Paranormal series: Being a skeptic or let me just ignore that fact.

Image-1There’s a balance to being Empath who has psychic experiences and yet tries to be remain objective to what is going on.

To say that I’ve had more than my share of interesting experiences would not be an exaggeration. To say that many of these could not be explained away somehow would also be correct.

Some of them can’t. Some things that happened would require either a shared delusion, or timing and circumstances so contrives that it would make the most blatant Hollywood blockbuster script look disjointed by comparison.

I suppose it would be easy to ignore everything that doesn’t fit, but I also feel that would be doing myself a great disservice.

For instance, if someone tells me about having the same types of experiences as me, I need to consider if they had them before they met me or read any of my works, or if they arrived at the same types of conclusions independently.

Fact is: We, as humans, have a tendency to make stuff up, or change the facts ever so slightly to make it fit our stories.

I noticed this in my mother from a young age. She would adapt her stories and just put a small little twist into things to completely change the meaning.

She would tell you about her own psychic experiences, but only after she got your version. Then, mysteriously, it would match.

Or she would have the answers to puzzles that she claimed she already knew, but only after she was told the answers.

I never called her on these things, and really, I didn’t see the point to doing so, but it did make me very much aware of just how easy it was to make something into whatever you wanted it to be.

I do a lot of research and listen to sceptical podcasts because I learn a lot from them. (Plus, I find their observations hysterical at times because they are true.)

Problem is that it’s at the other extreme of the spectrum.

Where the true believer seems to accept everything they are told, the sceptic seems to refute anything they are told.

There just doesn’t seem to be a balance.

We need to be able to think critically about things. If something doesn’t seem to fit, look closer at it. It may not appear to fit because it does not fit.

Next: Fact or Fiction.

21 thoughts on “Paranormal series: Being a skeptic or let me just ignore that fact.

  1. Hi Gary,

    I have my blog up. Finally! I decided to stop fussing over it and start using it. Empaths are born with the compulsion to pursue perfection. 🙂 I have an article on there about conquering fear. Just to warn you . . . its about five pages long. Thanks! David


  2. Good article Gary. I also like your interesting dialogue with Nattietee. I agree with you – people do lie. I know this from professional experience. Although the word “lie” isn’t really appropriate in this context. You know what I mean. Not everyone is aware of it. Sometimes they are semi-aware (this isn’t a correct term either) of what they are doing. Like you said . . . going along with it. I’ll let you fish through the thesaurus for some better words. I’m tired. Shared delusion . . . that’s funny. The hard-nosed skeptic is going to look at this article and say that you (and the rest of us) are pretending to be objective so that they will graciously accept our views and validate the testimony of our supernatural experiences. Personally, I could care less what they think. I hope the rest of your intelligent readers share my opinion. Thanks!


    1. Gosh, yes, of course they will. But I cant control what they will or will not do. Once again, I always say never trust anything you hear or read. Run it past your feelings (without attachment to the answers) and see if it feels right for you.

      Being a skeptic tends to be a double edge sword. On one hand, you dont get suckered in by all those faked events, however, on the other hand, you also give up some vital tools that can really enhance your life, as your belief system insists they cant be true, so that becomes your experience.

      Either way is okay, as long as people are content and happy with their life.

      Anyway, what I do is for my readers. I owe them as much information and perspective as possible.

      Thanks again for your feedback. I really love it.


  3. You are so right. I like to think of things in terms of percentages. This has a 90% chance of being true so i will make a choice to believe it leaving room for the 10% chance that it’s not. Or this part is fact which makes this conclusion true trough circumstantial evidence only. And make my own mind up about my own experiences. While it is fun to swap stories, other peoples experiences can only add or subtract from your own. First hand experience is the best. Even if I don’t understand it at first or misinterpret it. Great post. 😀


    1. Thanks 🙂

      I do think we try and match stories because there is strength and credibility in numbers, it would seem. However, if something isn’t so, stating otherwise will not change that fact.


