Past lives – Remembering them or more dramas than a soapie.

There are various methods of remembering such things, including meditation and past life regression.

I believe that when you go about it in that manner, you not only risk awakening traumatic memories, but you may not remember them correctly.

This may occur because what you remember may not be the full story, or even the entire memory of those events.

When things are remembered out of context, everything takes on a completely different meaning.

As mentioned, you can also awakened past resentments and dramas, though this may occur regardless.

If you’ve ever met someone you’ve instantly disliked, it may be due to some past life conflict. The same goes for those you feel an instant connection to. They may have been family, friend or lovers in a past life.

There is also a school of thought that suggests that because you knew someone in a past life; it means you must connect them with them in this one.

This is akin to saying that you knew Mr. Blogs from accounting in another part of your work place, so you should connect with him outside of the office.

Realistically, that’s not how it works, of course.

There is a reason why we don’t remember our past lives before we are ready. We are meant to live this life, unhampered by the baggage of the past.

Each life is a fresh, new start, and we are meant to forget everything we ever knew.

Free will dictates that we can choose to remember if we wish, though generally, in our greater wisdom when we are spirit deciding on what life we will be born to, we know it’s not a wise choice.

Watching my own soul family squabble over past grievances feels like watching your kids having an argument. I end up just shaking my head most of the time, knowing there isn’t anything I can do, as the past is the past, and it’s who and what we are being now that really matters.

When you are ready, those past life memories will return, normally spontaneously. Sometimes someone will help you to remember, or jog the memory, though beware… it is extremely easy to be subject to suggestions and remember something that did not actually occur.

As always, go on your feelings. If they don’t feel right, then something isn’t right. This goes for when they do feel right.


3 responses to “Past lives – Remembering them or more dramas than a soapie.”

  1. Heather Avatar

    Gary, I couldn’t agree with you more on this! We are here living “this” life and here to discover who we really are. Truth be told, it matters not what you did or who you were in one of your hundreds of past lives. If it is distracting you from discovering who you really are in THIS life, then remembering is not serving your purpose. Create this reality on new choices coming from a place of love and quit recreating those past life choices that were made in fear.
    For me personally, everything I know comes not from what I remember of a past life, but what I “feel” on a deep soul level. Everything any of us need to know is already within you and you don’t need to keep watching old reruns to figure out what to do next.
    Just my opinion of course….it certainly has served me abundantly in this life 🙂


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Well said.

      This is the moment we recreate ourselves anew.


  2. Colleen Avatar

    I find past that past lives show up in present form anyway. For instances I have had several Disney fandom past lives. It is apparent in my love of Disney. My struggle with the life i am trying to develop reminds me of the past lives I have unfinished or unhealed business to do.

    I know that I am on the right track when things are apparent in concrete form in my life again.


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