Empath series: Beware of the holiday depression or Merry Christmas.

Empath ChatroomIt’s almost Christmas time.

Generally, it’s the period where people are happier and even the more hard-nosed of people tend to mellow out. Families gather, gifts are exchanged and we all eat way too much food.


It’s also a time of great loneliness for many.

There are so many out there who feel lost and alone.

People who may have no one to be with during the holiday period.  Perhaps they have no family. Maybe they don’t feel they have friends. Perhaps they are at the age where everyone has left and all they have are memories of how wonderful things used to be when they were younger.

Maybe things aren’t going well in their life due to work situations, health, money, fears about loved ones or they just don’t feel they fit in and everyone is having one big, joyous party but them.

Even if you’re not a Christian. Even if you’re not religious. That sense of being alone will be intensified during those few weeks.

As Empaths, we are particularly vulnerable to those energies.

As December started, I started to see more and more people comment that they felt something bad was happening and they were feeling down without any obvious reason.

I believe they are picking up on those many others who feel alone.

The holiday season is a very big time for depression and many Empaths can’t wait for it to be done with so things can get back to normal.

For those of you who feel this pain, just remember you are not alone. There are many others out there who feel the same way, and many others who endure what seems like a torturous few weeks.

Just know that there are many ways to connect and support each other such as Empath forums, blogs or chat rooms.

I also have a free ad-free chatroom for this specific purpose. It has been open for the past five or so years. You don’t even need to register to login. You can just type in a name and join as a guest.

This is one of my gifts and services to the Empath community, so if you feel like trying to connect to others, please feel free to visit and say hi.

The room ebbs and flows with the amount of people who are there, but there are certainly people there every day, depending on the time.

Remember, you are not alone, and there is a lot of support for those who seek it.

You can find the Empath Chat Room at this link.

http://www.psi-zone.net/oldchat.html (or just click on the picture above.)

It requires Java to run (as do most chat of this kind.)

You can sign in as a guest by just typing a name into the User Name section or you can register a password protected name by using the ‘create new user account’ link underneath it.

The only rules are courtesy and validation.

Hope we get to see a few there.

15 thoughts on “Empath series: Beware of the holiday depression or Merry Christmas.

  1. Great post and an important reminder to look around and take care of the not so jolly in our community. Actually, one of my favorite Christmas songs is Judy Garland’s rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with that important line toward the end, “Until then, we’ll have to muddle through somehow.”


    1. Yes, that’s certainly a big reason behind it.

      But also, if you’ve suffered trauma, sadness, feelings or guilt, or a sense of being outcast (even when you’re with your family) that will make it an ordeal, too.


  2. I know being Empathic for me is often like drowning in others emotions, it took me a while to realise during certain stages of my life, that not ALL emotions were my own…. We often unconsciously tap into the collective wave of emotional energies.. For me being in large crowds at times if I hadn’t learnt how to shut down and bring around myself protective energies could be very daunting and depressive…
    Being aware we are Energy Beings, where emotions via thoughts transfer if we are tuned into their frequencies I also ‘Feel’ at times the sadness of our Earth Mother or the Joy depending!…

    I think my favourite pass time is linking with the Tree’s.. Have you ever done that?

    I came via Linda’s Reblog… Wishing you well with your Chat room Link…


    1. Trees are amazing if you can link to them. Nature is a amazing if you can do that. It’s a whole other level and there’s this sense of oneness. Some areas just have that kind of energy.


  3. This describes me perfectly every Christmas. But its not just Christmas its from October to the end of December but for some reason New Years doesnt bother me at all. I have always felt from the months of October-December lonely or something bad might happen and I had this feeling since I was a small child, never knew anything about being an empath, paranormal etc. Even though I did like the holidays, I hated the feelings that came with them, then as I grew older I didnt like the holidays as much as a kid, rather I dont like them at all. This year something has changed though, that feeling was coming back but somehow I blocked it out to where it doesnt bother me this Christmas. I’m not sure how but I did, so I’m okay with Christmas this year. I think it’s because I tried to be positive this Christmas and I was trying to push the feeling away.


      1. It might be, I hate Halloween and for some reason I don’t care for Thanksgiving, I’d rather be alone on that day. I never knew why. When I was younger I wasn’t bothered much by it but since I’m an adult, I’m much bothered by it, it grew. It was mostly around Christmas and the weather when I was a kid.


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