Empath Series: Empath guidebook or anyone want a free e-book?

Over the years, I considered writing a book for the Empath. Initially it was going to be Empathy 101, but when I finally looked around some years later, I found that many had already done that.

So, I decided it would probably be a better idea to write a book that was for the beginning and the advanced Empath alike.

One that went into greater details and one that gave techniques to turn the curse into a blessing.

And above all, one that could be accessible to everyone.

Sadly, I’m not given to writing simply and clearly. My words are said to be too ‘fancy’ and I deal with concepts that are every day for me, but completely new for others.

For this, I can only apologize, but it is my style, and I really haven’t worked out a way to resolve it.

So, a couple of years ago, I began work on the Empath Guidebook. So called because it was both a guide book, and I channelled my guide to help write it.

As it goes, it works for me, and I can get a lot more written when I use that technique.

Does it work as a useful book? I’ve not had enough feedback to know one way or the other.

Feedback is something people rarely give.

However, for those who actually read this blog, and want more information on Empaths, this book might well be worth your while.

I have toyed with the idea of using extracts, from time to time, on this blog, but I’ve found there’s still a lot of subject matter to cover, so I’ll just post a link to the actual document.

It is also my desire to discuss that wonderful article by ‘Just Be’ called 30 traits of an Empath with my guide. I have asked permission from the author and been granted it.

I plan to expand the book from time to time, as new ideas and information comes up.

This e-book is free.

If you decide to read it, and find it useful, please pass it onto someone who you feel can benefit from it.

The Empath Guidebook – download page.


24 responses to “Empath Series: Empath guidebook or anyone want a free e-book?”

  1. GreenEyedLady Avatar

    You posted this on my birthday? I guess I should take that as some kind of sign…


  2. pattidonofrio Avatar

    Thank you Gary, just downloaded and will need time to absorb, feedback will follow. I also must agree with Heather about this being an incredibly self-less act and so much appreciated. Oh!!! and I’m pretty sure that the pine you suggested for me is working, I have had it a few days now as I had to order online, also got sweet chestnut and larch to try. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of this with me! 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Welcome. 🙂 Glad I could help.


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    […] or a nonfiction book.  Most aren’t worth publishing, and can only be given away (such as the Empath Guidebook) but once in a long while, I’ll create something that I think might be worth trying to […]


  4. soul . to . earth Avatar
    soul . to . earth

    This is a very useful book with so many practical aspects – almost works like a quick-reference, personal manual. Including the BFRs made it easy to see which ones I needed to add or remove [Hornbeam, Cerato, Mustard, Sweet Chestnut & Wild Rose now added].

    I wanted to share with you the points that helped me the most:
    – Size of personal space in relation to soul expansion and how this works in city/countryside.
    – The harsh lights/smells that trigger strong feelings
    – Keys to being, becoming and remaining grounded
    – Setting boundaries and what causes triggers
    – Becoming cynical as a result of taking on responsibility for the bad end results of advice/help given. And, this cynicism leading to self-fulfilling prophecies! [so true…boo hoo!]
    – No need to apologize for who you are 😀
    – Mind travel as a tool not a means of escape
    – To not be too attached to any end results but continue to hold the intention and enjoy the process [very helpful]
    – How an empath can be ungrounded due to not wishing to be here, lack of self-confidence and boredom
    – How to change/set course for life by asking “Is this the kind of life I want to live?” Yes/no determines the intention + allow synchronicity to guide [so simple!]
    – Healing others: when to, when not to, etc.
    – Buzzing in the ears [I always joke about this one by saying, Oh, angels calling….hello, hello? Can’t hear you. Sorry, my bad…line!] 😀
    – That energy can be shifted when picked up and how to do it [this one was a kablamo moment…so useful]
    – Allowing give and take in energy exchange instead of making it a one-way and stopping it [love this one]
    – Giving yourself one day/week to do all non-empath activities. The fact being that most things can usually wait and understanding no one really needs or wants or expects you to put yourself last! [duh to self- moment]
    – Vibrations and how they work
    – Soul calls [also why I got caller ID now!]
    – Last but the very best: Bach Flower Remedies [can’t say enough about how much they’ve helped].

    There’s so much more in this book that helped or clarified my doubts and answered my questions. Heartfelt thanks for putting it together and sharing it freely. I realize this comment is more like a review but your work deserves ‘lengthy’ praise! 😀


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thank you so much for your comments. Even though this book has been downloaded about 3000+ times, I rarely get any feedback.

      I’m glad you found it so useful. If you feel others can benefit, please pass it onto them.

      Thanks again,



      1. soul . to . earth Avatar
        soul . to . earth

        Forgot to add my LOL moment (I almost fell off my chair laughing) was reading about how you may as well switch on the kitchen light to receive the same benefit as surrounding yourself w/ white light!!! 😀 Well said.

        It reminded me of what Sal Rachele wrote (channeled) in his book, Soul Integration:
        “………Ascension is a normal, natural process once a soul has reached a certain level of awareness. Ultimately, it is totally unnecessary to offer ascension workshops or techniques. You can liken this to a caterpillar taking a weekend workshop on how to become a butterfly……..”
        When the message is given with humour, it really gets across!


