I am not an animal, I’m a human being… or am I?

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Over the years, I’ve notice that people, in general, tend to react to me in various ways.

I seem to make many of them uneasy. Some instantly hate me (even if we never spoke) and some just seem to click with me. Not too many seem to be indifference to me.

Someone made a comment to me the other day that I don’t seem human at times.

It was an interesting comment that made me think.

Fact is: I’ve never felt ‘human’. By that, I mean, I’ve never felt I’ve fitted in. Even growing up, I couldn’t connect to others. I didn’t appear to have the same type of filters my peers and family did.

I didn’t have the same interest or awareness that other appeared to have. I spent most of the time in my mind and was often yelled at for being oblivious. (As though yelling was going to change that.)

As I grew older, I tried to fit in, but it just looked awkward and I felt there was always this invisible barrier between me and everyone else. I was always the odd person out and never invited to parties or to hang out with others.

When I did try to make the effort to mix, it just didn’t work.

I could put it down to my family life, which was traumatic, but lots of others had that, too, and they functioned with their peers just fine.

I made friends once I hit 16 years of age and seemed to be accepted more, however I still did not fit in. In fact, it got worse. I was labelled as weird, but at the same time, more and more people were drawn to me.  Some of them were almost obsessed with me.

Throughout it all, I never felt like I belonged. I felt terribly alone, and was always on the lookout for soul family members. That is: people who were not my blood family, but connected to me.

I don’t know how, but I knew they were out there, but how I was to find them eluded me.

When it comes down to it, I don’t think I feel what being human would feel like. I don’t experience lust and addictions, (unless you count chocolate). I have no interest in clubs, pubs, drinking, drugs, gangs, groups, etc. I don’t even see death in the same way others do.  Never have.

I did try. I would go to parties, joined my friends at nightclubs, tried discos (back in the 70s) and even went to a pub or two.

All were torture.

It’s hard for an Empath to describe what it’s like, but imagine yourself in a plastic bubble that is being buffeted by high winds from all direction. Add to that an inflatable hood that’s over your head, and the pressure is pumped up too high.  So you feel blocked off but overwhelmed. You can’t really function and the best you can do is nod and smile when someone tries to talk to you.

That’s how it is for me. It’s doubly worse because I didn’t have any interest in being in those places in the first place, but thought I should try them. I thought, hey, maybe it will be fun. It wasn’t. All I wanted to do was get the hell out at the first opportunity.

I always wondered to myself, do people actually enjoy these things? Are they really having a good time? What draws them back night after night? I didn’t understand back then and I still don’t understand today.

I’m sure I’m not alone here. There are people who class themselves as Otherkin and some who believe they are Starseeds.  And though I’ve never seen myself as those things, I certainly fit most of the signs they mention.

Being human is more than just being in a human body. At least, that’s what I feel.

How many reading this have felt the same way? Please feel free to comment.

33 thoughts on “I am not an animal, I’m a human being… or am I?

  1. I’m definitely a molecular empath. Although, I haven’t told anyone publicly. I automatically “know people” at a soul level. I’m still becoming more skilled with transitioning to a plane that more effectively connects with them because my gifts are only valuable to the other when they are enabled to retain the insights I provide for them.

    In business with people I consider “teammates,” I’ve learned to point out when I bring them an uber valuable insight that will lead to success for them because if I don’t, then they easily forget the source of the progress began through me. I naturally see opportunities for anyone or any business I understand to greatly progress, but I rarely share this information because there isn’t anything in it for me to do so, especially in business. I’m in a program now that specializes in enabling me to actually offer someone a product rather than simply “knowing I can enhance them” (them sensing it) yet me not giving them a simple offering for us both to mutually benefit one another. Being a molecular empath is nothing to brag about because “with greater power comes greater responsibility.”

