Psychic attacks – Guilt

This video is about how Guilt is used as a particularity viscous type of attack.

Black Eyes Kids – Don’t let them in till you see the whites of their eyes.

Human bodies are seen as commodities by denizens of the astral world. By binding a soul (that is, imprisoning them so they are trapped or under their control) they gain access to bodies which they can then use for whatever purpose is intended.

Do not fear the darkness… thank it instead.

There’s a parable by Neale Donald Walsch called The Little Soul and the Sun. There are two parts to this tale. In a nutshell, the story is about a soul who wanted to know who he was., but because all there was, was light, and all he was, was light, he could not do this.…

Empath Series – Psychic attacks. More ways to ward off attacks or should I pay for help?

Psychic defense. Final thoughts. Chakras. One of the things I've noticed with people who are under psychic attack is that their chakras (the body’s energy centres) are way too open. When a chakra is in that state, too much energy flows in and it can be overwhelming. The high level empath will often be vulnerable because…

Empath Series – Psychic attacks – Other ways to protect yourself or how new age of you.

There are a number of ways you can balk psychic attacks, though they have varying success rates.   Bach Flower Remedies: For stopping psychic attacks, this is my one stop shop. If you can identify where the attack is targeting, then taking the appropriate remedy will stop it. The usual culprits are guilt, self-doubt, known…