Psychic attacks – Guilt

This video is about how Guilt is used as a particularity viscous type of attack.

4 thoughts on “Psychic attacks – Guilt

  1. I stumbled across this website today. I have been aware of being an empath for awhile, but didn’t know much about it. I want to learn more about who I am and how to control things a little better. I am really grateful for this site. Thank you.


    1. Hi, Brandy, and welcome. I’ve provided many resources, including the free Empath Guidebook (which you can find to the right or in the blogs). There is also one on one help available if you feel you need specific help. (

      Remember, you are not alone.


  2. Some people a relentless in their attacks on other people. Many are unnessarily proficient in bad magic they just have a constant desire to see you fail. If you are feeling guilty about something forgive yourself and those involved free yourself from it all. Taking your own life is not freeing at all or becoming more and more depressed does not help either.

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