Empath stories about their strange experiences – Part 1


I recently asked if any Empaths from the Facebook Empath Support group would like to share any of their experiences that would be considered unexplained or creepy.


Gary Leigh

When I was a young child of around 9 years old, I had a cat who I loved dearly called Timmy. I came home one afternoon from school to find that he had died from eating poison. I was devastated, of course. Several strange things happened after that.

That night, when I was being tucked into bed by my mother, we both heard the bells that had been on his collar outside my window. (Curiously enough, I had a second cat who died, too, and the same thing happened. Something that has never happened before or since.)

For the next few nights, my parents heard a scratching coming from inside their bedroom closet. Whenever my dad opened it, it would stop and would resume once he went back to bed again.

But the strangest tale came about six months later. Every day I would think of Timmy and wish that somehow he would find a way to come back to life and be with me again. Then one night, there was a scratching at the front door. My mother opened it and the neighbour’s cat, who had never been in our house, ran straight to my bedroom and jumped on my bed and curled up, just like Timmy would do. Unfortunately, my mother decided to put him outside as she was not sure what to do. She told me that he spent the entire night in front of the door. That was the only time it happened.

I was in preschool so I must have been about 5 years old. It was the night of our Halloween party at the school and my mother worked nights in an envelope factory, so my father was taking me. As we left that night, we stood on the porch and I remember as I watched my dad lock the deadbolt on the front door, I swear I heard whispers coming from the roof. I told my father- “daddy someone is on the roof” but of course this was explained away that I was scared in anticipation of my spooky party. We left to enjoy festivities- and I remember them oh so

Vividly, with my favorite game of the night involving a fake snake obstacle course! As we arrived at home that night and approached the front door, our door was ajar and as we entered is was very apparent that we had been robbed. Money was gone including my piggy bank, trash was all over the house etc. I remember saying to my father “I told you I heard someone on the roof!” Now, did I really hear someone? I don’t know. Maybe this was just a 5 year old empath trying to learn her intuitions. That’s my personal belief anyway.

One night I went out to the club with a girl I was trying to get to know. I liked her and wanted to date her. Throughout the night we had some drinks. She saw her ex-boyfriend and was all over him. This made me a little upset so I decided to walk home. As I was walking it started to rain. I was not scared of a little rain so I continued. The rain got harder and harder. I was angry about the situation that had happened it almost at the time seemed like there was a higher power involved. Now standing in a downpour I finally looked up at the sky and screamed out “is this the best you have” just after I had finished saying it lightning hit a tree about 10-15 feet away from me. I walked the rest of the way home and was silent.


In 2006 I attended a family barbecue. This was the first time I have been at the residence. The home has a lot of history and was formerly a Woman’s Society. As I walked inside the home to use the bathroom the energy surrounding this home was both heavy and intense. I could tell I was not alone and there were many spirits present. I was not sure where the bathroom was but instead drawn to a door. As I opened the door I took notice that I was not in the bathroom but in a room that was abandoned and resembled a basement floor. I walked in but felt that I was in another dimension. A very heavy feeling came over me. I saw four spirits, two women, one childish and one very stern and mean. A man who was angry, controlling and very mean and a baby who was in the arms of one of the women. I tried to remain calm to find my way back to the door. As I tried to reach to leave I was spun several times in a circle. I felt lifeless. I fought to both find and reach the door while these spirits laughed and called out for me to leave, Not only did they want me to leave but they also wanted who resided there to leave too… I could not get to the door. I felt as if gravity was pulling me back. Finally with all of my might I fought to reach the door. As I opened the door I saw my Mother and Step Aunt who were frantically looking for me. They were both concerned and shocked by the look on my face. As I walked outside of the home to try and get some fresh air my Mother followed me. I was in a state of shock but quickly explained what occurred. I t felt sick. I instantly felt a headache coming on. At this moment my deceased grandfather came to me. I realized he was the one who helped me to find the door. He wanted me to give my Mom a personal message, one that was only for her and for her to hear only. She was so elated to hear this message, one that she longed all of her life. Meanwhile, my headache lasted for three days. I believe I endured a psychic attack. In the midst of this a series of unfortunate events occurred for my family. I saw death to come. At home while in my own bathroom washing my hands I looked up at the mirror and three visions of the future were present. I was told my stepfather would lose his sister (she resided in the home where I attended the barbecue), his Mother and Father within six months. All warnings came true. In conclusion I have learned how to protect and shield myself from psychic attacks. To clear negative energies and to ground myself. I was born with this gift although at times I felt it was both a blessing and curse. I know my purpose on this path of life is to help others.


