Otherkin: Myth or fact?

Chinese Dragon QM-r

In this life’s journey, I’ve come across a lot of people who claim they are not fully human. They are classed as otherkin.

That is: a creature that inhabits a human body.

There are those who claim to be vampires, gargoyles, dragons, phoenixes and god knows what else.

On the surface, it sounds preposterous and really, I have always had a hard time swallowing many of the claims people make.

Still, there are dozens of people who I personally know who makes such claims.

And to be fair, for nigh on 25 years, my guides, and many others claim that I’m a phoenix spirit in a human body.

I go back and forth on this, as you might expect, but those who know me have no doubt as to the truth of it.

That said, some of you might be wondering if I actually believe in dragons, phoenii, unicorns or whatever.

I think the best way I can explain is like this.

The soul is not a representation of the body. I believe that it is the other way around.

The shape, the look, the form and what radiates are reflections of that soul aspect. It is reflecting the energy contained within.

Beings such as dragons, phoenii, or even dogs and cats are just labels. They are names for the manifestation of energy we can see.

For example, a dragon would take on a particular shape that not only defines what it looks like, but also reflects its nature and what it can do.

If it looks menacing and powerful, it’s because it’s a reflection of the soul and energy within.

Of course, I doubt anyone has seen a dragon in the flesh, so to speak, but there are certainly plenty of representations of them about.

Even colours can tell you a lot as they represent various vibrations.

Each colour has its own properties. In general, though, the lighter, clearer and brighter the colour, the higher and more spiritual the soul is.

From my studies, I’ve come to the conclusion that when certain breeds become extinct, it may well be due to the group soul evolving to a new level.

Or maybe it may have manifested itself on another place or time.

One example is birds. Some are said to descended from dinosaurs. The hummingbird, according to some esoteric sources, is said to have once been a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This shows how the spirit has evolved from almost one extreme to another.

I do believe that mythical creatures exist, but they exist as a representation of certain energies. They are just labels that we use to name and identify.

Everything exists on some level.



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9 responses to “Otherkin: Myth or fact?”

  1. Bret-Founder Avatar

    Reblogged this on projectsiriusckw and commented:
    A great peice for this who think they are destined for something more.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thank you so much!


  2. Bret-Founder Avatar

    Oddly enough I have been told I am different from well over a dozen different elementals, energies and even other gifted individuals. This article really hit it home. I too never fit in anywhere. I always enjoyed my own company as it was less stressful and hiking. I liked to and still to this day do listen to nature, the animals, earth, the energies. I recall being called something I couldn’t pronounce. Perhaps this was the simplified variation. Not sure but thanks again Gary, much appreciated for the great information. Certainly made my day with this.

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    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      You’re welcome. There are more out there than people might think 🙂

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  4. Colleen Avatar

    This is truth however earth is a hub planet many come here to learn to experience being human even without the being born human part. It was more prevelant during the Reinassance era and has become less and less throughout the years. That’s why their was another big “Spiritual Era” during that time and the art is even shown through mythology creatures.

    When I speak of myself I personally say that I am human now and that’s really all that matters now even though its not the complete truth but its the truth now. I had a huge discussion about this with a pleaidian once and I was trying to explain to him all of this. However I don’t think he quit understood me.He’s still kinda stuck in the old pleadian doctrines though so that didn’t help.

    Well this was a very sheldon moment….


  5. vwoopvwoop Avatar

    i really like this interpretation. and what you said about extinct species being energies that have evolved in form, is lovely.

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  6. greg Avatar

    I actually can understand the statement. Many times in my life I’ve felt I was sent here more less on a mission. Many times I feel more like I am an experiencer. Feel like I’ve gained a lot of experiences but not completed yet. Not sure if anybody can relate to this. Almost like i’m not living life for my own
    purpose but a universal purpose maybe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      I’m pretty sure many would be able to relate to this.

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