Seven tips for being a Medium


So, you’ve found out you’re a Medium. Someone who can sense things, see potential futures (or timelines), or you get messages to pass onto others. In this entry, we look at some tips for what you should do to safeguard yourself and get the best from this ability.

Are Mediums real?

I used to go back and forth quite a bit on the question of are Mediums real?

Yes, there are certainly plenty of fakes out there who use the cold reading techniques or use other various tricks in order to attempt to fool or scam people. I feel such people are the scum of the Earth and are manifesting some really bad Karma for themselves.

But this is not for them. I have also come across many genuine psychics and mediums. Those who have real abilities. They don’t use a vague, twenty questions, guessing game in order to get information that could apply to anyone. They are very good and have consistent results.

It takes energy

The thing about Mediums or psychic abilities is that it’s very rare for them to be active all the time. It takes energy and it’s the psychic type.

There are different types of energy. For instance, there is physical, mental, emotional and, as mentioned, psychic.

They all have their own pools and using one up may not use up any of the others. However, if a pool does get used up, and then you push yourself to continue, you will experience great fatigue.

If you don’t rest, you will end up with burnout and possibly even lose the ability to do certain things for a while.

Psychic Burnout

This is especially true for Psychic Burnout.

It’s an interesting thing, but once people find out that you do have genuine psychic abilities, they will keep on asking you for help, answers, healing, readings, checking on those who have passed over and several other things.

If you are an Empath who does not know how to say ‘no’ or feels an overwhelming urge (such as a soul call) to help others, you will feel almost obliged to help those who request it.

Sooner or later, the well becomes empty and you will end up paying the price.

Always ensure that, unless it’s a soul call, you have some kind of exchange going on. Can be services, goods, support, money or something that works for both parties. Just make sure that the flow goes both ways.

Psychic burnout is real, and it can be very serious.

The symptoms are a sense of pain and exhaustion in the third eye area. It literally hurts to focus there and think.

So be aware and enforce your limits.


Like a good journalist, always check your sources.

Most mediums don’t discern what they get from who. They just make a blanket assumption that if it’s a spirit, they must be right or know what they are talking about.

This is the equivalent of a random stranger coming up to you in the street and giving you information. You don’t know who they may be, what their agenda is or if they are even right.

Spirits, entities and even ghosts are the same. They may be very limited in their awareness. They may not have access to certain information and they certainly have their own points of view that may not coincide with yours.

There are also plenty of beings out there who have their own agendas and don’t mind distorting or misrepresenting the truth.

For instance, an Angelic tends to look at anything dark as being evil and might come from an unbalanced perspective that such things should be destroyed or not to be at all trusted. And a dark being (as opposed to a negative being) may feel the same about the light.

Always trust your feelings

So how do you know what is right?

The simplest and easiest way is to always trust your feelings. If it feels wrong, makes you feel anxious, antagonistic, or uncomfortable, then something is wrong.

If you are getting a message to pass onto someone, first check to see if it feels correct. Is there a flow? Does it feel good to tell them, even if it makes little to no sense to you?

If it doesn’t, then think very carefully about saying anything. If you do, then preface it with something like: This doesn’t feel right, but I’m going to tell you anyway and it’s up to you what you wish to do with this information.


Attunement is the process of matching your own energies with something so you can use it efficiently. (It’s also a way of shifting to other dimensional levels and places.)

If you are reading someone, take a few minutes to attune to them.

When I am having a session with someone new, I find it takes me around ten to fifteen minutes to tune in to their energy or frequency.

This is okay. It does not mean you are fake anymore than having a radio that you have not set to the correct frequency to listen to a station is fake.

Once you are attuned, then it’s full speed ahead. The more you do it, the easier it will become.

If you can’t attune, then be honest. Tell them you can’t help them. It’s not only your reputation on the line, but you will also lose your powers if you start guessing or making things up.


Don’t let ego take over. I’ve seen many good psychics become very egotistical and lose their abilities.

They have some great successes, but then they stop listening to their feelings. Some entities may even start messing with them and give them wrong information.

Their ego will stop them from acknowledging what is really going on here.

Also, listen to the feedback of the one you are reading. Ask them if what you are saying makes sense. Ask them if it resonates at all. If it doesn’t, you might need to dig deeper or look at things in another way.

Once again, check the flow. If it’s not there, don’t force it. Don’t insist that you are right. This is not about you. It’s about helping others.

Also factor in that some people may not be ready for the information you are giving them. In which case, just state that maybe it’s the wrong time and just pass on any message you feel compelled to give.

Just don’t put your own slant on things. You are not there to judge or interpret what is going on. If you do so, you will most certainly upset the client and ruin your own reputation.

Always come from a place of humbleness and accept that we can’t be on full time

We will make mistakes

We will make mistakes and that’s okay.

In fact, if you are not getting the correct information right then, it may well come later. In which case, you can pass it on then.

Information often comes in stages. We might only get part of the story or we might need to go through a process ourselves to get to what the real issue is.

Once again, we can’t be always on and connected. Some days will be better than others.

I tend to offer a short, free, follow up for such things. That way, I can correct information that ends up feeling wrong and give them the updated version.

It’s not unusual for the real story to come through later. It will be like a ‘ah ha!’ moment.


And finally, when you are done with your reading, don’t forget to disconnect.

By this, I mean that when you read someone, you tend to connect to their energies. If you don’t disconnect at the end, it’s like leaving the tap on and there will be a drain on your energies.

Eventually, you might even confuse their experiences and feelings with your own.

You can always check in on their energies, even if you are disconnected.

Just be mindful.

May this information be of use to you.

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