Intuition series: I can’t work out what’s wrong or let’s play twenty questions.

Image-1 (3)It’s one thing to listen to your intuition, but it’s another thing to work out what it’s actually telling you sometimes. It’s like a riddle. Sometimes it only makes sense once you know what the answer is. For instance, you might get a sense that something is wrong, but you’re not sure what. (In Bach Flower Remedy terms, it would be called an Aspen state.) You may feel uneasy, but you don’t know why, so how do you know what is going on there. How do you know which choice to make? I found one effective method is to run through options in your mind, and see what ‘clicks’ into place. You’ll know when you’ve hit the right one, because there will be a feeling of ‘yes, this is right’ that goes right through you. It will be like a sense of excitement, joy and progress, or maybe just a sense of relief. If it’s the wrong choice, you might well feel uneasy, or even feel panic. The more you shouldn’t do something, the more extreme the panic. (Which may sometimes lead to a panic attack, though it’s not always the reason.) A game twenty questions (though you can have as many questions as you want) can help you work out exactly what is going on. Always include people you know, situations you are involved with and personal life and work places. For instance, you can ask yourself: Is it to do with me or someone else? If you feel it’s you, then you can continue to ask questions. It is my relationship? Is it work? Is it family? It is money? And so on. Eventually you will hit what is bothering you, though there may be times when the answer is so obscure, it may just elude you. The Bach Flower Remedy, Cerato, is wonderful for clarifying intuition, and taken with Aspen, the remedy for anxiety, it can help clarify exactly what you need to know. Next: There was this  one time at Hanging Rock…


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