who were interested in me, but none of them felt right, so I didn’t encourage anything.

I then felt I needed to create an eHarmony (Online matchmaking service)  account, and I joined for 3 months, but had no draws to anyone. I did meet one or two, and they showed interest, but I knew they were not for me.

Then after six months, I felt a strong pull to reactivate my membership. I waited until there was a special on (which saved me a lot of money) and re-joined.

I knew I was looking for something, but wasn’t sure what. I went through about 400 profiles until I hit one that just drew me.  I went through the contact procedure, and when she answered back, I felt right away that I had found who I was looking for.

Today she is my partner, but the thing I wanted to point out here is that there was a reason it took six months to meet her.

When I sent out the Soul Call, she was in another country.  She was considering what she wanted to do next in her career path when this offer from Australia came up and the offer she really wanted to follow fell through.

So she ended up in Melbourne, Australia. The timing of meeting was just right.

When you send out a Soul Call, it will be answered, and it will be the right answer. You just have to trust the process.

Empath Series: What is a Soul Call (part 3) or I know I come across as a mad person, but….

One of the things with Soul Calls is that you may feel very awkward or embarrassed passing the message on. The Fear of looking foolish or deluded tends to stop us from doing so.

For instance, I deal with people who are sometimes under, what you could term, Psychic Attacks. This is a topic for another blog, but in short, it’s an attack from another person, or something in the astral that is dong on a mental level.

I know they are real. I’ve spent my entire life learning about, and dealing with them, but try telling someone, who you don’t know, that they are under psychic attack.

Not only does it sound crazy, but you would feel that the chances are that they will question your sanity and credibility.

And yet, that’s exactly what I’ve had to do from time to time. As I know better nowadays to ignore such calls, I just pass on the message, and explain what I’m getting. I’ve yet to have someone tell me that I’m crazy. In fact, I get the opposite. They say: that makes sense and explains a lot.

Fortunately, not everything sounds as crazy, but even telling someone they are possibly an Empath can be a challenge.

I have noted that as it’s the message they need to hear, the chances of them actually dismissing you as a nutter are very small. At least in my experience and I’ve had 100s of such calls.

Generally, I find that people shift in and out of your life as needed. I cannot recall the amount of people I’ve been called on to help, and who have moved on just as quickly. From time to time, I might hear from them, and be told that I’ve made a difference. That’s always heartening to know.

I’ve also sent out Soul Calls, too. The thing that amazes me is how quickly they can be answered. I’ve seen it as fast as the next day when I’ve asked for answers to a question I needed to know.

Every so often, I’ll put out a call for my soul family to come and find me, and sure enough, they will do so. I’ve even had people tell me that they felt a compulsion to contact me, even though they weren’t sure if I would even read their e-mails.

Anyone reading this particular entry is not doing it by chance. It is because it contains information that you will need at some point.

Nothing is random.

Right now, my main pull it is to put out as much information as I can, on this blog, about Empaths, Depression, Healing, and many other subjects. I don’t know how many will read it. I guess that doesn’t matter. I know that those who need to find it will.

Next: What do you get out of a soul call?

Empath Series: What is a Soul Call (part 2) or is this going to take long?

Not all Soul Calls need be major events. Some can be, and they can last years, but sometimes it can be as simple as just passing on a message.

Sometimes it can be a little more complex, such as a need to help someone get to a safe place in their life.

Other times, it’s to guide someone to a new level.

But really, it can be anything. It varies in nature, and how well it is answered depends on if the one answering the call understands what is happening.

It might be just a word that needs to be said. A quick explanation of something you happen to know, or it could be a major long term situation.

But how do you know if it is a soul call or just a natural attraction to someone?

That can be tricky, especially if you are an Empath, and you can’t discern your own feelings from those of another.

When I feel a call, it starts off rather innocuously. It can be just urge to read something, or maybe watch something on television that is out of your normal habits. That may lead to gaining certain pieces of information that you might need soon after, when someone else is searching for it.

For instance, one of my first major souls calls occurred because I was seeking to alleviate the of a 20 year old shoulder injury. I passed a natural healing shop, felt I should try it out, and got drawn into something that lasted around nine months.

And it was all because of that shoulder injury.

However, it should be worth noting: Nothing is random.

The challenge is how do you tell someone what they need to hear? How do you do what is needed for those calling? In order for the call to be completed, you need to pass on what you feel the draw or compulsion to do.

After that, nothing more need be done.

The time does vary greatly, and it’s possible to get several calls at once, but they tend to be of a shorter nature.

I seem to get many such calls, and sometimes I’ll browse groups with the feeling I’m looking for something, and I can’t stop until I find it. Once I’ve found it, I will know because I suddenly no longer feel the need to do so.

Right now, my main calls seem to consist of telling people they may be an Empath, or giving them a way out of a deep depression. Of course, whether they choose to listen or not is another matter, but it is still important that I do my part.

Next: Part 3 – Dealing with the fear of answering.

Empath Series: What is a soul call or why am I falling in love with someone I don’t love?

There are many Empaths who are on a path where they have an overwhelming desire to help and heal others. Some choose to put themselves in the service of God (or whatever force they believe in) while others work to help those who ask for it, or need it.

From time to time, they will get what is called a Soul Call.

There isn’t much information about on this subject for some reason.

I’ve known this terms for a long time and understood what it meant, but searching on the web, it seems that there is no information there (apart from what I’ve put there myself) and I find this odd, but then again, when I started with putting Empath information on the web, I was the only one who had done it at that point, and now it’s got many resources. Maybe this subject will go the same way.

So, what is a soul call?

I define it as follows:

A soul call is a cry for help from one soul to another. It is a desire, a prayer, a request to the universe, to God, or whatever you have chosen to believe in, to bring aid and help deliver the caller from their current situation. 

I believe that no prayer goes unanswered. It may not be answered in the way you expect it to be, and you may choose to ignore the answer because you don’t agree with it, (at least at the time) but it does get answered.

One of the ways is the Soul Call.

Someone may be in a very dark place, they see no way out, they have lost all hope, and they cry out for help.

The person who has agreed to be of service, or seeks to help others, or even wishes to grow in spirit, will feel an unmistakable pull towards the caller.

At its strongest, a soul call will feel like the helper is falling in love with the caller. They will feel a strong compulsion to see the person, find out their history, know all they can about them, and take every opportunity to be with them.

If they try to ignore this feeling, it will get stronger until it is almost irresistible.

Misunderstood, a soul call might turn into a romantic relationship, which tends to end once the call is completed. This can become very complicated for both parties, as they don’t understand what is really going on.

Next: Part 2 where we’ll look at the types of calls one might get.