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Empath Podcast #1 – Shielding against negative energies.


Empath stories about their strange experiences – Part 1


I recently asked if any Empaths from the Facebook Empath Support group would like to share any of their experiences that would be considered unexplained or creepy.


Gary Leigh

When I was a young child of around 9 years old, I had a cat who I loved dearly called Timmy. I came home one afternoon from school to find that he had died from eating poison. I was devastated, of course. Several strange things happened after that.

That night, when I was being tucked into bed by my mother, we both heard the bells that had been on his collar outside my window. (Curiously enough, I had a second cat who died, too, and the same thing happened. Something that has never happened before or since.)

For the next few nights, my parents heard a scratching coming from inside their bedroom closet. Whenever my dad opened it, it would stop and would resume once he went back to bed again.

But the strangest tale came about six months later. Every day I would think of Timmy and wish that somehow he would find a way to come back to life and be with me again. Then one night, there was a scratching at the front door. My mother opened it and the neighbour’s cat, who had never been in our house, ran straight to my bedroom and jumped on my bed and curled up, just like Timmy would do. Unfortunately, my mother decided to put him outside as she was not sure what to do. She told me that he spent the entire night in front of the door. That was the only time it happened.

I was in preschool so I must have been about 5 years old. It was the night of our Halloween party at the school and my mother worked nights in an envelope factory, so my father was taking me. As we left that night, we stood on the porch and I remember as I watched my dad lock the deadbolt on the front door, I swear I heard whispers coming from the roof. I told my father- “daddy someone is on the roof” but of course this was explained away that I was scared in anticipation of my spooky party. We left to enjoy festivities- and I remember them oh so

Vividly, with my favorite game of the night involving a fake snake obstacle course! As we arrived at home that night and approached the front door, our door was ajar and as we entered is was very apparent that we had been robbed. Money was gone including my piggy bank, trash was all over the house etc. I remember saying to my father “I told you I heard someone on the roof!” Now, did I really hear someone? I don’t know. Maybe this was just a 5 year old empath trying to learn her intuitions. That’s my personal belief anyway.

One night I went out to the club with a girl I was trying to get to know. I liked her and wanted to date her. Throughout the night we had some drinks. She saw her ex-boyfriend and was all over him. This made me a little upset so I decided to walk home. As I was walking it started to rain. I was not scared of a little rain so I continued. The rain got harder and harder. I was angry about the situation that had happened it almost at the time seemed like there was a higher power involved. Now standing in a downpour I finally looked up at the sky and screamed out “is this the best you have” just after I had finished saying it lightning hit a tree about 10-15 feet away from me. I walked the rest of the way home and was silent.


In 2006 I attended a family barbecue. This was the first time I have been at the residence. The home has a lot of history and was formerly a Woman’s Society. As I walked inside the home to use the bathroom the energy surrounding this home was both heavy and intense. I could tell I was not alone and there were many spirits present. I was not sure where the bathroom was but instead drawn to a door. As I opened the door I took notice that I was not in the bathroom but in a room that was abandoned and resembled a basement floor. I walked in but felt that I was in another dimension. A very heavy feeling came over me. I saw four spirits, two women, one childish and one very stern and mean. A man who was angry, controlling and very mean and a baby who was in the arms of one of the women. I tried to remain calm to find my way back to the door. As I tried to reach to leave I was spun several times in a circle. I felt lifeless. I fought to both find and reach the door while these spirits laughed and called out for me to leave, Not only did they want me to leave but they also wanted who resided there to leave too… I could not get to the door. I felt as if gravity was pulling me back. Finally with all of my might I fought to reach the door. As I opened the door I saw my Mother and Step Aunt who were frantically looking for me. They were both concerned and shocked by the look on my face. As I walked outside of the home to try and get some fresh air my Mother followed me. I was in a state of shock but quickly explained what occurred. I t felt sick. I instantly felt a headache coming on. At this moment my deceased grandfather came to me. I realized he was the one who helped me to find the door. He wanted me to give my Mom a personal message, one that was only for her and for her to hear only. She was so elated to hear this message, one that she longed all of her life. Meanwhile, my headache lasted for three days. I believe I endured a psychic attack. In the midst of this a series of unfortunate events occurred for my family. I saw death to come. At home while in my own bathroom washing my hands I looked up at the mirror and three visions of the future were present. I was told my stepfather would lose his sister (she resided in the home where I attended the barbecue), his Mother and Father within six months. All warnings came true. In conclusion I have learned how to protect and shield myself from psychic attacks. To clear negative energies and to ground myself. I was born with this gift although at times I felt it was both a blessing and curse. I know my purpose on this path of life is to help others.


