Paranormal series: Eek a ghost or wait right here, I’ll be back with a camera.

Ghost below the Sunset?

Ghost below the Sunset? (Photo credit: Scott M Duncan)

The problem with the paranormal is that finding decent evidence is difficult.  Ghost don’t seem to come when called, and poltergeist certainly don’t seem to want to do their stuff before the camera. We can’t seem to remote view with accuracy and no one seems to be able to prove that out of body experiences are genuine.

Personally, I think that unless you’re in the right place at the right time, it would be very difficult to get something that would be irrefutable proof.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at YouTube for any video that looks genuine. Most are, unfortunately, fake.  Some are nice and spooky, but nonetheless, fake.

It seems to be extraordinarily hard to get photographic or video evidence of something that is paranormal.

The evidence tends to be vague or apocryphal. There are way too many ghost videos or stories that can easily be fabricated or have factors that just don’t add up.  (I would like to look at some of these in future blogs and critically evaluate them.)

It seems that nearly every ‘legitimate’ video is either extremely grainy, jerky, or could be falsified.

When you think about it, each year, millions of hours of video are taken by people nowadays in all walks of life, including movie studios, and from all that footage, the best we can come up with is grainy or vague videos where the action always seems to occur just out of shot.

Now, personally, I do believe there are spirits, and I do believe people see them. I just don’t believe most of the footage I’ve seen of them.

Of course, ghost aren’t the only phenomenon about, there are also UFO’s creature sightings, poltergeist, conspiracies and a dozen other things that simply seem to evade any real proof.

Most evidence is faked on built on a house of cards and it hurts the credibility of things that are real, but are hard to prove.

I have seen one photo back in the mid-80s (before digital cameras and Photoshop) that had a picture of a baby and on its side was an extremely old lady’s head. It looked genuine, and I’ve no reason to suspect otherwise. What’s more, it was incredibly clear. Sadly, the technology didn’t exist to get a copy back then.  I would have love to have an analysis done on it.

But such photos seem to be rare and many are clearly faked.

I suppose what bothers me is that people accept what they see without questioning it. I believe that we should question everything because things are rarely what they seem to be, and even if you think you know the answers, there is often another level to uncover.

As most would know, I’ve had plenty of weird experiences and personally, as I’ve said before, it’s a temptation to try and not look at them critically.

I feel it’s important to be critical about them, though not cynical, as that implies that you already know the answers.

For my own experiences, I look to see if there are other explanations.

When two or more people share the same memories of something, did they arrive at the same conclusions independently?

Unfortunately, it is way too easy to influence someone’s answer or memory and a lot of my own shared experiences can be called into question because I might have influenced others on some level.

Fortunately, not all, though.

Finding decent evidence is the bane of us who believe in the paranormal, and really, if I was a skeptic, I would be having a wonderful time poking holes in everything I said I experienced. (Which is fine, because I love laughing at myself!)

If anyone has come across something they consider to be proof, please let me know. I would love to see it and give my thoughts about it.

A genuine video or photo that can clearly show that it’s real would be the holy grail of paranormal evidence.


Paranormal Series – responsibility or with great power comes…

Image-1 (9)I have to admit that I’m a big fan of skeptic and debunking sites. This might seem odd, especially considering that I would almost certainly be a target for them, especially with my pseudoscience and belief in the Bach Flower Remedies.  (Which are just plants soaked in water to capture their vibrations, and yet… they work!)

But I believe they not only serve a valuable service, but are very educational.

I feel we need them.

Knowledge and understanding of how things work goes a long way to not being scammed by others.

There are just so many charlatans’ out there. I’m not talking about those who claim to have genuine psychic abilities, but those who scam people and they know they are doing it.

They prey on the vulnerability and desperation of others who are desperate for a sign of lost loved ones or are feeling alone and lonely.

I, personally, would rather such scammers be exposed, and people like myself also called into question if it helped even one person to avoid being pulled in by false hope and losing their money.

And while skeptics tend to target things that are not scientific, I also notice that they seem to somehow avoid things that can’t quite be explained.  Maybe that’s because they can’t be really explained so it’s better to focus on those things that can be.

Fact is, things that are faked are easy targets. They can, and should be debunked.  They need to be exposed.

The main problem is that most don’t want to hear it. The only ones who seem to be interested in such things are those who are already convinced it’s all fake.

It’s just astounding how people will jump to a psychic’s defense, even when said psychic is clearly shown to be wrong over and over again.

People will defend them by saying that they are just passing on messages from beyond, and they shouldn’t and can’t be held responsible for the information they are given.

Well, I beg to differ.

Let’s say, just for a moment, that these are not cold hearted and calculating phoneys that don’t have a psychic bone in their body.

Let’s say that it’s a genuine medium. (I’m going to be generous and give them the benefit of the doubt.)

Let’s assume that they really are hearing messages from beyond. Are they running them though any type of filter or do they just blurt them out and pass them on like people who pass on gossip or urban legends by e-mail without checking to see if there is any truth to them first?

If not, why not?

Do you repeat everything you hear someone say as fact? I’d certainly hope not. You might not have all the answers, but I’d hope you’d spend a little time doing some research, or even looking at if the information received is even plausible or not.

You might then say, well, when they’re talking to an audience, they’re under pressure to perform and they don’t have time to go and check things out.

And I say in response that they have a truth filter. Their feelings and their ‘gut’ tell them when something is right. They may have learned to ignore it, but everyone certainly has that ability. (And most tend to ignore it!)