Two to share – one recent, one not so much:

The first may not quite fit but is, to me, both something that cannot be explained and one of the reasons I identify as an Empath.

I am currently staying in homeless shelters. Last week, a guy came in when a bed was available. I don’t remember ever seeing him prior to that occasion. As he was going through the intake process, he came to wait across from me in the lounge area. I was reading a book when I started to feel uncomfortable. I looked up and he was looking at me with a half smile that just had me feeling like I was looking at “bad news.” Subsequent events that night (which included abnormal behavior and suspected theft) resulted in him leaving the shelter.

The other is shorter. One year, I awoke at exactly midnight Christmas Eve and saw my grandfather’s face in my mind. He had been ill, and I had this feeling of peace and love, and like he was saying goodbye.

Early the next morning, my father – his son – called. My dad told my sister and me that Papa Josh had died just after midnight. I remember saying “I know” and shocking them. Dad asked how I knew and I explained my vision. I don’t remember any later discussion about my experience, or whether that was when my mom started to take my “sixth sense” seriously, but I will never forget that night.


7 responses to “Empath stories about their strange experiences – Part 1”

  1. Ana Avatar

    Around age 10 or 11 I had my first strange experience. We were visiting our relatives and our cousin of 17 or 18 invited my sister and I into his room. He said he wanted to show us something. But he wanted us to come into his room one by one. And as soon as he said that I felt something isn’t right, but I ignored the feeling. My little sister soon went in first. As she went in I felt this strong urge to get away from there. I knew he was showing her naked pictures of porn stars and the feeling made me so sick I eventually ran away downstairs to my mother. After few minutes later there was my cousin with my sister asking me why I didn’t waited for my turn. I said my mother called me to eat my lunch. I saved my ass but my sister was traumatized a bit.


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Damn, that sounds like a nasty experience. Glad you avoided it for yourself.


