Psychic series: Can we really transmit energy or some dogs are too sensitive

From time to time, I’ve pondered whether we have the ability, as empaths, to send out energy and change how people feel, or even affect the outcome of a situation.

I’ve always been slightly ambivalent about if we really do have that kind of power, in spite of the many instances I’ve experienced that seems we do.

There have been many occasions where people, who are greatly panicked or even in terror, calm immediately down and feel great reassurance when they speak to me.

As far as I’m aware, I don’t actually do anything different, but none the less, they experience this time and time again.

Are we capable of sending energy without meaning to?

Back in 1991, I visited the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, New South Wales. I came across a device that measured your body’s electrical flow. It worked by putting your hands on two metal pads. A meter showed what the current was.

Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name of the device, so my terminology might well be wrong. However, what I found was that if I focused my thoughts to raising the needle, I found that I could move it very high.

By the power of my mind, I was able to direct energy to my hands and adjust the needle at will. The results were clearly and repeatedly shown.

It does seem that, as Empaths (and even non Empaths) we can send control our internal energies and it may follow that we can send certain energies at will.

I’ve found that if I send loving healing thoughts to crying babies, they calm down instantly.

Animals, insects and arachnids seem to respond, too.

Recently, there, was an interesting example. We allow our 14 and a half year old Doberman to sleep with us. Normally, he’ll sense if there’s something negative around us, especially after we turn off the light.

He will make a weird yelp for no apparent reason, and my partner will have me burn sage to clear the energy.

That night, though, I was too tired to get up and do this, so I send my energy to clear the area and also pacify our dog. Next thing I knew, he was snuggling against me, as close as he could get, and did not stop until around 4 a.m.

As this is certainly not typical behaviour from our dog, I can only surmise that he was picking up on my energy, and wanted more of it.

I often wonder just how much out activities influence what is around us. Last night for example, I decided to do some searching on YouTube for any genuine haunting and came across a documentary on the infamous Sallie House. Said to be one of the most haunted places in the world.

Our dog, who normally just lies on the couch sleeping, came up and kept on putting his face on my legs within minutes of me watching. Soon after, he starts giving a weird yelp at the fire place.

I decided to cleanse the area with Sage, and he settled back to normal.

Do we underestimate just how much impact our thoughts and actions have around us? Are we more powerful than we give ourselves credit for?

Some food for thought.

11 thoughts on “Psychic series: Can we really transmit energy or some dogs are too sensitive

  1. I’ve noticed that when I start on my writing work (where the subject is these kinds of beings), there are some definite indications of their presence. If one continues with it, ignoring them, and is at it for long, they definitely create situations where you have to take a break from this research and writing. One of my assignments is being delayed because of this reason. The awkward part is, you can’t tell a publisher “Did I miss the deadline for the ghost book? Oops! but the ghosts aren’t letting me finish!”


      1. You certainly can but it also depends on the tone of the book – whether you are writing it in the first person or then a prefer a neutral tone, where it’s more or less, consciously, an academic kind of writing, which can later be used for serious research by others who wish to pursue their studies in this field.


  2. My daughter invited some very, very nasty energy into our home by watching a scary movie about demons. It was pretty difficult to get out of the house, too. Simple sage didn’t cut it. So now, we’re more aware of how what we watch or read can affect us, the energy around us, and what shows up.


      1. The dog tipped us off. When the energy being attacked the dog, we realized we were dealing with something we’d never seen before. I hadn’t believed such things really existed until then!


  3. I love this article, and can relate to what you describe.
    My children respond in the way your dog does. They know when I need some emotional comfort, and vice versa. One of my boys started projecting energy towards the yappy dogs next door, and they quiet down just for him. I really do believe we can project energy that we generate, and have an effect on those around us.


      1. I had something happen at a concert years ago. I got very angry at someone. Then a friend next to me said they felt the ambient temperature rise by what felt like ten degrees. When I was calmer, the heat went away. Only happened once that was noticeable.


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