Two to share – one recent, one not so much:

The first may not quite fit but is, to me, both something that cannot be explained and one of the reasons I identify as an Empath.

I am currently staying in homeless shelters. Last week, a guy came in when a bed was available. I don’t remember ever seeing him prior to that occasion. As he was going through the intake process, he came to wait across from me in the lounge area. I was reading a book when I started to feel uncomfortable. I looked up and he was looking at me with a half smile that just had me feeling like I was looking at “bad news.” Subsequent events that night (which included abnormal behavior and suspected theft) resulted in him leaving the shelter.

The other is shorter. One year, I awoke at exactly midnight Christmas Eve and saw my grandfather’s face in my mind. He had been ill, and I had this feeling of peace and love, and like he was saying goodbye.

Early the next morning, my father – his son – called. My dad told my sister and me that Papa Josh had died just after midnight. I remember saying “I know” and shocking them. Dad asked how I knew and I explained my vision. I don’t remember any later discussion about my experience, or whether that was when my mom started to take my “sixth sense” seriously, but I will never forget that night.

The many signs of being an Empath – You are not alone.

PsiZone log revamp from Ted

You may think you’re crazy or just oversensitive, but you might be really an Empath.

Often referred to as HSP or Highly Sensitive People, the Empath will pick up on the feelings and emotions of others around them as though it were their own feelings.

They are not the stuff of science fiction and they are way more common than you think.

You may be one… and not even know it.

Knowing you are an Empath can change your life.

There are many signs that you are empath and here are just a few. As I remember them or note new ones,

This is an ever expanding post. I will continue to add them to this list.

  1. You care too much about other people, even to your own detriment.
  2. Strangers will tell you their life story and say: I don’t know why I am telling you, but I feel I can. They also tend to offload their problems onto you and you may be too polite to tell them to stop.
  3. You will feel lonely, even when around others. The sense of loneliness of being an Empath doesn’t come from being alone, it comes from not being able to talk to others about what you are feeling and feeling there are no answers to your questions.
  4. You may suffer from attention deficit disorder. (ADD) You may easily get drawn into feelings and emotions that come up seemingly randomly. Next thing you know, you are somewhere else and you’ve lost track of what was going on.
  5. If you are naturally psychic, being an Empath will give you additional information about places, people and events.
  6. When someone else has a bad day, you have a bad day in sympathy.
  7. You take on guilt very easily, even for things that you did not do.
  8. You will do anything to keep the peace. Any tension will make you feel very stressed and you can’t relax until everyone else is happy.
  9. Even if you enjoy a particular activity, you won’t enjoy it if the people around you are not into it. You would rather do it on your own or something else.
  10. You can’t bear to see other people or animals in suffering or in pain.
  11. You can always tell when someone is lying. You are a human lie detector.
  12. You find it very difficult to say ‘no’ when someone asks you for help. Many Empaths get treated like a doormat. They don’t want to upset others or make them feel bad by refusing help
  13. You like giving surprise gifts and making others happy just for the sake of it. If they feel good, you feel good, even if it’s just for that moment.
  14. You suffer from anxiety for no apparent reason. Sometimes the feelings will be overwhelming, especially when something major is going on in the world. Stock market crashes are often a bad time for Empaths.
  15. You suffer from clinical depression and mood swings and have no idea why.
  16. You often feel overwhelmed by events and emotions, sometimes to the point where you short out and stop feeling anything at all.
  17. Holidays, such as Christmas, are a very bad time for you. You often feel sad and lonely.
  18. You will always give the benefit of the doubt to someone, just in case they really didn’t mean to say or do something you consider hurtful or negative.
  19. You may suffer from seasonal depression. Autumn might make you feel especially depressed.
  20. You might find you are very psychic, picking up on people and events before they even happen.
  21. You suffer from social anxiety and find it hard to be around people, especially if you feel you shouldn’t be there. Parties are hard and tedious and nightclubs are like a living hell for you.
  22. You want to save the world, but feel too depressed and despondent to do it.
  23. If you hear of someone who is having a hard time, or is unlucky in life or love, you want to just save them and make them happy.
  24. You cry when watching romantic movies, even if they are really bad ones, and you feel embarrassed about doing so.
  25. Old songs make you sad. You long for those past times, even if they were horrible at the time.
  26. You just know things. Even things that no one has never told you. You don’t know how you know them, but you just do.
  27. You don’t know where your feelings end and others begins. You may not even be aware that they are not your feelings.
  28. If someone tells you about their pain or sickness, you will sympathy pains.
  29. You feel constantly exhausted. Chronic fatigue is a reoccurring problem for you.
  30. You are drawn to new age things, especially alternative medicines.
  31. You are extremely creative, though you may feel embarrassed about sharing that part of you in case others reject it or make fun of it.
  32. You may well feel at one with nature. Cities are very hard to live in due to all the psychic pollution that is about.
  33. You are always seeking knowledge. You may not even know what you are looking for, but you look for it anyway.
  34. You daydream a lot. Go on adventures in your mind. This can happen anywhere and anytime.
  35. You can sense the energy of food. You can tell if it feels healthy or not. You are also drawn to bad foods that make you feel good, such as chocolate or sugary treats.
  36. People may consider you strange, aloof or indifferent.
  37. You may have difficulty urinating in public, especially if you feel under pressure. If someone is waiting, you will give up and try to find a place that isn’t being used.
  38. You attract sociopaths and narcissists into your life that will use and abuse you. They will convince you that you are the one who is wrong.