  2. Aaliyah Avatar

    I’ve been an empath for as long as I can remember- and as a little kid I liked the idea that maybe I had ‘special powers’, but some part of me ruled that out to being both ridiculous AND impossible. Fighting with myself over wether it was real or not took its toll on me- until one day I decided that I won’t continue to doubt myself in fear of what other people would think. I’m an empath, and it was at that point that I really started to believe in myself. We were all given these abilities for a reason, we’re different to everyone else and we’re unique in our own way. We have a purpose, and I think that once we are able to control our abilities properly, we’ll understand what that purpose is. All of us Empaths are a community- a family if you will, and we need to support each other, no matter which walks of life you’re from. There are a lot of different types of Empaths, and you can possess more than one of these types. By analysing your experiences and abilities you can find out exactly which types you are. I’m a teenager now, and I feel that as I get older, my abilities amplify- here are some examples- The power that most of us Empaths have is the ability to absorb emotions, and also project them. When I am around people, it’s very stressful because I can feel their energy (emotions), and absorb it into my own emotions. For example, if someone is upset- I instantly feel their pain, and I think this is our way of understanding people and knowing how to help them. We feel their emotions in order to know how to support/heal them. We can also project emotions and change people’s moods- this might not work for everyone, but when I’m in a room with people and I feel happy, I can project that mood (I’m not sure how I do it) and cause everyone else’s moods to change to happiness too. They don’t ever know that it has happened, but I do. Because I made it happen. I can also read people and in a way, see directly into their minds- I can analyse their facial expression, body language, word choice, words they are avoiding, tone, underlying meanings, breathing patterns, emotional energy and eye language within seconds. I can instantly know how they feel, how they feel about certain people, the reason they feel this way and how to help them. They can’t lie to me because all I have to do is look into their eyes and I can see straight into their mind. I can also sense the energy of plants and animals as well as humans, for example when I walk to school I walk past this greenery full of plants- and instantly I gain positive vibes and can literally feel the energy flowing towards me. Each individual plant is conscious and is sending their own message, and I simply smile and feel an impulse of energy surrounding me. Animals are usually drawn to me, and although I can’t communicate directly with them, I look into their eyes and can see inside their minds. I know exactly what emotions they’re feeling, what they want, and in a way, what they’re thinking. Interacting with spirits is also something I can do, here’s a couple experiences I’ve had: I decided to run a bath to take my mind off of a heated argument I had just had, and I was trying to control my anxiety (apparently due to our hypersensitivity, empaths fall victim to mental disorders- I have a lot of disorders as well as medication). I felt very alone at that point, and after a few moments of silence in the bath, I heard a faint yet beautiful singing outside my window. The bathroom light flickered, and a strong breeze came through my window, I felt the temperature drop and to say I felt scared would be an understatement. The singing got louder and clearer until I felt farmiliar with the voice. They were humming a lullaby like tune and it instantly soothed me. I slowly started humming along with the voice until it grew fainter and fainter and disappeared. I now hum to that tune whenever I feel alone. I know it wasn’t a live person because there were no footsteps or sounds of walking (it was dead silent and I live on the ground floor of a maisonette- the bathroom is above the front door). Then, when I was in hospital, I was going through a very painful procedure- and I turned my head to the window in tears and suddenly it was like I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. The paper decorations on the ceiling began to move rapidly in a strong and farmiliar breeze, the lights dimmed slightly and the temperature dropped. I could sense the presence of someone next to me, and felt an extremely cold drift of wind against my forehead- what I believe to have been maybe a kiss from my grandmother, which is who the voice belonged to. I can always sense the presence of spirits, and instead of interacting with them verbally- I can communicate spiritually/emotionally. I can feel other people’s pain as physical pain- for example my friend Jevonni was telling me about something that was upsetting her last night and I could feel some sort of fracture in my elbow. It was very painful. But in the morning she was in good spirits and suddenly the pain disappeared. A final ability I have identified in myself is healing. I can sense when people are hurting, and I can heal them. My little brother was feeling upset recently, so I closed my eyes and placed my hands inches away from his body and ‘scanned’ him in a sweeping motion. I pictured the sun beaming a ray of white light down into my heart, and I reflect that into my hands and out to the person who needs to be healed. Then once I opened my eyes I felt dizzy and exhausted, but he became happy. See, I’m still struggling to control my abilities properly- but I think with support from fellow empaths, we can all get that one step closer to finding our purpose.


  3. Linda Avatar

    When I was 19 and after a very traumatic childhood, I was desperately looking for God. I was starting to think there wasn’t one and my husband and I read one of Timothy Leary’s books about how you can take LSD and astral travel. Right before I took it the first time I heard a voice in my head say ‘after this trip you will believe in me beyond a shadow of a doubt’. On that trip, I did leave my body and traveled to another dimension I believed to be heaven. While there I saw many things including what I know now to be The Hall of Records. The sky scrolled back to reveal something like a huge TV screen and showed earth and how each one of us could be seen from it. I saw many amazing things and when I came back to my body I was in complete awe and wondering if it was real or not. I got up and walked to the front door, opened it and looked into the sky. I said “God if I was really just there, please give me a sign”. At that moment, on a beautiful sunny day, it cracked thunder and lightening. It chilled me to the bone and I knew that my life would never be the same. Six months later I gave up everything to live in a temple for the next 4 years.

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    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      Thanks for sharing. There is so much more around then you would possibly ever believe.


  4. laci Avatar

    I believe that I am. An empath I feed off of others emotions n idk whT to fo


  5. stunnedandstunted Avatar

    Creepy but cool. I really love how the neighbour’s cat came to visit you- that was really sweet!

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