Empath Series: The human lie detector or fool me once, shame on me.

One of the polygraphs used by Thomas Jefferson, a portable version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the advantages that many Empaths have is that they just know when someone is lying. They can sense when something doesn’t feel right, in spite of the veneer and evidence to the contrary.

No matter how plausible a story might sound, or how convincing someone is being, the Empath will get a sense that all is not what it seems.

From personal experience, I will get a sense of anger and annoyance about having been told something that is not true. Sometimes I will sense the real truth (or if I don’t, at least I will sense what is not true) and in spite of what is said, will just know what it is.

Now, the interesting thing about this ability is that it can sometimes be blocked by a person who is very charismatic. If they have a very strong energy, they can actually fool the Empath for a short while.

I’ve had people that, while they were talking to me, I accepted what they were saying as true. However, once I remove myself from their presence, I would suddenly just know it was all a lie or a story they made up.

There is a window on fooling me. It might be a minute, it might be a few days, but once I lock onto a lie, that’s it. You won’t fool me again. I am now attuned to what is going on, and I am always aware.

Empaths are masters at reading people. They not only pick up feelings from others, but can sense energies and intentions.

There are some people, who in spite of their friendly, cheerful appearance, will make me feel like I’ve been swimming in sewage after talking to them. Time has always proven me correct. I can also sense when someone is dangerous, and if someone is manipulative.

Often is the time I gave warnings about certain people, only to be ignored. Later on, I’m told that the victim wished they had listened to me.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing something and not being able to do anything about it. It’s like seeing a car on the train tracks, and a train bearing down, and everyone tells you that nothing is wrong. To say I find it frustrating is an understatement.

Empaths are amazing lie detectors. Only problem is that most of them don’t trust that ability. They figure they must be wrong because no one else is seeing or sensing it. They figure that there is no logical reason to be suspicious and so, they ignore their feelings, often to their peril.

When someone tells you something, and it doesn’t feel right, listen to those feelings. They are your truth. Be very careful not to ignore them.

23 thoughts on “Empath Series: The human lie detector or fool me once, shame on me.

  1. I always just thought I was good at reading peoples body language but now digging deeper and looking back I just knew what peoples intentions were. I have always had a a HUGE pet peeve of Lying and always can tell when people are lying to me! Now I don’t know if I am really an empath or just have always been good at reading body language….. I am super emotional i.e. If a song comes on and it’s something about family or love I bawl my eyes out or if I’m at church I cry at everyones testimonies. I have always been interest in the spiritual realm but never really knew why. Sometimes at night if I listen to noise in-between the white noise I can hear voices and almost feel paralyzed in my bed. Does anyone else have these experiences??? I’ve been trying to tune in to the voices more but it just sounds all jumbled like a huge group of people talking at once, maybe I’m just crazy lol.


    1. you can be both, actually,.

      An Empath and reading body language. In fact, being an Empath helps you to read body language. When you feel what certain expressions, looks, actions, etc mean, then when you see it repeatedly, you’ll know, even without feeling, what they mean.

      but you sound like an Empath to me. 🙂


  2. Yeah, I used to get this certain uncomfortable feeling around some people – which was like…tension, ‘weirdness’, awkwardness and a feeling ‘something is very wrong or unnatural’, I didn’t make sense of it until years later when I noticed that it meant someone was lying! I used to think ‘why are these people acting nice with a smile when they’re emitting malice, selfishness and ugliness – do they think I can’t feel it?

    Of course back then I didn’t understand that others were different from me – everything was just confusing.


  3. I also can sense people’s intentions. For some reason, my ex was able to pull the wool over my eyes for a decade. I suppose some of it was me not trusting my instincts, and part of it was him being a master of manipulation, but I still question how I was fooled for so long.

    I can’t stand being around people who are fake. I once said I’d rather be friends with someone who’s a jerk but can admit it than someone who tries to be someone they’re not.


    1. Some people have very strong energies that can overwhelm you to the point where you doubt yourself. They hook into your energy, and manipulate it.

      Those are very dangerous people who I generally abhor.

      Until you leave, and are no longer influenced by that energy, it’s very hard to see it while you’re in it.


  4. It ‘s amazing how many people will tell you that you are just being too sensitive or something along those lines, I have had to learn to trust myself finally in my old age but it is also tempered with this desire to always give people a chance and to just wish that everyone was nice and sincere. My sister in law once asked me…just what does someone have to do to you in order for you to write them off? I wonder why I have this need to believe that everyone has some good in them even though I suffer for it over and over again.


    1. My rule of thumb there is that a person has to show a willingness to grow or change. Most aren’t interested. I’m there for those who are, though, no matter what their history.


    2. I have been like that for many years, definitely too many years. I am much more cautious this past three years. It’s really difficult in a work environment, or even a paranormal investigation setting. When I am somewhere because my psychic abilities are needed, I expect people to have positive energy and faith in what I am doing. As psychic/mediums/empaths, we face the public as automatically thinking we are fake. We always have to prove ourselves. Our thinking is to be genuine from the get-go, because we hope to change the perceptions and behaviors of others.


      1. Yes, it’s certainly true that we have to operate among a sea of skeptics. Unfortunately, that’s because there are also charlatans who are there to milk the public of their money.

        It also doesn’t help that it’s very hard to duplicate results on a consistent basis.


        1. I just got into blogging…okay, I have time to blog. There are so many environmental factors that make it nearly impossible to duplicate results every time. When I do a text based remote viewing from home, I’ve been consistent. When I’m away from home, I don’t have the same control.
          Working on gathering my testimonials and posting them. They seem to be a good start to validating what we are capable of doing. I also find your blog inspirational. Thank you.


  5. Sometimes I ‘feel’ the lie almost immediately, if someone says “you look nice today” I will ‘feel’ their thoughts, “damn she looks a right mess”, it’s like getting a psychic slap in the face, and goes a long way to explaining why I’m a virtual recluse, I don’t like ‘feeling’ everyones thoughts.


  6. For me, being empath is very hard to live with, as empath will see hypocrite everywhere and no way to leave the world due to this hard feeling.


  7. Being that I am not an empath this doesn’t happen to me all the time but I have had flashes. I know the move away from them feeling. So many times I have been like I can’t believe I just ate that up, but the whole time they were talking I was eating it up. For me it is more rounded. I don’t think the source of the intuition come from other people, though I don’t know where. I often don’t trust it because it only happens when I’m ‘meant’ to know or the ‘short cuts’ that I will be talking about in my next post. But sometimes I just know things and especially if I think I am being unfair to someone I won’t listen to them. But it always amazes me afterward. Learning how to discern the feeling and trust it is a lot harder than it seems. 😀


    1. Yes, it is much harder than it seems because you have to trust in what you’re feeling, and interpret it as well. Also feelings change as new information happens (though you won’t always be aware of it.)

      Practice makes perfect, though.

      All people have this ability to discern truth, just that Empaths seem to feel it much stronger. (no scams would work for long if people were in tune with their feelings.)


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