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Self hosted

Please note: This blog is still supported and new entries will appear under this one.

For those of you who still follow this blog, Psychic Empaths, I have decided it’s time to change to a self-hosted site.

I have done this for several reasons.

I can design it in the way I want to.

I can use plugins that allow me more flexibility.

It allows me to combine my Empath support services with the blog.

It will feature the same content as Psychic Empaths plus new entries.

If you would like to follow me there, you can subscribe at: https://psychicsupport.net

I hope to see you all there

Thanks for your support


7 thoughts on “Psychic and Empath Support Site & Blog

  1. I am having a problem cutting off the telepathic connection with a person. It is now ruining my life. I grounded, lights, praying, cut chords. I need help blocking him so I can be able to think again. He sends a telepathic thoughts every few minutes Making it hard for me to get a thought in. Please help thank you


  2. Hi Gary,
    Reading with interest about empaths. I’m pretty sure I’m not one, but I read through the ‘traits’ list & I do lean that direction.
    As a child I had a lot of ‘deja vu’ moments. I have quite strong gut instincts at times which I’m trying to teach myself to trust more, as they are often correct! My friend recently had a family member pass..not totally unexpectedly given age & general health, but I managed to not only see this person was on their final road, but When it would happen, within a short time frame. Maybe it was a lucky guess?
    I’m now seeing spiders ..big ones! Crawling across the wall at night. I’ve had them before, so I know it’s not real, but I wonder why they are back. ?

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  3. I just recently discovered that I am and empath and it explains a lot of things about me. I get migraines when at school and in loud public places or anywhere with a lot of people. I don’t know how to block it out. Please help.


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