When people find out they are an empath, they ask: How do I know I am one? Generally, only an Empath will ask that type of question. Non Empaths do not care.

If you find yourself nodding along to the above traits, then yes, you are certainly and Empath. The good news is there is so much you can do about it. You can turn what so many call a curse into a blessing.

Help and resources are at hand and they need not cost you a cent.

The free Empath Guidebook was written especially for the Empath and can be downloaded from empathsupport.com

You can also join the Facebook group which focuses on resources and community.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/empathsupport/

If you want to connect to other Empaths and spiritual people in real time, you can try the chat room. http://www.psi-zone.net/oldchat.html

You are not alone.

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People say I’m highly sensitive, but am I an Empath?

empath122One of the most common things I see, when people e-mail me for advice is: Am I really an Empath?

They have looked at all the signs and can relate too many of them. They don’t always fit all the traits of an Empath. There are very few who do. However, they certainly fit many of the major ones, including being told that they are just too over sensitive or highly emotional.

HSP or Highly Sensitive Person is a signature trait of being an Empath.  It means that you react with a heightened sense to everything that is going on around you.

If something bad happens, your reaction will seem to be over the top to others.

It might be something along the lines of having a bad day at work. You believe you’ve made an error and now you feel very guilty about it.

Maybe someone reacted in a way to something you said or did that you didn’t think was positive and you feel bad or even guilty about how you made them feel.

Perhaps a partner or a friend is having a hard time and you can’t enjoy yourself around them because they don’t feel happy. You feel obliged to make yourself miserable so you can empathise with them.

You might even be cautious or afraid to let others know your true feelings because you don’t want to come across as uncaring or indifferent. You will make yourself feel unhappy because that seems to be your best option.

The Empath will feel obligated in some sense to react in a way that allows others to see that they are not alone and they have support.

This is generally unhealthy for all parties concerned because it simply feeds the negative energy rather than healing or helping anything.

As I said, it’s common for an Empath to be highly sensitive.  They take on the pain and discomfort of others around them, no matter if it’s human or animal or even plant.

Generally, if you ask yourself if you’re really an Empath, the very act of asking is a good indicator that you are. Non empathic people won’t ask and won’t even care. They will dismiss it out of hand.

Chances are high that if you ask the question, you are an Empath.

The Empath Guidebook – Now available in paperback.

empath guidebook amazonOver the past years, since I have put it online for free, thousands of people have downloaded The Empath Guidebook.

This book was written by me as a gift to the Empath community and covers an abundance of subjects to help new and experienced Empaths alike.

Many have also asked if this book was available in paperback format. With that request in mind, you can now choose to purchase it from amazon.com for USD19.95.

The e-book is still free for download for those who wish to have their own PDF copy.

You can download the free version here: http://www.psi-zone.net/guidebook.html

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If you have enjoyed this book at some point, and think this it’s worthwhile, please feel free to give it a review. It would really help me out.