17 signs you’re an Empath (from Soul & Spirit magazine)

You’re at a party, but you don’t feel comfortable – in fact, you feel overwhelmed and ungrounded. Everyone around you seems to be having a good time but you and[…]

22 thoughts on “17 signs you’re an Empath (from Soul & Spirit magazine)

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  2. Hi, I think im an empath because I feel emotions everywhere. For years ive been labelled with all sorts of mental health conditions and although im in acceptance of my poor mental health, it doesnt explain the sensitivities to others emotions. I have anxiety and a big part of that is because I cant stand the drained feeling after being around people. I can feel what theyre feeling and without realising I end up taking their emotion leaving me feeling rubbish. People have said they like being around me because they feel great after. Children literally cling to me and snuggle into me and im not really a child person although I love my own son. I avoid going out if I can. If my partner comes home grumpy it annoys me because I end up taking the grumpiness for myself and leaving him walking on cloud 9. I dont purposely do it, it just happens. I cant watch the news because it hurts too much. I can obsess over someones pain for weeks at a time and end up in a dark place. Ive never really believed in spiritual stuff but 7 years ago my sister hung herself after our mum died. I feel ive dealt with this well as I feel warmth when I think of them. A month after my sister died, a young man who id seen around and was in my school, came to live with my sister as a lodger at 20/21. I never spoke to him and he didnt really come into my mind. A month after my sister died, he hung himself from a tree. This absolutely devastated me and I kept burying it as I felt it was inappropriate to feel for a stranger. Seven years on and mostly daily I feel cold and I think of him over and over. Its such a surge of emotion that tears stream and my heart aches. Then in an instant its gone and im fine, wondering what on earth is going on with me. I didnt know him! If theres such a thing as him being near me then why me?? I have a feeling he left too soon and he was meant to know me but that sounds odd. Can someone spiritual tell me what they think is happening? Or could it just be my mental health. Very confused


      1. Thank you, I appreciate it. Ive just read your signs and I relate to them all. Its made me look in it in a different way. I thought I was keeping the peace and making others happy cos im kind, but I guess I do it more so I cant feel bad emotions off them. Its kind of selfish I guess but at least theyre happy! Im tired of being the doormat though. Thank you for opening my eyes


  3. I have come to consider that I may be empathic. Never really “fit in” and always have had difficulties being around groups of people. The first real indication was a trip I took with my spouse, years ago, to NYC. We stayed there for 3 days, and during that whole time I felt like I was actually suffocating and was being physically drained of energy! Couldn’t explain it. As time went by, I noticed that I could feel different ways when I was in a room with different people, even though I wasn’t directly interacting with them. I greatly prefer being with one or two people at a time, or better yet – animals, who tend to gravitate to me. People tend to like to talk to me and feel comfortable doing so. The “17 Signs…” hit home; it describes me to a T.


  4. I’m pretty sure I’m an empath & it’s driving me crazy. It’s not just being aware of someone’s feelings, it’s like I’m taking on part of their burden. Especially pain due to loss of a loved one. I feel a persons pain & it’s like I take part of it away from them. Anger & anxiety too. Sometimes I don’t always realize that certain thoughts or emotions I’m feeling are not my own. I can also sometimes tell if someone is sick. Strangers tell me personal things about themselves. The last guy I dated was a sociopath & once I realized what a sociopath was, I realized he was not the first sociopath I’ve dated. I carry black tourmaline with me most of the time & I think it helps. Sometimes I think I’m just crazy. I don’t really leave the house unless I have to & I don’t have any close friends, just acquaintances. I wish I could have a more normal life.


    1. The light has just suddenly gone on in my head that I am an Empath. And its bloody hard work. I get feelings and anxiety that come out of nowher, I’m always saying that I need a dark cupboard to hide in. People always drop their problems at my feet, its exhausting. Sometimes I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up and then it would all be over. Does anybody else experience feelings of having lived before? I experience this quite a bit but can’t connect it to my own life experiences. Finally I don’t feel so alone anymore. X


      1. Yes, not only do I know I’ve lived before, but I’ve met many of those who remember me and what we did. Sometimes we’ll reminisce about events that happened many thousands of years ago as though they were a few years ago, including the laughing about it. It’s is such a weird experience. 🙂


        1. Gary, this blog is quite scary for me. Somehow I stumbled upon it and everything on it describes me. Not my facade, but ME. I guess each of us find our way in this world, and I did it by figuring out the status quo. My family life, my professional life, my home, my education, everything is a very well constructed facade. All along, at every step of my journey, I have been accompanied by a whole parade of images, senses, and knowledge that there is a whole different truth, alive with messages of every kind. Dare I step off my straight and nicely paved road into the jungle?? What happens to people who do it? Is their life never the same again? Tamashii


  5. Thank you Gary, although I have been following your blog for a while this refresher for me was a great thing…so easy to get lost. We need a support group like Empaths Anonymous 🙂


  6. For so long I suspected that I had this gift but my son is more sensitive than I am! At times he uses his “gift” without knowing it! I have seen evidence of this especially when it comes to people. My son is the sweetest, loving person you’d ever want to meet but too often he’s, unknowingly, tapped into his “gift” to warn me about people. Now, at first, I would ignore his behavior because Unused to think that he just liked having all of my attention or just being alone. But sure enough, something would be revealed about that person(s) that either I missed or just didn’t want to accept. And this hasn’t just happened with friends. His sensitivity seems to extend to everyone and everything! I just want to help him realize his”gift” and accept it. How can I do that?


  7. I have know I was different an Empath and physic. My mom is my kids are. This just confirmed everything I am and proud to be. When I tell people I can’t watch the news because its to negative the look at me crazy. When I bought sage to smuge the girl looked at me crazy so I explained It to her. I try so dang hard to stay organized but it dont happen I chalk it up to being a Sag. And Thank You for talking about Sociopath liking Us because they just want to burn out our light because of what were capable of. I had one and now know the signs of one. Lesson learned. Thank You so much for this place we can go to and have others like us.


    1. I have many of these traits, especially spbeing sensitive to other people, but I am no longer a people pleaser and I never get depressed at holiday times.

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