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          Thank you and yes, agreed with ascension. I’ve always said that we are already ascended beings just having human experiences. 🙂


  5. Cynthia Avatar

    Hi, I just read your article on traits of an empath, I recognized myself and point blank saw myself in a different light, now my attitude makes sense, I absolutely must have truth and will not stand for anything less, thanks so much for this information. I can’t stand to see suffering, I can’t stand to be around egotistical arrogant ppl, I’ve had dreams where animals have talked to me, even insects lol, my favorite is of a bubble bee that was taking a stroll through a beautiful path and he buzzed by and my companion shrank back terrified and bee looked at me and said tell her I like to take walks too, I was elated that he talked to me.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks and most welcome.

      It’s a rare gift to be able to hear the voices of nature and a blessing.


  6. lovedebsblog Avatar

    Thank you for this gift. I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks and stumbled on your blog. Reading some of your entries has helped me realize that I really need to ground myself again. I hope to find something interesting in your book and look forward to sharing my feedback. *Namaste


  7. lauriesnotes Avatar

    Thanks. I will do this.
    Love –


  8. soulsearcher Avatar

    hi garry,
    downloading your book was the best thing I could ever do for myself as an empath. its impossible to take in all the information you offer all at once so I find the book works best for me if I focus on a certain topic or question and work from there. i personally dont find your writing style too “big” I think once one gets used to the terms, concepts and realities of being an empath the words automaticallly become “smaller” and falls in place.
    hope this helps a little bit for feedback.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks you, and yes, it does.

      Though maybe I should include a glossary to help things along. what do you think?


      1. soulsearcher Avatar

        that cant hurt and will only make it easier to use 🙂


  9. Julianne Victoria Avatar

    Thank you for offering this! I downloaded your book and will give you feedback later! Namaste _/l\_


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thank you. That would be greatly appreciated.


      1. Julianne Victoria Avatar

        Hi Gary,
        I’m almost done with the book, about 40 pages left, and I think it is written clearly (I did not find your style too fancy) and would be helpful to many Empaths, those just figuring out who/what they are and for those fully aware of their empathic and psychic abilities.
        Personally, reading it gave me many affirmations and validations, even though I have been aware of a lot, but, you know, it’s helpful at times to receive validation for self-confidence sake. 😉
        I have known of the Bach Flower Remedies, but have never used them. Reading this section is very fascinating, and I find myself chuckling as I have at various times in my life experienced some of each of the types. But I am sure most Empaths experience most emotional and mental states (either their own or picking up from others) at some time or another.
        I like your guide. She’s a bit sassy. 🙂 I do have a few questions for you and your guide:
        1) Are the Elementals mentioned similar to or connected to the elementals of Paracelsus?
        2) Concerning one soul in the multiple bodies at the same time…Are these in different dimensions or realities, like parallel Universes?
        3) The “buzzing” in the ear being a spirit trying to communicate…Can this sound like a bug buzzing around the ear? On and off over the past maybe year this has been happening to me in my sleep. I wake with a frantic brushing away (I don’t want a bug going into my ear), but have recently wondered if it was a spirit trying to talk to me at night.
        On the technical side (this is my linguist side talking now), there are quite a few typos and minor misspellings, such as “of” instead of “off”, so having someone copyedit it for you would make the reading smoother.
        Ok, I hope this was helpful and feel free to ask anything.
        Thank you too!


        1. Gary Leigh Avatar

          Thanks for your comments. All very appreciated and valuable.

          I should mention, I believe my guide is male. ☺

          To answer your questions

          1) Elementals was a term used by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (also know as Daskalos) to describe what a thought form was. Basically, these are energy that are created with our thoughts, intention and mind. Elemental can also refer to embodied energies, too.

          2) Yes, they certainly can be. But it is also possible that they are all in this time-line. It’s about how many avatars your higher self has decided to send down. There is no reason limit on how much it can split itself. However, they can all exist, simultaneously, on parallel universes. Where you are is basically where your focus is. I did cover that subject a while back. (See alternative time-lines)

          3) Yes, it can. It’s very possible that something is trying to attract your attention.

          Noted about the editing. It’s actually something I can’t do due to it being too fresh in my mind and never having more than 10 minutes to myself when my energy is good enough to do so. So far, though, no one has risen to the challenge to edit it for me ☺

          Once again, thanks for your comments. If you found the book useful, please let others know about it who you feel can use it, or even do a review on it. ☺


          1. Julianne Victoria Avatar

            Thanks for the quick answers! Funny, I knew you’d say your guide was a he, but I still felt compelled to write she. I kept debating that while I was reading the book. Can guides morph or be somewhat Shiva-shakti-like depending on who is perceiving them? The only guides I am aware of or communicate with (that I know of) are animal spirits, so talking to humanoid guides and channelling is a bit foreign to me.
            I’d be happy to do the copyediting for you if you like. It would only take me as long as it takes to re-read it. Just let me know; I’d be happy to help out. Oh, and yes I can write a review of it on my blog. 😉


          2. Gary Leigh Avatar

            It’s an interesting question, really. I really don’t know if my guide is actually human, or has just taken human from. It’s one of those questions I tend to skirt my mind around.

            Any help with editing is always greatly appreciated. If you really don’t mind, then I’d welcome it. I can send you the word version so you could just update as you go alone if you like. Let me know.

            Thanks, again.


          3. Julianne Victoria Avatar

            Editing would be very easy for me (a language nerd). Yes, if you could send it as a Word doc that would be great: juliannevictoria@live.com


  10. Heather Avatar

    This is a WONDERFUL guide book and I highly recommend anyone who thinks they are an Empath to read it! The validation alone is extremely comforting. Thank you Gary for your selfless act of sharing and all you do to support your fellow Empaths 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks, Heather, appreciate the support 🙂


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