Black Eyes Kids – Don’t let them in till you see the whites of their eyes.


My life is what most would call unusual. I’ve experienced and seen many things that would freeze the average person up in terror.

So when strange things happen, I don’t really give it much thought. I just file it away until it become useful.

Not long ago, on the way home from work, I walked past this elderly woman and I caught sight of her eyes. They were like two large black pools of void. And then she was gone. I thought to myself: Oh, okay. Demon.

After all I had been hearing about this year, that didn’t surprise me too much.

Then very recently, I came across a site where other people post their supernatural horror stories and several of them were about black eyed kids (BEK) or people.

I wanted to know more. I needed to know what was going on. Whatever it is happening is clearly dangerous and awareness needs to be brought to as many as possible.

The problem is, they are seen as urban legends and no one really believes in them (until it happens to them.) However, the stories people share are pretty much the same and such stories have been happening for centuries.

There are several things that happen with such encounters

  • They generally knock on the door of your house.
  • The people who go to answer the doors have this unexplained feeling of impending doom.
  • Animals act in a terrified way.
  • The people on the doorsteps are generally children or young teens. (Be assured, though, they are not kids.)
  • They tend to be in pairs. (Though some cases have been reported as being alone.)
  • They all ask for help or to be allowed to be let in.
  • Their eyes are all black. No whites or pupils. (Generally a sign of demonic possession.)
  • They will keep on insisting that they need help. That they need to use the phone, the bathroom, that their mother is worried, that they are cold and so on.
  • They will sometimes use old terms which have long been in disuse (one case I read about, the kid said he needed to use the telegraph.)
  • They can appear in places that are hard to reach, such as balconies.
  • One case mentioned how he did let them in, and felt like his soul was being ripped out, but was interrupted by his girlfriend coming home.

I wondered what they were up to and had my suspicions. Fortunately, I have some knowledgeable friends who confirmed that they were binding souls and harvesting bodies.

Human bodies are seen as commodities by denizens of the astral world. By binding a soul (that is, imprisoning them so they are trapped or under their control) they gain access to bodies which they can then use for whatever purpose is intended.

The good nature of people wanting to help children or teens is used against them. Once you give permission to allow such being into your house, you can put yourself in great peril.

They are like automations. You can’t argue or reason with them. They will keep on repeating the same lines until they get what they want or something changes and they go away.

What you should do.

Always trust your feelings. If something feels wrong, it is wrong. If you sense terror or something horrible, then it’s because there is something horrible about to happen.

Remove such things as welcome mats. They actually will allow dark beings to enter into your house.

If you find yourself in such a situation, state clearly: You have no permission to be in my space. I revoke any permission you may have.

You can also call on those who you feel protect you. It doesn’t matter what name you use, as long as it feels right for you and works.

Finally, as always, the best way to protect yourself is to always send love, joy and light to any being that is threatening towards you.

It’s getting dangerous out there. Be safe and listen to your feelings.

15 thoughts on “Black Eyes Kids – Don’t let them in till you see the whites of their eyes.

    1. I honestly don’t think it makes any difference.

      I had a chat with someone on this subject a year or so ago with someone who has knowledge of such things. I said that only people who believe appear to be haunted. He said, no, it makes no difference. It’s like if you believe in snakes or not. You will still get bit if you step on them. I am not sure what draws them to people, though.


  1. Gary, once again, thank you for your wisdom and obvious caring about the human race. I just thought I’d mention that I have seen one of these “creatures” recently but it was not in the form of a young child or teen. When I was out shopping for groceries I heard a feeble voice say “dear could you help me” and immediately shivers ran down my spine. When I turned there was a very old and weak lady. I began to help her with her bags then she told me she had no car, that the taxi she had been waiting for hadn’t come. She then looked up at me in a pleading way, her eyes were black. I was shaking as I helped her back to a bench where she could call another taxi. All the way home I kept wondering what had stopped me from doing the friendly thing and given her a drive in my car which I have done so many times in the past when people needed help. Now I know my instincts were right.

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    1. Glad nothing more happened. However, I will suggest you be careful in case there is a follow up.

      It’s odd, but no one has ever caught them on video. Which is why it puts such stories into the urban legend category . If someone was able to get one, it would certainly be of great interest.


  2. Interesting, I’ve never heard of this or thought this was real. The only time I’ve actually seen this is on American certain media (music videos) as subliminal messages. There have been several music videos that would have this or something else. I caught one before (he had is eyes black and it wasnt a metaphor, the man that did this…his music is very bad and I dont mean opinion wise. There are things that I can not state here publicly about his lyrics. The man has issues and he covers it up with the excuse “Oh I do it to just shock people.” Although, a couple of artist say the same thing when they get caught doing something.) and my friends caught a lot of other subliminal messages in other artists videos that had something like this or other things.
    Thanks for the warning, I’ll keep a look out. (My instincts usually warn me before I notice anything odd)


  3. This black eyed kid story is REAL!!! However, the ONLY way to be delivered from demons is by the name of Jesus Christ, His name alone cats out devils!!!


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