Soul Mates: The romantic soul mate or duets.

You meet someone and you instantly click with them.  It may be love at first sight, or at least at first touch. They make you feel great and they feel fantastic with you, too.

Yes, you have met your soul mate and fallen in love and everything is blissful, at least for the first eighteen or so months.

After that, the shine starts to wear off and you start to see all those faults that you’ve ignored till now because they didn’t matter to you.

Over time, the romance is dead, the passion is gone, and you’re partnered with someone who you can no longer stand.

You may even criticize everything they do and say and put them down in front of others.

Sound familiar to anyone?

What has happened to your ‘forever’? How did the dream become your personal nightmare?

If you were soul mates, how come you now hate each other?

The short answer is that you were not actually soul mates, but two people who matched each other’s frequencies or vibrational levels.

They created a connection with each other and shifted their thoughts, actions and vibrational levels to match each other.

The soul mate connection that a couple feels occurs when they are both in harmony with each other’s energies.

Any Empath will know that they can pick up on such things, and they may also find it possible to adjust on the fly to match an energy that makes them feel good and they want around them.

To use an analogy, it’s like two people singing a song, and they merge to create a duet that complement each other.  However, this may not be the songs they normally sing, and after a while, they revert back to their own melodies, which may end up sounding like a discordant mash-up.

Any relationship does not have to be bad, though, but it can become so if one or both of the partners are looking to see what they can get out of the other person, rather than what they can contribute as a whole.

Being connected, and staying connected is important, and that means doing things together and spending quality time together, even if it’s just eating dinner at the table and setting aside one day for each other each week.

Remember, people came in and out of your lives all the time. There is no law or rule that states that your feelings must last forever, and it’s rare that they actually do.

Often one of the partners ends up wanting something different out of life, or they wish to experience what it’s like with someone else.  That’s when they start singing a new song, and sometimes that song ends up attracting someone new.

Sometimes they are different, but more likely than not, they will be along the same lines. In any case, the duet you were singing together will both become solos.

It does not follow that you’ve failed or you’ve done something wrong when you find those intense feelings are no longer there.  You might want to desperately recapture those feelings, but unless there is a concerted effort on both parties part, it’s unlikely to ever happen. At least, not in this life time.)

Take the gift you’ve had from that relationship and bless it. Try not to let it hurt you or make you bitter. Easier said than done, of course.

The romantic soul mate connection can be, and is exciting. It’s energizing and your entire world can feel wonderful.  Just remember that it may not last as long as you think it might and once you get to know the real person, then you can decide just how much of a soul mate they are to you.

Remember, you can have many soul mates within your life time.

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