Switching site from areyouanempath.com

beach walkers plainFor those of you who still follow this blog, Psychic Empaths, I have decided it’s time to change to a self-hosted site.

I have done this for several reasons.

I can design it in the way I want to.

I can use plugins that allow me more flexibility.

It allows me to combine my Empath support services with the blog.

As a result, this blog won’t be as supported by me for future posts as I will be more focused on the self-hosted sites.

It will feature the same content as Psychic Empaths plus new entries.

I have tried to migrate followers across but if you are interested in keeping up, please check to see if you are also subscribed.

If you would like to follow me there, you can subscribe at: https://psychicsupport.net

I hope to see you all there

Thanks for your support



4 thoughts on “Switching site from areyouanempath.com

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  2. I just recently discovered that I am and empath and it explains a lot of things about me. I get migraines when at school and in loud public places or anywhere with a lot of people. I don’t know how to block it out. Please help.


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