Being a Psychic Healer – How I do it.

Psychic Healer

Being an Empath allows you to be a potent and psychic healer. It’s something that I have been doing for a long time now. In this entry, I will look at and attempt to explain how I do this.

Negative Connotations.

I guess you could class me as a psychic healer.

Problem is, that name has a lot of negative connotations to it. This is due, in no small part, to charlatans who claim they can do things, such as psychic surgery or remote healing.

And yes, it is a sad fact that these things do exist. They bring psychics and healers into disrepute.

However, saying that because there are frauds out there, therefore all psychics are frauds is akin to saying that about any industry where scammers exist.

The issue here is, those who are fakers tend to also be high profile. They are also soft or easy targets for debunkers to go after.

Lost our way

It’s taken me a long time to accept that many things are real. There was a time where I did not believe in any of these things, though, ironically, I also believed they were true.

It was an interesting dichotomy. I believed they existed, but we would not ever see any genuine proof of it. That wasn’t the way things worked. This was in spite of many personal experiences I had had over the years.

We have been trained to believe that psychic abilities don’t exist and the paranormal is made up. We scoff at those in past times who used to worship gods and believe in such things as witches, demons, angels, and so on.

I believe that, while we are way more intelligent and smarter today, as a species, we have also lost our way spiritually. The knowledge that we once took for granted has been replaced with science and the need for proof.

People no longer believe in such things as psychic healers, ghost, spirits, etc.

The more I remember and the more I experience, the more I understand that not only did such things exist, but they still do today.


Empaths are interesting, because I believe they have always existed, but there was no name for them. According to the net, it was a term first used in 1956, but it has not taken on popularity until recent years.

If you are one, then you will be in no doubt that they are real and you will know being a psychic healer is possible.

If you are not, then you may casually dismiss it all.

I’ve come across some who insist that we don’t exist, and we do things by just having an abundance of knowledge on all things emotional. Or we are just making it up to feel special.

That’s as insulting as telling an Autistic person that their autism is all in their mind.

They do exist. They are a fact of life. Ignorance and dismissal of them often does more harm than good.

Tap into people

While many curse their Empath abilities, I look upon it as a blessing and a powerful tool.

It allows me to be a psychic healer and tap into people, no matter where they are, and feel what they are feeling.

This is not something that I could do right away. It took years to hone that skill. It also meant years of horrible depression and trauma, but it gave me experiences and knowledge on what others go through that you can’t get from courses or books.

It is something I practice nearly every day and have been doing since around 1987. I’m good at it because I have learned to trust in what I’m feeling and not feel shy or awkward about letting others know the results.


My usual method is to look at someone’s video or picture and feel the energy that comes from it. I shift into another mental space where I’m neither here nor there. I’m present but I’m coming from a place from outside of me.

I’m fully aware of what I am doing and saying, but will be unlikely to remember details after, unless my memory is jogged.

When I talk to clients, distance does not matter. Energy is energy and it can be felt anywhere by a psychic healer. Even at any time in history. Another thing that most would believe to be impossible.

I ask clients to close their eyes, take a deep breath and to give me permission to connect.

Some are shielded, and I can sense that. I will make mention of it and they will confirm it.

Some are not in their bodies. They will feel ‘empty’, and generally that is because they have undergone so much pain, that most of their soul layers have shifted.

I have to call those aspects back so I can connect properly and work on their healing.

Get Out

On the odd occasion, I can’t feel anything or make any connection. Instead, I will get a sense of anxiety and feel a warning that this is a really bad idea and to get out as soon as possible.

In those cases, I will either tell them that I can’t help them or bring the conversation around, so I tell them they don’t need my help. I bow out as gracefully as I’m able to.

Thankfully, that’s around 1 in 100 or so people.

I would rather tell someone I can’t help them than risk my reputation as a psychic healer.


Once I am connected, I will feel what the client is feeling, which might also include their physical pains. This is also something I am getting better at doing over time.

Once a link has been established, and I am attuned, it remains. I can disconnect and reconnect at will. I can also use it to check in on how someone is doing if I feel a pull to do so.

Generally, I will close my eyes, as it puts me into a Zen like state, and allows me to freely read and work on their energies.

I always check to see if what I am saying resonates with the client. Very rarely does it not.

They will often feel great relief and validation that they are not crazy and what they are feeling and experiencing is real.

I also make sure that I am very specific in my analysis so that they know my reading is not so generic as to fit anyone. I feel this is important because psychic healers, if they are any good, should be able to do this.

Upon request, a recording of the session is made and sent. This allows clients to listen back later and pick up on things they missed. It also allows any healing I do to occur again, as the energy seems to be captured in the moment.

Energy Pathways

While I am talking to the client, I am also actively working on their chakras and energy pathways. (Also known as Meridians.)

If I sense any binds or energy hooks, I’ll check to see if they can be removed, and if so, will ask if they would like me to do that.

As a psychic healer, I also can sense past lives, potential future paths and curses that might be currently active and causing issues.

For curses, I find that I can generally help there. It’s often a matter of the timing being right to dissolve them. Also, being who I am gives me some leeway and abilities that many will not have.

Finally, I will suggest what Bach Flower Remedies will help at that moment.

One Session.

I can get a lot done in one session. However, healing tends to happen in layers, and it also takes the fullness of time.

I find that, generally, it can take several months to a year to turn someone’s life around. While that may seem like a long time, I believe, as a psychic healer, I can do in one session that may take years for a psychiatrist or councilor to do.

There is also no judgement or trying to ‘fix’ people. It works with what they need and are asking for.

How do you book?

While this is not an advertisement, you might be wondering how much do I charge and how do you book a session?

Right now, as of July 2019, I am charging USD70.00 per hour. I do tend to go over that hour, but I cap the price at an hour anyway.

An important point to note here is that I am not charging for my healing ability, I am charging for my time. I want to keep things affordable.

More importantly, if you feel that you have not gained anything from the session, then I rather you not pay. I don’t want your money if that is the case.

Some may see this as a poor business model, but it allows me to sleep at night. Doing otherwise will bring psychic healers into disrepute.

If you want to make a booking, you can do so here.

You can also find many free resources at my website portal.






3 responses to “Being a Psychic Healer – How I do it.”

  1. Janet Avatar

    Hello, I’m just curious! Last month I had a fancy to repair my neural pathways and it worked. I think I opened up more than I knew because I opened my third eye. I am now a psychic empath healer, a disciple of Mother Gaia. I just want to find good books on this because I don’t know anything and I could do harm and not know it. Thanks for your article above. 💖


    1. Gary Leigh Avatar

      That’s a good question. I don’t read much anymore. (No time and focus) so I could not say what books would help here. Still, email me and maybe I can answer some questions for you.


  2. samsoncole12 Avatar

    Awesome information for us. this is very good and impressive blog. please keep it up. please visit Psychic Healer Scottsdale.


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