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Soul mates – Twin souls or the other half of me

Twin Souls

Many of us have heard of the twin soul and many more are in search of theirs.

But what exactly is a twin soul? It is said to be the other half of your soul aspect. Whereas you’ve incarnated as a male or female (or maybe both or neither!) the other half is the other part of who you are.

As a general rule, and from my observations, it’s actually very rare for both soul aspects to be born at the same time.

However, it wouldn’t be unusual to mistake a soul mate as a twin soul.

In theory, finding the other half of your soul essence sounds like a wonderful thing to happen to you. It would make you feel complete and you would be in harmony with the other person’s ideas and desires.

That’s the fantasy.

The reality is a little different, though.

Should you come across your literal other half, it will feel like two magnets pulling each other together. There will most likely be sexual energy on a very intense level, and it will be very hard to resist, even if you’re already in a relationship.

Now, I can’t speak for others of course, but I can speak for myself, and the experiences I’ve had in regards to this.

I don’t normally share this story, but I figured what the hey:  I’m trying to illustrate a point here.

My twin soul hasn’t actually incarnated at this time that I’m aware of, but it would seem that she has been using Avatars:  That is, women who carry her energies.

I first noticed this around the year 2000, where I met someone, who happened to be local and felt this crazy energy connection with her.  On top of that, she looked amazing and was irresistibly beautiful.  Being married at the time, she was very hard to resist, but I can claim to have resisted.  Interesting enough, someone had told her that we had been brother and sister in a past life. In any case, I stopped seeing her as a friend, and we drifted apart.

The same thing occurred a couple of years later, where this lady I knew online made the same energetic connections with me. It didn’t matter that she was in a different country, the pull was just as strong, and was just as hard to resist.  Also, the same intense physical attraction was there, too.

At the time, she claimed she loved me so much that it hurt, but as I still married (in spite of my relationship being on the outs by then) I didn’t feel it was right to do anything.

What was interesting about this case, though, was soon after, she told me that what was causing her intense feeling was that an insane spirit that loved me had attached herself to her, and using her to get to me.  With the help of one of her psychic friends, she had managed to remove it, and the feeling left her.

I shrugged, thought nothing of it, and carried on.  We did try to see if there was a chance for a relationship after I separated, but it didn’t work out as she become almost psychotic in nature and seemed to drain my energies.

Then a year later, another lady appeared who I was drawn to in the same way. Except she was in a relationship she felt she had to deal with, and said she couldn’t talk to me because a connection formed that her partner would feel and call her on.

She was adamant, though, she had been my sister in a past life and we had children together.

The same type of thing happened three more times, and curiously enough, it was right after I met my current partner. Same pull, same attraction, same energies

I thought to myself, okay, I’m not that good looking and this is too good to be true. Something is clearly going on here.

However, it wasn’t until 2012 that I finally understood what.

Next: What was going on.


Soul Mates: The romantic soul mate or duets.

You meet someone and you instantly click with them.  It may be love at first sight, or at least at first touch. They make you feel great and they feel fantastic with you, too.

Yes, you have met your soul mate and fallen in love and everything is blissful, at least for the first eighteen or so months.

After that, the shine starts to wear off and you start to see all those faults that you’ve ignored till now because they didn’t matter to you.

Over time, the romance is dead, the passion is gone, and you’re partnered with someone who you can no longer stand.

You may even criticize everything they do and say and put them down in front of others.

Sound familiar to anyone?

What has happened to your ‘forever’? How did the dream become your personal nightmare?

If you were soul mates, how come you now hate each other?

The short answer is that you were not actually soul mates, but two people who matched each other’s frequencies or vibrational levels.

They created a connection with each other and shifted their thoughts, actions and vibrational levels to match each other.

The soul mate connection that a couple feels occurs when they are both in harmony with each other’s energies.

Any Empath will know that they can pick up on such things, and they may also find it possible to adjust on the fly to match an energy that makes them feel good and they want around them.

To use an analogy, it’s like two people singing a song, and they merge to create a duet that complement each other.  However, this may not be the songs they normally sing, and after a while, they revert back to their own melodies, which may end up sounding like a discordant mash-up.

Any relationship does not have to be bad, though, but it can become so if one or both of the partners are looking to see what they can get out of the other person, rather than what they can contribute as a whole.

Being connected, and staying connected is important, and that means doing things together and spending quality time together, even if it’s just eating dinner at the table and setting aside one day for each other each week.

Remember, people came in and out of your lives all the time. There is no law or rule that states that your feelings must last forever, and it’s rare that they actually do.

Often one of the partners ends up wanting something different out of life, or they wish to experience what it’s like with someone else.  That’s when they start singing a new song, and sometimes that song ends up attracting someone new.

Sometimes they are different, but more likely than not, they will be along the same lines. In any case, the duet you were singing together will both become solos.

It does not follow that you’ve failed or you’ve done something wrong when you find those intense feelings are no longer there.  You might want to desperately recapture those feelings, but unless there is a concerted effort on both parties part, it’s unlikely to ever happen. At least, not in this life time.)

Take the gift you’ve had from that relationship and bless it. Try not to let it hurt you or make you bitter. Easier said than done, of course.

The romantic soul mate connection can be, and is exciting. It’s energizing and your entire world can feel wonderful.  Just remember that it may not last as long as you think it might and once you get to know the real person, then you can decide just how much of a soul mate they are to you.

Remember, you can have many soul mates within your life time.

Next: The Twin Soul.

Soul mates – Introduction or if we’re all one, then how come I feel separate?

What is a soul mate?

You hear the term bandied around a lot, especially when people meet and fall in love.

They are each other’s soul mate and it will last forever.

Except it doesn’t.

Ever wondered why that is? Ever thought, well, if they are soul mates, how come they now hate each other?

I’m going to look at my understanding of what soul mates are, the different types, and why they may not always be a good thing to be with.

From what I understand, there are three types of soul mates. (There may be more, however I’ll focus on what I know.)

  • The Romantic Soul Mate
  • The Twin Soul Mate
  • The Family Soul Mate

Before we start, let’s look at what the soul is.

If you believe in a soul, then we can define it as that essence that gives life to a body. It’s the ‘you’ that houses the body.

Generally, it is said that we are all one, and all is contained within that oneness. That means that there is only one soul and everything that exists is a part of that soul.

We are all aspects of that one soul. The illusion is that we are all individual and separate from each other.

That’s how it should be so we can experience ourselves in relationship to all the other parts so we can know who we are in the presence of what we are not.

If that sounds complex, just remember that light can only know itself when there is dark around it.

(Also, if you accept the we are all one idea, and then everyone is just you in another form, even those you dislike.)

In this series, I’m going to take a look at soul mates and why things are not always what they appear to be.

Though soul mates sounds like a very romantic thing to experience, and what everyone is looking for, the reality may be a little different.

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