    Awesome article! I’d love to connect with anyone here. 💪 I’m “Solution Shay” on all of my social media and site. For FB, I am Shay Dawkins. Feel free to message me and let’s find ways to enhance one another! 💥💥


  2. In my opinion people that need to go to pubs or disco’s all the time are actually doing it because they are MISSING something inside themselves. LOVE. They are out seeking to fill the empty space in their souls and they’re not even aware that it’s lack of love. Most people do not know REAL love, I do. I hope someday soon I will find the right people on my wave length. For now I am being barraged with people pretending to like me then after I unconsciously mirror their FECES back to them, they run for the hills. Why do they run for the hills? My opinion is that they do not like seeing themselves in the mirror. I have seen myself in the mirror. It was a humbling experience about 15 years ago and thank God that I did. I am not a faker, pretender like most people. I never have been. I am a humble, moral woman that knows how to acknowledge fault/mistakes and strive to do better, always. I am getting sick and tired of people looking at me funny when I am not doing a fucking thing to them. I am just being ME. I don’t intentionally hurt anyones feelings. I am fucking sick of being a fucking psychic empath, or whatever other kind of empath there is.I just want to fly away….(crying) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!goodbye


  3. I have a blog as my husband and I live in a spirit occupied home…..to be kind most would say it’s haunted…we almost moved in the beginning . ….it was like a dream come true for me….but my husband not at all….we actually had bids accepted on 2 other homes both had bad titles…..it is liked we weren’t meant to leave…it could go on about this but you could check out my blog if you have an interest….it guess I started with that because I feel like I live with kindred spirits..pun intended….my childhood and young adult life was the same…never felt part of groups prefer 1 to 1 conversation…quiet…ambient lit areas…ambient night time…I self medicated with alcohol just to get the guts to go out with friends, they liked clubs..concerts…parties etc….always felt the same at work…though I know I was creative and great at my job…..many Co workers would be polite but not include me in things….I have gotten past most of that and am still learning but now my past and current feelings and experiences make much more sense.

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  4. Im the worst joiner on the planet. Responding to your article took some careful consideration as well….Having said that, I completely understand and would like to ackwnowledge complete amazement at the similarities to my own crazy world. Where are we all? Its like finding a needle in a haystack trying to connect to someone who dosent have an agenda or some other maniacal pursuit.
    I agree as well with people who have commented about nature ( animals and such). That is where my comfort is, that is where I understand fully who I am. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and to those invisible ones that lead me to read it.


  5. I also need to charge alone but the right people will also charge me but that tends to be in the comfort of my home. My father taught me to whisper to his little dog. She truly loves it! When I tell her I know who she really is – she is an Angel assisting my parents – she just glows with adoration for me. She needs to be acknowledged for her work every now and again.

    When I’ve worked in offices I try to educate people to the fact that being loving to their computer will be really helpful to it’s good health and functioning ability. Everyone who travels in my car with me comments on how good she feels. I’m always telling her she is a good girl and how grateful I am to her for her mechanical abilities.

    I’m so happy to be understanding myself in new ways! Thank you to all Empaths who know themselves – I feel connected to almost everything. Sometimes that is very challenging but becoming less so as I awaken to and understand the skill.

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  6. spiritual being and yeah awakened, still i don’t fit in any form or name but just awakened to universe all put together. And introvert, this must be due to my way understanding life. People talk very much but only about small talks like what is happening in someone’s house or to someone which is useless to me. I am very much interested in topics like other worlds, about nature and to solve problems on pollution problems and on eco-friendly yet advanced technology. And if i open my mouth on that, i bet these un-awakened spirits may get freaked out and i don’t want to scare them .. lol. Not even my family members knew about me, that i don’t fit as their own child as daughter to them, still for sake of love and respect i satisfy my-self as their child and citizen of Earth if not from any particular place. They don’t know what i did in my dreams being wild flyer and to how many beings i channeled, no idea and after 2012 instant awakening process, now i understood my “mission”, a mission made by my will (my mind) to help my people and Earth to ascend and be high frequency being. i healed my-self, still with positive mind and indirectly influencing other by online and directly by my presence of now but not by force, so waiting when they question me, i will give them the right answers. And if they don’t want to ascend and still wanted to remain in their “fear”, and in accustomed to 3d, then i cannot force them, so just in my mission to heal whole planet and same time to help the needed, if not all. But i knew our future is becoming more natural & original forever. I am happy to live in this century very much & satisfied of my birth.

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  7. Thank you so much for starting this blog. Your article fits me so well that I had written it myself I wouldn’t have changed a word. It’s so refreshing to know there are others out there just like me. I have just come to realize that I am empathic. For the longest time I thought I was slightly telepathic. However, I just had the mother of all empathic experiences that put everything into perspective. For the past two years I have had a 25 year old male plugged into my head. I was no longer even me. I couldn’t control it or shield myself from it. I believe this was a spiritual lesson to fully understand the possibilities in the most extreme empathic of experiences that I will be sharing with others. The lesson is complete, and for the past two days I have been me again and have started researching empathy. Your website hit my “right on” vibe, and I am looking forward to reading your guidebook. It would be nice to hear stories of some of your own personal experiences or the experiences of others.