      1. Yes and this is certainly the type of subject matter no one wants to be alone in. I know certain facts because they happen to me as do you. But if no one in the world ever had the same experience as us, stating the experience would be feared. I still get a bit wary about telling people my experiences. But remind myself no two paths are the same. They are not meant to be.


        1. Very true.

          In fact, right now, I’m working on a document that simply does not match what is commonly accepted. And yet, it feels more correct than the mythology behind it.

          So all I can do it go with that.


          1. I think common perception on these subjects once held some sort of truth but has been majorly distorted. Not just over many centuries but just by trying to verbalize what is learned with the soul not the mind. I know that true and false feeling and I must say listening to it has led me to way more true feeling information than accepting what my gut tells me is not true. I like to believe we all have a different truth that is right for us at the time it is true to us. Some are closer to universal truth than others but are all just footsteps on our way to that ultimate universal truth. Besides common convention on these subjects is boring. lol. Go with your gut.


          2. Yes, agreed. And that’s really the interesting part. Putting all the fragments together, and seeing it does fit into a cohesive picture. That part tends to blow me away.


    2. My pleasure. You’re absolutely right. Are you familiar with the law of polarity (I try not to assume). It just means that all things have extremes – good/bad, hot/cold, pretty/ugly, etc. Its a continuum. I idea is to maintain a balance in order to be most effective in life. Of course, there are no extremes. Its all in the way we interpret our experiences. That’s why need to be careful in the way we handle other people’s information (and our own for that matter). I think that’s what you are saying. I’m just turning it into a complicated philosophical statement. Sorry. 🙂 It’s in my nature. You know I’m all about the metaphysics.


      1. Yes, certainly am. And they say balance is the key, though balance can be a tricky thing.

        I know that I used to be black and white about some things in my distant past, and boy did it turn about and bite me.

        Even writing about what I’ve experienced and studied is a tricky business. My partner (who is also a professor) told me that whatever I do, do it with conviction and don’t hedge my bets or sit on the fence, but also do it without drama.

        I thought that was wise advise.


        1. I Just finished having this conversation with Heather. I hope she’s following this. Whatever you write down is permanent. As soon as put your views on the Internet – you own it . . . for life. That’s why I’m choosy with my words. When I made the above comment about skeptics, I was specifically referring to the hard-nosed skeptics who refuse to budge in their views. They will never be satisfied with anything you and I have to say, no matter how well written our statements are. That’s how its always been. We are willing to be flexible in our views and even consider what reasonable skeptics have to say. Like you said we can only report our experiences and send them out. We have no control over what others have to say.

          The other day I saw a zealot on The Big Seance commenting that everyone on Patrick’s blog is going to hell. One lady tactfully stated “If you are against this stuff – name withheld. Why are you even this blog.” That isn’t an exact quote. I thought it was a great response. I’m new to blogs. The some of the comments people make amuse me. 🙂


          1. Yes, an excellent statement. As you said, polarities.

            It always puzzles me why people take such glee in people going to hell. Seriously. If you reduced the type of God they say they believe in to a level of a man, that man would be tried and executed as a terrorist.

            By the way, while I’ve heard that whatever you write it permanent, good luck trying to actually find it again! Personally, I would be surprised if there was much, if any remnants of anything I wrote back in the 90s and early noughties!


          2. That’s right. The gods of most major religions would never be tolerated if they were human. I mean the ones that were attributed with human qualities. I know what you mean by terrorist. Of course there’s Jesus, who was said to be God in human form. We know happened to him. I’ll think stop here.

            Information does tend to sink to the bottom on the Internet. The search engines prefer newer material. That’s what the people want. We’re feeding them insightful information. I hope they like vegetables!

            I’m sure a lot of people are hoping the naughty 90’s will stay buried. 🙂


          3. I wonder if I could find things from the MSN groups. There was a lot of good stuff I had there which seems to be gone forever.

            Yes, wise to stop there. I did the same on some similar musings!


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