Past lives – I want to know who I was or is that really a good idea?

download“I used to believe in reincarnation, but that was in my last life. “ – Author Unknown.

Past lives tend to be somewhat controversial. They are hard to prove and just as hard to disprove.

Many faiths accept that they are real and really, if they weren’t, it wouldn’t make a lick of sense no matter which way you cut it.

This isn’t a debate about if reincarnation is real or not. For the purpose of this exercise, let’s assume they are (and there is plenty of evidence out there to support this.)

This is about remembering those lives.

For those who believe in past lives, there is a fascination about them.  They want to know who they were and what they did, and if they were a figure of historical significance.

Some may choose to go to a past life reader or do a hypnotic regression.

They want to know when they were born, where they lived and if they were someone famous.

Interestingly enough, a lot of people seem to discover that they were. While it’s possible that one soul may have many aspect to it (that is, one soul can send down many avatars if itself as incarnations), it’s also unlikely that they were just a few dozen people from our history.

Still, there are ways of finding out, past life regression being the most common.

Now, as tempting as it is to know who you were, and as fun as it may sound: My advice on doing so is: Don’t!

There’s a reason we don’t remember our past lives.

I have come across quite a few people who claim to remember who they were in past lives and some of them have had difficulty with the knowledge and information they recalled.

It is interesting to note that their memories appear to synchronize with the memories of others, which could mean that they are either feeding of each other’s ideas or what they remember may have really happened.

Shared memories are very intriguing, especially when they happen to be specific events about something you would not consider normally.

If they have arrived at the same memories independently, it lends credence that it the events may have well happened.

Very often, though, such things can become a burden especially when the memories are traumatic.

I’ve known a few people who have been overwhelmed with guilt due to the things they remember doing.

Next: Shared memories.

15 thoughts on “Past lives – I want to know who I was or is that really a good idea?

      1. ok I get them quit a bit and I got one again Thursday. Telling me a story of what happened to a past husband. It came about when I started dating again. So I know it was a warning or a telling of what I was looking for in a partner


      2. Much more rapport I am innciled to focus more about my relationship with this person instead of my relationship with only myself. My boyfriend and I’ve got a relationship that grows more powerful, but I wish to grow being an individual too. Have you got any tips about the way i can spend some time on myself while still maintaining a proper relationship with my boyfriend?We spend considerable time together, so when we are not together he’s usually on my small mind.


  1. past life memories just come…people, places…and not only from the immediate past life but the lives before that as well, randomly, in no particular order. at times you just ‘recognize’ people from the previous birth associations even though they might be oblivious to the fact…


  2. Interesting post Gary. I have discovered a few past lives through regression. At a past life group regression I discovered that another participant and I had shared a previous life. We only discovered this while talking about our experiences following the session.. Interestingly, the difficulty we had encountered in our relationship in the previous life (I worked as a seamstress for her) carried through into this life. There was always tension (excuse the pun) between us. We had a good laugh about it. .


    1. Yes, it’s is certainly interesting how past tensions do carry over.

      What is unresolved remained unresolved until it is resolved. They are karmic bonds that tied people together until they are closed.


  3. you know that with me. 😛 However it leaves open to discuss how do you know yourself as a being and if their are many avatars of you then are you really you? Also how do we know we are going to another life as well? I have been thinking about that recently how do you proof reincarnation and how do you know where you are going.


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