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    1. You’re welcome Kim. I’m glad you can relate and know you are not alone.

      With nearly 200 posts on this blog now, you will certainly find a lot of my experiences if you’re interested. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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    2. U r very right. I am that same dude. People think i am very patience and silent, but i just get bored by normal life or i sit anywhere for mare than 1 hour just like that. I use this google and other like minded networks and if still got bored i just go out and help or observe mostly animals and plants, if not humans as they may feel weird, so i just do what i love like exercises or tai chi tricks alone. It refreshes me and focused to my mission of my love..ha ha. My life now became too magical and full of amazed, satisfied. love it 🙂 I am in two jobs, for my sake for wages to technical jobs, and other spiritual and advanced civilization searches, so on.

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  8. Wow, could I relate to this post! Experiencing the same, has had a huge effect on all of my relationships, including my marriage; though my husband is open to trying to understand, and embrace my ‘weirdness’, as he calls it. I’m glad that you wrote this, and it’s relieving to know I’m not alone in it. I have a long way to go, so much to learn about what being an Empath means in daily life, and how to somehow manage always feeling overwhelmed. I’m glad that I’ve found your page, and this blog… Thank you for sharing : )


  9. I found this article very interesting. I have always felt odd. Very close to my dogs. Always had to have one and they always become insanely attached to me. I have always felt like I could feel the mood of others. Intense ones often caused me a lot of mental hurt even if they weren’t directed towards me. I don’t have a problem being in groups. Quite the opposite it is almost like a high to be in the middle of a crowd of people dancing.


    1. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I’ve had people tell me they like groups. That’s why I speculated if it’s to do with the energy of the group, and wonder if it would be the same with people they can’t connect with. 🙂


  10. As I read your post it fully occurred to me just how two-fold of a being I am. Being Anna. . .all I know is I am a being who exists in this human form. It was so frustrating me for so long and the point of people evaded me as well. I have recognized that as much as I have often wanted to run from people I am also the person people run to and want to be around, and when I am supported, wanted, appreciated and recognized I am the best host of any event. . .
    The times I appreciated people less are also the times I was most closed up emotionally. Turns out I can turn off and not feel at all. . .but then, I don’t do much good. I turned off to protect myself because all who said they loved me hurt me emotionally and I already felt the truth behind their jokes and snide comments and especially behind their lies of love.
    How often have I heard “you are making this up!” or over-exaggerating, esp when catching someone in a lie. I finally learned that when I stuttered the most or fumbled in speech that it was when I was attempting communication with a liar. Because there is no talking to that.
    I ‘appear’ to be a ‘normal’ highly functioning member of society. . .but I have no idea how to function in it. On top of that I was raised to be a doormat of a wife and not to worry about such things. AYE!!
    How our society functions does not resonate on a peaceful level with me. It is so messed up.
    I struggle daily to just be me, I purpose to. . .especially now with having children who are just as unique as I. . .
    I want to be a part of this society, but how? This is my current status. . .soon. . .I will fit, in my way, on my terms. .. and then, I will be normal. .. for me.


    1. I think, the most frustrating thing, is the lack of validation on what you feel and what you know. As though people feel qualified to judge and comment on what you see. The human race seems good at doing that.


      1. Yes, so frustrating. Always I was told to ignore my instincts and every time I did I’d feel myself knot up inside and shut down. Still, just recently, I’ve friends who get the vulnerability I feel with credibility. They do validate my emotions and it’s painful too. Because I doubt my trust in people’s intent.
        Am realizing a lot of things in this moment. . .too intense to write. Just nice, always is, to meet others of a similar kind.


        1. Yes, so frustrating. Always I was told to ignore my instincts and every time I did I’d feel myself knot up inside and shut down. Still, just recently, I’ve friends who get the vulnerability I feel with credibility. They do validate my emotions and it’s painful too. Because I doubt my trust in people’s intent.
          Am realizing a lot of things in this moment. . .too intense to write. Just nice, always is, to meet others of a similar kind.


  11. An article in the current issue of “Reading Life Deeper Newsletter” addresses the issue of Empaths who relate to Animals in this way. Other “exotic empath” types are also addressed. I will post information about the world-renown author and Empath, Rose Rosetree, in a separate entry. Enjoy the article:
    Exotic Forms of Empath Talent©
    Copyright© 2013 Rose Rosetree

    An empath is someone with at least one significant gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be another person. Just because you are an empath does not mean that you have the same gifts as other empaths.

