Creating our reality series: My personal belief system or I’ve finally had enough of failing!

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I’ve spoken a lot about changing your reality, but so far, I’ve not really provided any examples.

So let me share with you my own experiences.

I’ve previously spoken about my dark night of the soul period, which was a very hard and traumatic period of time. This occurred back in 1994, and it was the breaking of old belief systems and the embracing of a new one.

And with the embracing of a new belief system, you would think that everything from then on in would go smoothly.

Not the case.

In fact, all that changed was my spiritual belief system.

However, this did not affect my real life  belief system of my physical world.

On that level, nothing actually changed.

Yes, I was trusting my intuition now, and I was following a path that I was meant to be on, but my belief system of how people treated me and the outcomes had not changed.

There was no reason for it to as all I had done was experience the cycle of rejection time and time again, and deep down, I was convinced that nothing would change.

And so it didn’t. In fact, it was only a few months later, in 1995, where things fell apart, yet again, (and as usual over a lady I was attracted to!) that I had decided I had had enough.

Intuition and synchronicity had led me to the information what I needed to change my 3D belief system, and I was now more than ready to try it.

What follows is taking directly from my diaries from February 1995, and it is very personal, but I publish it in the hope that it may help others who are where I was at.

What’s really been impressed upon me over the last few years and especially over the last few days is that we each make our own reality. We each, by the powers of our mind, shape and form what we believe is going to happen.

What is my reality? Because until I know what I really perceive, I shall keep on going through the same things over and over again. What is my reality?

My belief system.

  • I believe that life is full of strive.
  • I believe that people will always let you down
  • I believe that I will fail in the short term, though ultimately I shall succeed.
  • I believe that when things are going well, misery comes from nowhere to shatter the calm.
  • I believe that life is really a bitch and you just can’t fight it.
  • I believe that I can’t change my reality.
  • I believe that no matter what I try, I shall always fail with women.

What a negative belief system. How horrible and unrealistic. I wrote all that without even thinking about it.

Let’s see what positives I can come up with.

  • I believe that I truly have the power to change things. (But I can’t access the power to do so.)
  • I believe that this may be my last incarnation on earth. (But I could be wrong.)
  • I believe that I’ll never have any money problems.
  • I believe that I can fix up any problem in my body.
  • I believe that I can make a difference.
  • I believe that everything has its purpose and timing.

Now, here’s the catch. This last belief is what really holds me back. Subconsciously, if I fail, I simply use the reasoning that it wasn’t meant to be. Now, perhaps this is the illusion. The only thing that wasn’t meant to be was the fact that I didn’t perceive what could be. (I think this is getting complicated.)

In short; my reality stinks. It is negative and almost self-destructive. This is truly a world of illusion. I make the realities and it’s about time I set down some real belief systems.

  • Fact: I can protect myself and others.
  • Fact: Everything always turns out alright in the end, even when it doesn’t appear to be that way.
  • Fact: I am a true power. I have held myself back for too many years. I’ve been scared, lazy, worried, and just plain afraid that I could not do this.
  • Everything I expect tends to happen to me.
  • I expected that this current transformation would be difficult. It has been.
  • I expect that everyone will let me down eventually. They have.
  • I expect all the wrong bloody things.




Everybody, no matter who it is, will do what is right by me. No matter what their intent is, they will have no choice but to do right by me. If they try to do the wrong thing, then they will find that they will be compelled to do the right thing. They will do this because this is now my belief.

I have now released enough of the traumas and negatives in my life to become the light I can be. People will now want to be with me. People will now want to have me around. People will not be able to deny me because I will make them happy and help and enlighten them.

I am no longer unlucky in love, friendship or relationship. This is because I am pleasure to be around. In fact, far from being unable to find the right partner, I will be surrounded by the right people. This is now my reality. I shall have choice. I shall be able to pick and choose. Those who will not become my partners will become my friends.

I can really make a difference to this world. And I shall make a difference. This is so because this is now my belief.

I am a being of light, love and harmony.

I am no longer unhappy. All that happens to me now is positive and uplifting. If something bad happens, I have the answers and the solutions and the way of implementing them. They will come to me and I am able to solve any problem. There are no more problems, only solutions. This is so because this is my belief.

I am now able to develop spiritually and metaphysically. There are no more blockages. The more I learn, the more powerful I become. All my powers are used in the service of the universe and to help people grow and bring them out of the illusion and darkness. This is happening now because this is my reality.



I printed it out, read it over and over for a few weeks and then one day… everyone on that list was a reality and has become more ever since.

Did it work?

Yes. Maybe just a little too well. I got everything I asked for.

Next:  Think you were done? Think again.


19 responses to “Creating our reality series: My personal belief system or I’ve finally had enough of failing!”

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  7. barbalexa Avatar

    You mentioned about 3D.Tell me something more about it,please.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      3D is the general term people use to describe this level. In short, it’s our daily existence in our bodies.


  8. night owl Avatar
    night owl

    I thank you very much for this post. I have copied your New Belief System, changed it a little to reflect me, and have printed it out to carry everywhere I go.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Let me know how it goes.:)


  9. nattietee Avatar

    I see how helpful this process can be now I believe I will do the same to help through the change of my belief system. I believe I am doing pretty well but you can never make it too easy on yourself. 😀 Thanks again for a truly enlightening post.


  10. vwoopvwoop Avatar

    this is exactly what i needed to read exactly when i needed to read it. thank you so much for writing this. i love your new belief system (it was new at the time, and it’s still new to me). i am so tempted to just take what you wrote and apply it to me, but gosh, i know that i need to sit down and write out my *own* belief system, not just go the “easy” road of stealing someone else’s — it wouldn’t be as fulfilling or powerful to do so. thanks for the guidance that i needed, to see what i need.

    (i was wondering, if for a future post, you might have something to say on the concept of “twin souls” or “twin flames” that i was drawn to learning about recently. the idea that throughout lifetime(s) you may have many soul mates who are part of your path but that there may in fact be one other soul out there who you are working toward meeting, and meeting them over and over again in different lifetimes often with painful consequences because both of you need to work out your karma and then, in your final incarnation, you are ready and able to truly join with them in perfect love.)


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      You can certainly use my belief system, though you’ll probably would want to end up tweaking it anyway. 🙂

      The thing about re-creating your reality is that it’s a work in progress. You keep on changing things until you’re happy.

      I’ll certainly look at the twin soul / soul mate article. and Karma, too.


    2. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Hi, post is finally coming soon, though it may be not be what you expect 🙂


  11. J Avatar

    This is very encouraging. Hugs to you, Gary! Thank you for your generosity of sharing your most personal experiences and thoughts with us. Yeah, and i know what you’re talking about when you refer to the dark night of the soul…it was an unending new moon time for me in many ways too. But the new moon is also about endings. Eventually, it’s your inner light that makes the stars shine on you, so I’ve discovered.



    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks, J 🙂

      Appreciate your feed back. Hopefully it gives others hope and inspiration who are stuck where I was.


  12. soul . to . earth Avatar
    soul . to . earth

    Wow! I just finished a rant about my negative beliefs over an hour ago and just read this. Perfect timing. Knowing you’ve walked your walk AND created it is huge encouragement to keep at it.
    P.S: I’m adding “My time’s no longer wasted by anything or anyone.”
    Thanks, Gary, for another useful post. 😀


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks. 🙂 I think it’s very important to actually have achieved what you’re telling others to do or at least are on that path. 🙂


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