I’ve been putting this off for a while now….

Phoenix drawing.I’ve been putting off writing this blog entry for a while now. Not that there’s anything in it I’ve not posted elsewhere before, but it is one that I feel it’s time to push into the mainstream.

The reason why I hesitate (and even cringe) is because the subject matter is so unusual that it will cause a conflict with people’s perceived reality and believe systems.

Trust me when I say that it certainly did with mine.

So deep breath and here we go.

What if you were told that you were a mythical being?

What if you had the same message in your thoughts for most of your life?

Moment after moment? Hour after hour? Day after day? Year after year? Decade after decade?

No matter what you do, no matter what you try and no matter how much you protest, that message never stops… ever!

And over those decades, amazing things happen and people come in and out of your life to validate that what you are hearing is not just in your mind, but a very real thing.

Well, this is my life in a nutshell.

This has been going on since 1988.

I’ve spoken a lot about various incidences in my life: Those strange stories that defy rational explanation. I’ve discussed my guides and done plenty of channellings when I’m stuck for ideas or answers to topics I want to write about.

And in a way, I’m comfortable putting those out there, because to me, they make sense and others seem to get something from it.

I’ve also discussed how my guides keep on telling me messages over and over until I get what they mean and I  do get a lot of repeating messages which come and g over the years.

But there is one that doesn’t stop no matter what.

The message is: You are The Phoenix.

It doesn’t end there either. My guides keep on referring to me as Phoenix. On the rare occasion they’ll call me by my name, but generally, it’s Phoenix.

There was a period of time where events lead me to completely shunned anything phoenix, but it didn’t help. In fact, everything became stronger, and no matter what I did, I would see the word Phoenix in almost everything I did or would hear it mentioned somewhere.

What was more, people around me, once they started associated with me, said they saw the same thing, too.

You could argue that’s confirmation bias, but that doesn’t account for everything that happened, especially the two years where I was extremely anti-phoenix.

Most people have heard of what a phoenix is nowadays, but for those who do not know, a phoenix is a mythical bird that was said to live for many  years, and then build a pyre and consume itself flames, only to rise again more powerful and beautiful than before.

It was primarily associated with Ancient Egypt, though it was been noted in many other cultures under different names. The death and rebirth part appears to be the more endearing part of this myth: The rising from the ashes, in spite of all the odds.

And for a while, I wondered if that is what my guides were trying to tell me: That I had risen from the ashes.

But no, that wasn’t it at all. In fact, they were being quite literal.

Now, last time I looked, I looked like a human. Not a bird. (Though, as I recently blogged, I never really felt all that human.)  However, my guides assure me that what they are talking about is a representation of energy.

When I finally started to look into what was going on, a story began to unravel that surpassed anything my imagination could conjure up and over the course of the years, what I ended up with was an amazing, yet cohesive sequence of events that made the statement ‘You are the Phoenix’ look like common sense because it only got stranger from there.

Around 2011, I tried to write a brief summary of what happened and the people involved. It just didn’t work on the levels I was looking for. So I decided it was time to write a cohesive history of what happened and everything that led up to it happening.  It’s taken me around 2 years to finish it. It was made especially hard because new information was (and still is) coming in all the time, putting new perspectives on things.

The book is called I Am The Phoenix.

It is for sale for USD3.99 in Kindle format from Amazon and is written in the same style as The Empath Guidebook. (My free e-book.)

It’s also available on amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/am-phoenix-Mr-Gary-Leigh/dp/1494378566

My intention is to provide a reasonable sample of this book on this blog, so people can get a taste for it, and decide if they want to hear the rest of the story, which, even if I do say so myself, is incredible.

16 thoughts on “I’ve been putting this off for a while now….

  1. Hi Gary, I thought i’d comment on this as this really spoke to me, I have had a similar sort of experience you have as well, only mine say “you’re the one!”
    I still find myself asking the same questions everytime. Jesus? Neo? What do you mean I’m “the one?”
    I get the feeling they just shake their head as in ‘you don’t know?’ I’m just looking for the ultimate answer, who am i?


  2. Hi Gary, after reading your post on here, I felt myself really feeling like im right there with you. I too have had that exact same reference floating around, and I dismiss it thinking “pfft whatever, get out of my head, stop filling it with nonsense.”
    I get “you’re the one” and I always ask the same questions. Jesus? Neo? what do you mean the one?
    So I know how you feel, just thought i’d comment on here as I’ve not found another website quite like this in all my years of searching. I’m looking for the ultimate answer! Who the hell am I? lol


  3. Wishing you best of success.. Just stumbled upon ur site looking up dakinis, though people usually tell me I’m a seraphim 🙂 fairie it’s all relative. look forward to perusing your blog and book. Katherine, pianist


  4. This is pretty interesting, I would love to get your book about this. Iv’e also never felt human myself (or felt that I belonged here) but I never figured out exactly what I am.


  5. Hi Gary,I’ve been following you for a while.I’ve read the beginning of your book.It seems really interesting.Now I’m trying to buy your book on Amazon,but there’s a problem with the price information:(


  6. I am so proud of you 🙂 Thank u for helping me shine my own light by pushing me out of my darkness til I just couldn’t stand it any longer! I love to hate you 😉 – (inside joke) I love watching you fly but u better watch out cause ur not the only one taking to the skies 😉


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