    With this chapter, you get to expand your definition of “Another person.” Here’s a hint: Not necessarily human.

    Medical Empath Talent

    Medical Empath talent means an ability to diagnose illness through direct personal experience.
    Far more famous today is being a medical intuitive, which is altogether different. So let’s make a distinction right off between that psychic specialty versus being a Medical Empath.
    Medical intuitives are psychics who specialize in receiving health-related information. In this this type of psychic reading, they investigate the client’s problems, energetically staying within their own personal boundaries. Famous medical intuitives are Caroline Myss, Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, and Edgar Cayce.
    Psychics, not empaths. Take Myss as an example. I have read her aura from photos and videotape; her energetic boundaries are as crisp as her no-nonsense delivery as a speaker.
    Delightful as this is, can you appreciate how this differs from what an empath does? Medical Empaths, skilled or unskilled, energetically merge with their clients.

    When this gift allows a skilled Medical Empath to impart diagnostic information, the information might seem identical to advice from a medical intuitive-type psychic. However, the process of gaining knowledge is way more personal.

    Animal Empath Talent

    Animal Empath talent allows you to experience from the inside what it is like to be a member of the animal kingdom.

    One famous example is horse whisperer Monty Roberts, who has worked with more than 10,000 four-legged clients. Part of the inspiration for the novel The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans, Roberts has developed Join-Up, a nonviolent method of “starting” horses rather than “breaking” them. “Join-Up” could be considered a systematic use of Animal Empath talent.

    Roberts calls the silent language of horses Equus; he teaches how to speak it through eye contact and body language. Yet I suspect that the power of his teaching comes primarily from the empath talent he has fine-tuned by speaking Equus. Roberts has trained hundreds of other horse whisperers.

    If you’re an Animal Empath, you may prefer whispering to cats or dogs or pigs. Whatever your creature of choice, you understand how it is to be that animal.

    Plant Empath Talent

    Among gardeners and great cooks, a small but fascinating minority have Plant Empath Talent. You might have it exclusively with one type of growing thing, like basil or roses; or maybe you have it with every plant on God’s green earth.

    Either way, having the gift means that you can join in consciousness with things that grow. Through consciousness, you enter into their slowly throbbing bodies and know what it is like to be them.

    Note: This gift is not the same as merely talking to your plants, commendable though that may be. Can you feel from the inside out what it is to be a particular plant? That’s the requirement for your being able to call yourself a Plant Empath.

    Crystal Empath Talent

    Yes, it is possible to be an empath for the mineral kingdom, too. How useful to complement skill sets like crystal healing, making jewelry, selling jewelry, and geology!

    Crystal Empaths, like famed crystal healer Katrina Raphaell, can travel into the consciousness of semi-precious and precious stones, polished gems, and crystals.

    Attuning to precious stones through empath talent is not the same as good taste in jewelry… nor like the kind of bad taste that demands wearing no fewer than 20 rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets at every opportunity.

    What happens if you do a Skilled Empath Merge with a diamond? You, too, may be in for a surprise. Then go on to sample quartz crystals, calcites, pearls, amethysts. Have an empath talent party and jewelry festival wrapped up into one!

    Environmental Empath Talent

    Being a nature lover has little to do with this empath gift. Being a nature lover is great, and something you can cultivate if you like. By contrast, what happens for your whole life, like it or not, if you have been born with Environmental Empath Talent?

    You have a gift for linking your consciousness with the body of Mother Earth. One way to tell if you have this gift is to remember what happens when you walk in nature.

    Most people see or smell or touch or taste… while consciousness stays right on the surface of physical reality. Travel provides us with plenty to enjoy on life’s glorious surface. But swapping around new objects of your senses to replace same-old, same-old? That does not qualify as making a shift to your consciousness.

    With Environmental Empath Talent, you find that you feel differently when located in a forest, ocean, mountain, or desert. As you hike, does it thrill you to move from one ecological system, or neighborhood, to another? Do the smells, the plants, the animals stop you in your tracks, making you a captive to wonder?

    There’s also a downside. For an unskilled empath with Environmental Empath Talent, you may have suffered for years without knowing the real energetic cause.

