Creating our reality series: This is a world of illusions… or is it?

SVG picture demonstrating Ehrenstein illusion....

Our belief system (part 1)

Belief creates reality and reality creates belief.

Many have heard this (I know I use it a lot) but what does it really mean?

And more importantly, what does it mean for you?

This is a subject with several layers and all of them are important.

Not only do they affect your life, but they also affect your reality.

It has been said throughout the ages that this is a world of illusion. However, this statement, while accurate, it also misleading, as it doesn’t really explain anything useful.

Yes, this is a world of illusion, but the fact is, everything is an illusion. The entire universe is.

The problem here is that the word illusion suggests that something is not real.

I think a better phrase would be a created reality. Because while this is all an illusion, that doesn’t mean that it’s not real, because it certainly is.

So, how can something be both an illusion and real at the same time?

From a metaphysical perspective, there are two realms. The realm of the absolute where all is one, and all there is, is oneness  and light and love Then there is the realm of the relative, which is where we are right now.

It is said (and I agree) that the entire point of life is to experience who you are, but when there is only oneness, that is not possible to do.

In order to do this, we need contrast, and the Realm of the Relative is exactly for that purpose.

What is more, it can be molded to allow us to experience anything of our choosing so we can experience exactly what we want.

What is created is said to be an illusion because it creates the illusion of being separate with everything having its own individual properties and abilities.

Oneness is divided into infinite aspects, but it’s all the same stuff at its very base level: The stuff of life.

So, while this world may be created, we are living in it, and it is, for all intents and purposes, real and should be treated as such. At the same time, those who can see and understand it is created  should always bear in mind what the purpose of this illusion or created reality is.

What is important to understand, though, is that someone else didn’t create it. It was created by you, with the help of your other aspects (which are also parts of you.)

The problem is that we actually forget that we have done this, and we forget because we need to so we may experience who we are completely.

But the power to create never goes away, and we use it in every moment in our lives.

The next entry will be looking at how we do this, and what we can do to take back control and make it work for us, rather than against us.

Next: The power to create.

10 thoughts on “Creating our reality series: This is a world of illusions… or is it?

  1. I was just reading CwG – Book One (Neale Donald Walsh) and a thought popped into my head to check your daily post et voilà! The part I was reading was exactly what you’ve explained (so well) here.
    Many thanks for all the time and effort you take to post – it makes a huge difference. For the life of me, I can’t seem to remember how I found your blog even though it was just a week ago. Reading your articles (still working my way through them) brings a-ha moments especially the Soul Call + Timeline ones.
    Whether you know it or not, Gary, you are a teacher; one who shares to help and heal. Imagine if all teaching were done with such intention. 🙂 Three cheers to you in Down Under from moi in the True North to keep writing!


    1. Thank you. Every time I hear my writings help someone, it makes me very glad. I often think I’m going to lose people with these kinds of articles as they can be so, well, weighty. 🙂

      I really appreciate you taking the time to say thanks. 🙂


      1. Ha, ha! Weighty is right – some people react as if you just put on an extra butt!! Writing a blog’s better than talking about it at an office Christmas party. 🙂 Sounds like a cliché but, people who need to read your blog WILL find you just like I did.


  2. I like the delineation of created reality versus illusion. So much can be lost inside of semantics. Please tell me what these words mean, “your other aspects, which are also part of you.” What are you referring to here? Is that, for example, like a person having Angel aspects, Wise being, Star people, etc and those aspects together the whole (soul being)? I am not familiar with the term “aspects” perhaps?

    I don’t know when I came about the perspective but as long as I can remember… I do know I thanked my kids when they were very little for choosing to be born to me and then later I wondered where that thought, so natural, came from. My oldest is 33 years old, so I think it was before it was popularized; anyway, it has been my ‘sense’ that we work together with ?? our higher being(s) or self (I don’t have that sorted out, lol) and determine what experiences, etc. we want for our optimal next stage of development and we choose to incarnate in a circumstance that will optimally give us an opportunity to achieve these things.

    Thank you!


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