In the end, these people are responsible for what they tell others. And while I’m not saying that the person who is receiving the information has no responsibility (and they certainly do) they do listen in good faith and trust that what is being said is really being passed on from the other side.

You would not tolerate this kind of service from someone in a real profession. If you hire an electrician to fix your wiring, and he just stands there and waves his hands around for a few moments, then claim it’s all fixed and charges you $300.00, you’d kick him out of the house.

Of course, as I said, I’m being generous here and giving psychics  the benefit of the doubt  that they are genuine.

Most of the time they aren’t and are just giving what is termed a cold reading, which is a reading that has generic information that could pretty much fit anyone and more often than not, the one receiving the reading will help them clarify what is right. (This is why street psychics insist you take of your sunglasses, so they can see your eyes and reactions.)

Anyone can give a cold reading and have a very high chance of getting things right.  What’s more, these so called psychics know it.

Everyone has a responsibility for what they do and say. No one can sit back and say they don’t. A person who tells your fortune is just as responsible for what they say as the person who is receiving the information and has to decide how true it is for them.

However, it’s still heartbreaking and frustrating to watch people being duped.

Next:  There was this one time I predicted a winner…

Empath Series: The human lie detector or fool me once, shame on me.

One of the polygraphs used by Thomas Jefferson, a portable version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the advantages that many Empaths have is that they just know when someone is lying. They can sense when something doesn’t feel right, in spite of the veneer and evidence to the contrary.

No matter how plausible a story might sound, or how convincing someone is being, the Empath will get a sense that all is not what it seems.

From personal experience, I will get a sense of anger and annoyance about having been told something that is not true. Sometimes I will sense the real truth (or if I don’t, at least I will sense what is not true) and in spite of what is said, will just know what it is.

Now, the interesting thing about this ability is that it can sometimes be blocked by a person who is very charismatic. If they have a very strong energy, they can actually fool the Empath for a short while.

I’ve had people that, while they were talking to me, I accepted what they were saying as true. However, once I remove myself from their presence, I would suddenly just know it was all a lie or a story they made up.

There is a window on fooling me. It might be a minute, it might be a few days, but once I lock onto a lie, that’s it. You won’t fool me again. I am now attuned to what is going on, and I am always aware.

Empaths are masters at reading people. They not only pick up feelings from others, but can sense energies and intentions.

There are some people, who in spite of their friendly, cheerful appearance, will make me feel like I’ve been swimming in sewage after talking to them. Time has always proven me correct. I can also sense when someone is dangerous, and if someone is manipulative.

Often is the time I gave warnings about certain people, only to be ignored. Later on, I’m told that the victim wished they had listened to me.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing something and not being able to do anything about it. It’s like seeing a car on the train tracks, and a train bearing down, and everyone tells you that nothing is wrong. To say I find it frustrating is an understatement.

Empaths are amazing lie detectors. Only problem is that most of them don’t trust that ability. They figure they must be wrong because no one else is seeing or sensing it. They figure that there is no logical reason to be suspicious and so, they ignore their feelings, often to their peril.

When someone tells you something, and it doesn’t feel right, listen to those feelings. They are your truth. Be very careful not to ignore them.

Phony psychics and faked paranormal or why are my eyes tearing up?

They are out there in abundance and they hurt those who are really trying to demonstrate that the paranormal side of life is real, is happening and people are experiencing it.

A quick browse through You Tube with the keyword ghost will produce a multitude of videos that claim to be real, but are not.

Some are poltergeist activity caught on tape, others are ghosts that just happen to be captured while someone decided to film some place for no apparent reason.

Mixed in there, are some examples that feel quite genuine, but thanks to all the other videos, they get lost, discredited or dismissed out of hand.

Sadly, there are many out there who pretend to be psychics while using the tricks of a stage magician.

One of the more notorious ones that come to mind from my childhood is Uri Geller. Everything he did was totally contrary to how a person with true psychic abilities would act and use his abilities.

I mean, seriously, if you really had telekinetic powers, would you spend them all bending keys and spoons? Why not just move something with your mind if you’re that powerful? Why all the window dressing? Fortunately, many of his tricks have been revealed, but people like him hurt the psychic community a lot. Sceptics come out and use them as proof that psychics and spirits don’t exist. Sadly, they go to the other extreme, though I do respect the work they do.

As an Empath, you can normally tell what is real and what is faked. When you hit upon something that is real, your eyes will start to pickle, and tear up, even though you are not sad or emotional in any way. I guess that is the equivalent to goose bumps, which is that shiver that goes through you and you feel your skin start to literally crawl.

I used to experience the tearing eye phenomenon all the time, and could never work out what it was. No one was able to tell me either. Eventually, I understood that it was when I hit on a truth that was connected to the astral / spirit levels, it would happen. When I saw something that felt real, I would break into tears. I still do. It’s both disturbing and absorbing at the same time.

I know I’m not the only one who experiences this and for those of you who do, it’s an excellent way to determine if something is real or faked.

Personally, when something is faked, even if I don’t know anything about it, I will feel a sense of extreme annoyance and irritation about the subject. I will get feelings of belligerence and anger. If I look closer, it’s because it’s a subject that’s being touted as real or true, and people believe in it.

It’s the belief in this subject that causes those feelings. If the truth comes out that it is fake, those feelings dissipate.

For those of you reading my blogs, I would hope you would use those feelings to see if what I write about feels true, and resonates.

There are genuine psychics and genuine sightings out there. Some are indeed caught on video. Use your feelings to determine the ones that are real.