    Until you get yourself skills, you will suffer needlessly, depending on how much talent you have as an Environmental Empath. Aware of the cause or not. Aware of the suffering at a conscious level, or not.

    Mechanical Empath Talent

    In olden days, you might travel by horse. You might know a few horses quite well. Today you are more likely to own a car.

    Many helpers are owned by you. Not necessarily chickens, goats, or horses but a mobile phone, a computer and TV and a refrigerator.

    Each machine has its own consciousness, much like a farm animal. Its mechanical body works a certain way. That machine has its equivalent of normal health, versus getting sick.

    With Mechanical Empath Talent, you can join in consciousness with machines. You are a natural at making them work, teaming up with them. Perhaps your gift will work better with one type of machine versus another.

    As a result of teaming up with your favorite type of machine, you may feel extra creative or resourceful. You may have just the knack for making it work. As a person, you can learn in abstract ways, related to the specialties of that particular sort of machine

    For an unskilled empath, however, Mechanical Empath Talent can make you susceptible to feel a machine’s glitches, it’s ouches. Not necessarily fun at all.

    When you have skill as an empath, however, this particular talent becomes so worthwhile. Learning, fixing, evolving — and then, when you wish to experience more in terms of consciousness? You can do a very brief, circumscribed Skilled Empath Merge, learning more than ever.

    Empath Talent with Astral Beings

    Because human life includes so many astral-level (subconscious) experiences, it may not surprise you that some empaths are born with a talent for connecting with one or more kinds of astral beings.

    That means connecting in a very personal way, as a direct experience. Which type of astral being might you connect to very easily when you have Empath Talent with Astral Beings?
    •Elementals, nature spirits who could be either elves, devas, fairies, or angels who specialize in protecting Mother Earth.
    •Ghosts, astral entities who reside on earth, a.k.a. Stuck spirits.
    •Collaborating astral entities who visit earth. These beings actively prefer to collaborate with humans in order to reach an audience. Other collaborating astral entities are deceased relatives making an appearance. Mediumship or channeling or other psychic work can be done this way, although sometimes this is done with ghosts instead.

    Besides this Empath Empowerment® Program, I urge anyone with Empath Talent with Astral Beings to develop skills like those in my series of books for healing astral debris, including Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection. These skills of spiritual co-creation are especially important if you have Empath Talent with Astral Beings.

    Spiritual Empath Ability

    Many psychic frequencies exist in the Universe. Then there is the one Divine frequency, Perfection Everywhere Now.

    Some empaths have Spiritual Empath Ability. This is not about connecting in consciousness with Divine Beings, which is a skill anybody can learn. Rather Spiritual Empath Ability brings the direct experience of how another person connects to the Divine.

    Spiritual teachers and healers benefit from this intimate knowing, as do friends and parents and children. Whatever your social roles in life, Spiritual Empath Ability is a magnificent source of learning about the innumerable faces of God… as experienced by people other than yourself.

    What’s not so great? Until you become a skilled empath, you will do innumerable unskilled empath merges. Some of the STUFF you internalize as a result will be other people’s religious fears.

    Many spiritual insecurities are not put into religious language, either. For instance, I have found with clients in my healing practice that “I must find my purpose” usually indicates a form of spiritual anxiety.

    As a skilled empath with Spiritual Empath Ability, you will lose a great deal of anxiety. In the past, you may never have considered that this worry came from unskilled empath merges with other people who had problems with religion and spirituality.

    Molecular Empath Ability

    Molecular Empath Ability is rare. And wonderful. However, if you were not born with this gift, there’s no need for envy. As you will soon see.

    Molecular Empath Ability means that the very substance of your aura consists of superfine particles of energy which easily blend into the auras of others at an equally superfine level.

    Therefore, whenever you do a Skilled Empath Merge, you will experience that person or animal or crystal at a deeper level than happens for other types of empath.

    This can come in handy for validating experiences of others. A Molecular Empath will often describe profound things about others that they cannot express for themselves.

    Uniquely a factor with this particular empath gift: Whenever you do an empath merge you effortlessly moves others forward in their spiritual evolution. This happens whether you are skilled yet or not.

    Of course, results are not identically beneficial for the empath. While unskilled, Molecular Empath Ability sets you up for taking on some of the deepest human pain imaginable. As an unskilled empath, you do this unwittingly, one empath merge at a time.

    If you suspect that you carry insecurity due to Molecular Empath Ability, and that motivates you to develop skills, good! The process of becoming skilled is the same for you as for any other empath. You just need those skills more.

    The backlash from people who resist or resent or otherwise lash out at you in your presence? Wow, can that ever sting!

    Concluding This Survey of Empath Gifts

    With this survey nearly complete, Brave Empath, maybe you recognized two or more gifts. Maybe you related to most of them. Or perhaps you only related to one empath gift.

    Regardless, you’re an empath.

    What if you are not sure that you really, truly have one or more empath gifts? Don’t worry. You’re not on the witness stand with Judge Judy.

    All these gifts are subtle. They involve consciousness.

    Empath Empowerment Part ONE means allowing yourself to entertain the idea that you might have one more of these gifts. That will continue as you discover Empath Empowerment Parts TWO and THREE. Everyone must begin somewhere, developing awareness of awareness. You have entered this Empath Empowerment Program from wherever you are in your personal development.
    Remember that sensitivity is not the enemy, ever. Sensitivity just needs to be supported by strength and skills.

    This matters for any Highly Sensitive Person and is especially relevant to every empath on earth.

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      1. I would like to comment on Cat Strasberg’s classification of Empaths: Please, do we not stick enough labels on people already? Divide, separate, isolate. Why do Empaths (or anybody) have to “fit” into a category? Many of us have a bit of ability in many directions, bad enough we scare other people and are held at arms length, bad enough we shine like a beacon at times, bad enough we have to endure and learn to tolerate the vibrations of others so they do not make us sick, and there is much more……. now you put a sticker on our foreheads limiting potential. What a shame, a very narrow though process, it rather ticks me off, but then many things do! 🙂


  12. That’s always been me right there. Even though I’ve always thought myself to be normal,people would still notice that I wasnt acting like how a human should act, as well as other little things here and there. Although I don’t really call myself otherkin, I do identify as something other than human,and so I can understand a little bit of the feelings that you’re feeling. Of course,though, one must always remember that what may be liked by many and seem normal to most,may be different to others, and still be a relatively normal feeling within the human spectrum.


  13. I have spent most of my life trying to fit in and understand why it was so hard to feel ‘normal’. I just thought I was seriously defective and weird. I coped by trying to match myself to others, but it never felt true or genuine to what I felt inside. I loathe big cities, crowds, parties, drinking, large gatherings. I will show up when I have to, but always have an excuse ready for an early exit. I cherish outdoors where I can escape from all man made reminders, and would rather stay home where I feel protected and safe. So nice to know that I can finally be free to be just who I am, we all can! We are all human, yet unique in our own special ways. There may be differences among us, but we all share one binding truth that connects us all. No matter ‘what’ you are, you should be loved and free to be exactly who you are!


  14. I have pretty much felt the same way. I never fit in anything, people always misunderstood me, whenever I tried to make a point in something no one ever listened to me (even if I was right) but when another friend says the same thing (or the media) they all agree, or whenever I did something minor I get in trouble but if another person does the same, they give them an excuse (even they hurt me). I never connected with people…I never felt like I belonged here at all and something always felt off about my life.

    I have recently disconnected myself from a lot of “friends” that never really treated me that well, I have only stuck with the ones that are actually close to me because they understood me and treated me well.I also never understood clubs or anything like that or whats so fun about them, I’m not lustful, I dont like smoking, partying/clubbing etc. I think differently about those things, so in many ways I feel what you feel. Maybe it’s because they have some negative consequences towards them and something tells us to stay away? *shrug*

    Sometimes in my whole life, I actually felt different (besides not belonging) I never felt “human” myself, I feel like I’m something else.


  15. Wow, what a thought-provoking post. Really interesting. Regarding your question about whether others enjoyed going to pubs night after night — I read somewhere the difference between an introvert and an extrovert. An introvert needs to be alone to recharge his or her batteries. An extrovert needs to be with other people to be recharged. I know a doctor who works long, difficult hours caring for one patient right after another. Yet at the end of the day she does not go home. She gathers her friends around her and goes out to pubs. It’s her way of recharging. I am the opposite: I need long hours – even days or weeks – alone in order to fully recharge.
    You have me curious about otherkins so I am off to find out exactly what that is!


    1. Welcome.

      I did a recent post on otherkin. Hopefully you’ll find that of interest, too.

      Interesting about how people recharge. It’s true I need my time alone, but the right people will also help recharge me. Maybe it’s to do with the type of energy they give off?


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